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    • Hi,  Ok, some info re "life expectancy".   A manufacture regard 80% capacity as end of life.  Most lithium packs do about 500 - 3000 cycles (2-10 years) if you partial cycle them (50-80%), then after those cycles you have 80% capacity left..  Now also, remember lithium gets damaged when fully charged , the opposite of lead acid that get damaged when not 100% charged Now we go buy "dead" laptop battery with "80%" capacity left and they have  not seen any charge for years (so no extra damage really occurred).   You test each cell by charging/discharging them and then sit them one side to see if they self discharge.  Any cell below 4.0v after month go to the use for something else pile.  If they get hot on charge, they go in bin immediately. Now the cell might have been 2500mah  when new. Now its a 2000mah after 5-10 years of use (80%).   That is still a lot for what we need, we don't care about weight etc, so can simply add more cells.  Even 1000mah is perfectly fine if they don't self discharge and don't get hot on use.  Its just double the amount of work (or triple of new cells).  I used anything above 1300mah tested capacity . So our cells should give us  another 5-10 years of use with only a reduction of 20-30% of capacity (of course, will only know that in 5-10 years). So in theory we will then still have 70% of our current capacity, which is still more than what we need.  If I can get 5-8 years out of this pack, its same or more than  Lead acid in real world  and at 2% of the price with no worry making sure water levels are right, room is ventilated its a no brainer.    There article somewhere about Tesla cars (same battery tech) and there battery life expectancy is 25 years with daily use, or more than the life of the car.   
    • Tisk Tisk Tisk, we expect more from people like you in this day and age, just getting with the times I guess
    • Great to see someone getting a DIY pack up and running, well done. My only issue with laptop batteries (and please correct me if I am wrong) is that you are using Li-Ion (3.7/4.2V) and not Li-Iron (LiFePO4 - 3.2/3.7V) - My problem with Li-ion is that the average life expectancy is 300-500cyc when the battery is new. The laptop batteries that you are using are used, and although I assume that you are testing them and discarding the dodgy ones, the ones being used are probably 1/2 life by now. So have you allowed for the fact that the pack may die within 150-250 days, or am I getting this all wrong?
    • Seeing that eksdom forced my hand, Had to install my pack this weekend ..   Its about 180ah usable capacity at 1C and easily handles our 500w continues load and I ran the  aircon few times , 1800w 80A at battery level, to check cable tempts etc.   What the nice part is … after power came back on, took 40 minutes to fully recharge at 0.1c .  I increased the charge level to 0.25 and we had  a ~3 hour power failure last night and recharged fully in 1hr  when power came up.  The  Pack is set to charge to 4.05v per cell (Lithiums don't like being charged to full capacity). Float at 4v. I also ordered a Batrium battery management system (cost double the price of the battery bank, but need a balancer that plug and play with inverters , no time to build own now) so will see how goes then.  Then its to solder the other 500 cells to get pack to final size. Will also try do a full discharge to see what true capacity of the pack is , should be about 30% more than the 1A discharge tests as each cell now only see a load off about 0.05c at normal load .. so in total its should be about  ~R 11k  with management for a usable(not total) 10Kwah bank. So thats same as about 30Kwah lead acid bank (if my calcs are right ).          
    • On the side of the defence: This is the off-topic section of the forum... :-) On the other side: One must be careful what one says, for things can easily be misconstrued. Especially in this day and age of SJWs. Oh look, I just used a term I detest (day and age). No consistency either.
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