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  2. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    The last 3 years was a fluke, I agree, but what we knew was that if we became more water conscious and started to make plans earlier for desalination, aquifers are not the solution with droughts, these last 2-3 years could have been less taxing. The damages currently being inflicted are immense ito farmers, businesses and job losses What has come out now is that this problem Cpt is facing, is already in other places in SA, and they did not have a 3 year fluke droughts. Lack and / or failing Infrastructure coupled with bad management and overuse due to unforeseen population growths and using ground water in some cases. And it is not a local or national phenomenon either. It is a international problem brewing with more large cities on the brink of running out for various reasons, Miami, London etc. Droughts will just hasten the inevitable. Israel and Dubai are success story, the rest will have to follow or else. What gets me is the fact that it does not matter what I do, unless I am on a farm or close to the sea far away, with the means to defend it, it is pretty useless if we don't all change. We have to think big here, it is a huge problem brewing right under the worlds noses. Our kids the biggest sufferers. Good thing is we are learning FAST now ... question is, will everyone be able to keep it up for the next few decades, to avert wars? I don't think so.
  3. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Again, I am so tired at people quoting this "we knew" story. Yes, we did, and we still do. The question is WHAT it was that we knew. We knew that on average, rainfall would come down. That was the prediction, and that is still the prediction. This year however, the last three in fact, is completely OFF the average, they are outliers. We didn't know that in 2011. No model could predict that, that is precisely the trouble with stats: It cannot predict outliers. It can only tell you that they are outliers. If the past few years followed the model that we KNEW about, we'd be at significantly less stringent water restrictions. Instead it threw an outlier we didn't know about.
  4. New Infini Super

    I think this is where the Pylontechs are coming in. We're at the point where a good set of Trojans cost the same as a comparable (mostly) Pylontech rack.
  5. New Infini Super

    Hello, how are the inverters going to those who changed the hardware and firmware ?. The truth is I do not know if I chose the inverter well, the one that stays alive sounds like an old car. I do not have high hopes that they will be fine. Greetings.
  6. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    I recall reading same warning back then. Have been taking some serious stock lately. Today we blame the Government, DA, Zille and Lille - ja, ANc is not getting off this one, at least Zuma is gone. So Umgeni water would soon be sorted. Any case, bar ANC, I am not very comfortable with blaming DA. When I read that warning back then, what did I do? Nothing. Even thinking "Bleh" - just scaremongering. When did we collectively started to really listen? After Lille and Zille said day Zero is in April 2018. We, the people using the water, who can make a huge difference, use less and what we use, use that wisely, did not listen. That is why I am uncomfortable blaming the DA and the people who slipped and mistook the urgency, whilst cleverly being distracted by Lille and Co. Collectively, we caused this problem. Only as one, can we sort it.
  7. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    Feeling very embaressed Thanks Coulomb - sorted Much appreciate the assistance
  8. Hi MIke

    Sorry to bother.  I have noticed that it seems you may have the factory password for the Infinisolar 3kw +.  I live in Port Elizabeth and lately our munic frequency goes above the inverter set point of 50.1 causing the inverter to go into "inverter" mode, beeping, disconnecting from the grid and depending on load, start discharging  my batteries.  I need to adjust the max frequency to say 50.3 Hz.  Can you perhaps help? 


    Best regards

    Carel Kleinhans

    074 222 000 4


    1. Mike


      here we go: 

      please be very careful with it and if i may ask you not to share it out publicly on any forum. if you set anything incorrectly it will invalidate your warranty


      set between 49 and 51hz

  9. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    another piece of unheeded now 20/20
  10. Last week
  11. Hi, I am new to the forum, I have a 3kw plus Infinisolar inverter. I reside in Port Elizabeth and our utility frequency continuously exceeds 50.1 hz. It goes to 50.2 and I would like to change the setting to 50.3. Is there anyone out there that can help me with he factory password to correct this situation? It would be very much appreciated.
  12. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Thank you to everyone for the input it has helped me a lot. My system works well with the two different firmwares and two different hardwares paralleled. 5048 pf 1 with 74.10 and 4048 pf0.8 with 72.70c . My only issue being the monitoring software keeps on loosing coms with the slave . I would consider loading the downgrade firmware 72.61 , but only if I can get 74.10 just in case it does nit work.
  13. Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    I was led to believe that the BMS uses the same (CAN) protocol as the BYD battery, which is also used by LG-Resu, and also used by Pylontech. Though it seems there are tiny differences between them. But their website seems to suggest they are using ODB2 (aka SAE J1939). It probably does not matter. These things all work the same way, they stuff all the data end to end into 8-byte packets with either the 11-bit ID in front or the extended 29-bit one, and chuck it onto the can bus. All you have to do is read them, chop it up in the right spots, potentially swap for endianness, and you're done :-)
  14. Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    So been running the system for about two weeks now and got most of the settings sorted out. My current setup thus is an untidy bunch consisting of: 3600W Array of 12x300W Panels Outback Flexmax 80 Charge Controller MLT 8KVA Powerstar Inverter Freedomwon 15/11 battery. A battery controlled 100A contactor that disconnects the solar panels if the battery disconnects, required because the MPPT does not turn off quick enough and might damage inverter if battery is not present to provide voltage reference. The battery provides canbus and several analog outputs of which two provides SOC % and max charge current % because the powerstar does not have canbus. Inverter is setup to allow draw from battery until 45% SOC after which it floats the battery and switches over to eskom to power the load. If power goes off it will allow it to run down to 30% SOC before it will shutdown. The battery self will isolate by 15% SOC. The battery uses an Orion BMS Jr. I can interface with it via a USB to Serial cable and the provided utility to see lots of different battery details such as SOC, Cell Voltages, Avg Temp etc. Can also modify the settings. (Probably means voiding your warranty though). The battery was delivered in a wooden crate and it took 4 men to carry it inside the room since it weighs about 154kg, it was hanged on the wall after some effort. It has a SOC bar display, reset and breaker on the front, serial connector on the left, DC, CAN and Analog out in the right. In the last two weeks we averaged about 35-45% DoD which is about 6kw during the evening, the array quickly recharges the batteries and on sunny days the battery is 100% around mid day. Price wise I was lucky to have gotten dealer prices and I was able to claim back VAT, so it came in at +-R6500/kW ex or R8900@70% DoD ex. So one major CON for the battery is price. For a normal home user the price would have been R8,664/kW incl. or R11800@70% DoD incl.. At that price point the Bluenova and Pylontechs batteries blow it out of the water, but I was lucky. Also their factory is 5km away from me. They warrant the battery for 10 Years or 3500 cycles at 70% DoD. At the end of life it will then have 70% capacity left i.e. about 11kw. I'm cycling it at less than 50% so it should do about 20 years and 7000 cycles. What is quite nice is that I can later trade in the battery and Freedomwon will give you discount on a larger battery based on the pack age and cycles done. So it opens up an upgrade avenue. It can also parallel with 3 more for a total of 4 batteries or 60/44 capacity, recommended to rather upgrade after 3/4 years instead of adding more batteries. All in all I'm happy with what I got and time will tell how it performs after 10/20 years. Specs :http://www.freedomwon.co.za/images/pdf/litebatteryspecsheet.pdf . Freedom Lite Installation Manual Rev 5 (1).pdf
  15. Grid tie without battery backup question

    Yes, I meant that sunnyisland, not sunnyboy. At the scale you mention, a small lithium battery will obviously be more cost effective.
  16. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    Yes. Yes.
  17. I have Enersol 300W panels 3s4p. Voc max = 44.8 x 3 = 134.4V . So about 10V off Voc max. Vmax = 36.6V x 3 = 109.8V.
  18. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    Did you remember to turn the inverter switch off? That setting won't even appear if the power switch is on. It's easy to forget after a long time not having to use it.
  19. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    RCT is Mustek is RCT. Yes/No? Am I assuming Mustek JHB then?
  20. Anyone use Solarus panels before?

    Agreed, but I'm willing to bet money on it that those people telling you that this is "4 times more efficient" was looking at the overall output, ie hot water (reverse-calculated at 1.16Wh/liter/Kelvin) plus the PV output. Then 4x is not that surprising. Looking at PV output only... even a 50% improvement sounds too good to be true.
  21. Grid tie without battery backup question

    You mean SunnyIsland. Let's get technical. I think what those SMA inverters do (most likely) is include really big capacitors that act like small batteries, so you have a kind of self-consumption setup: The PV panels charge the capacitors, and a small inverter draws from it. Control electronics shut things off really quickly if they go out of bounds. And the PV array has to be 4x oversized. So the question is if this recipe can be scaled to 7kw. I suspect it can... but at what cost? Might be cheaper to put in a small lithium bank then and do a proper self-consumption setup. Of which Victron remains the best... (also, could not resist :-) ).
  22. Grid tie without battery backup question

    You sound as muddled as I do :-) Just read the SMA link I posted. It is simple enough. The inverter only provides a portion of the power so that even if there is some cloud cover it can still drive smaller loads. If you attempt to draw more power than it can handle, it switches off. If the cloud cover is really heavy, it switches off. Easy as that. Subtext: Don't be a dumbass and try to run your house off this feature :-) But.... never ever seen an actual model with this feature. Even in the US... that feature costs extra money so it's rare.
  23. Surge Protection For Solar Panels

    I prefer using Type I + II (Type 1 + 2) surge arrestors. They are far more expensive than the normal Type 2 surge arrestors, but I would rather be safe than sorry.
  24. Don’t send your Bitcoin Cash to Luno

    Agreed! I've sent BTC and ETH to and from Luno many times. Just make sure you got the right address.
  25. Newbie needs advise on stand alone system please

    I have run 235W and 255W panels together, purely cause "that's all there was" for a long time. In parallel, it will default to the lower amperage. In serial, it won't matter much, but the total voltage will be the sum of the panel's voltages. It is not ideal but will work if that is what you have to work with
  26. Newbie needs advise on stand alone system please

    You get 10mm2 as well.
  27. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    I can do the installation, will PM you my contact details.
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