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  3. For some reason, I sometimes think words but my hands don't type them. Buffer overrun. I meant to say built-in balancers. Lithium batteries often have built-in balancers. The batteries I have have passive balancers that operate at the top, ie as one cell fills up it starts bypassing it so that the other cells fill up slowly. It can only pass a small amount of current so it takes a while for balancing to happen, typically a few days of charging to 100%. I'd keep the midpoint monitoring for lead acids. Unbalanced cells on Lithium is not a big issue. Unbalanced cells on lead acid WITH a balancer is a big issue.
  4. is a 'built-balancer' the same as the ha02 battery balancer? and if so what will i do with the midpoint wire? regards
  5. Excess solar to heat water

    this is to the others asking about excess power to the geyser with a geyserwise as per above earlier drawing please if anyone knows different then please fluke me, but this is my question I believe the geyserwise monitors power somehow to the geyser , so if you switch the power to the element off with your contactor/ relay , the geyserwise may see this as a fault and throw out an error which you have to reset manually ? cheers
  6. Excess solar to heat water

    hi there @Fuenkli this is a kiss (keep it super simple ) solution since your system is grid tied that means the solar will supply as much as it can to whatever you have switch on , since you have excess power (At certain times of the day)you could install timers on items that you would like to come on (especially geyser aircon) just note how much power you have excess and run an (Timered) appliance with close to that excess power that you have . If you want to heat up the geyser but it draws too much instantaneous power there are ways around that but it can take 7 or 8 kw and you say you have 10 kw excess , that doesn't sound like a bad thing cheers
  7. Axpert and Pylontech

    My advice is to ignore the SoC reported by the inverter. It's wrong even for lead acids :-)
  8. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    Sure, I will give you R5000 and keep it as a backup if it is MKS 5k version (mppt not PWM) and still 100% functional.
  9. requesting advice on proper inventor model

    The Multiplus' natural competitor is the Infinisolar, which usually costs about double the price of the model you linked here. I don't know if the Infini can do this trick. PowerAssist is actually made for yachts/boats where you may end up in some backwater harbour with only a very weak shore connection: You literally set the input limit to 10 amps (as in your example) and it does the rest. I'd think the extra cost might be absorbed somewhat by other factors. You only have to buy a 1600VA or 2000VA unit to provide 16 amps, compared to the 5KVA you linked. You also only have to supply 28 amps from the battery (6 amps*230V/48) at peak, compared to the full 76-80 amps with a non-hybrid inverter, which should mean a less expensive battery pack. For lead acid banks that can do 80 Amps sustained, you're talking 400Ah to 800Ah, and for lithium that would be at least 4 pylontech racks. You can get away with half the battery capacity if you have a decent hybrid inverter. One last question: Why not just buy a better generator? That should be much cheaper. Again, the real use case for small generators combined with a Multiplus is for boats, where space is a concern and the generator of choice is usually those small suitcase-style Hondas, but if you have the space, a 5KVA unit is cheap compared even to the cheap inverter.
  10. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    Thanks Plonkster. The one recommendation I had was to buy a Victron invertor and sell the Mecer 2nd hand. Is there a market for that?. At the moment the installation is doing its job. i will use this setup till it gives the ghost and then i upgrade.
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  12. Excess solar to heat water

    thread is quite old. Is there any new developments how to divert (automatically) excess PV capacity? On a sunny day I have about 10 kWh/day spare capacity. My system is (still illegally) grid tied and programmed to not export power to the grid. There is a lot of diverters on the market, but as far as I could figure out they all use the power flowing into the grid as a signal when to start diverting. My system never exports anything to the grid, so I think this method will not work for me. Goodwe (I have a GW5048D-ES) does not yet have any home energy management products like for example SolarEdge. In summer I would like to use the excess capacity for the aircons and in winter to boost the hot water solar generation output (House has in addition to the 4.4 kW PV system 14 x 2.5m2 flat plate solar water collectors and a 4000 liter hot water storage tank. Hot water is used for geysers and the hydronic underfloor heating system). I also have a 20 kWh battery bank. At the moment I do all the diverting manually.
  13. Axpert and Pylontech

    Don't think that is possible. A BMV can give you a more accurate picture. With Lithium cells I don't think one can warrant the expense. Easiest way of getting an accurate SOC reading is to look at the battery LEDs Each LED represent 16% SOC So 3 LEDs roughly 48% SOC.
  14. yes. I have an idea of what's on the pictures. Victron MultiPlus 48/5000.... 2300euro EASUN POWER 5000W....600euro it's a big price difference. Thank you for your response
  15. requesting advice on proper inventor model

    It SAYS Hybrid on the ad, but it looks like a stock standard Voltronic 5048. I think the problem is that some people use the term Hybrid for devices that include an inverter and an MPPT in a single unit. Your requirement is for a hybrid unit that can provide the difference, so the generator will provide 10 ampere and you'll take 6 ampere at 230V (or 28 amps at 48V) from the batteries to supply the difference. When the load comes down, say to 5 ampere, you want the 5 amps surplus (23A at 48V) to be put back into the battery?
  16. this device has similar parameters. I can not see a limit on the 230 AC input as on your link. thank you for advice https://www.aliexpress.com/item/ISolar-SM-5kVA-48VDC-off-Grid-Solar-Inverter-with-3KW-MPPT-Solar-Controller/32528272356.html?priceBeautifyAB=0
  17. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    This makes very little sense with ICC and a non-Victron inverter. The temperature reading can only be reported via the vedirect protocol and I doubt ICC even cares about it. You cannot adjust charge voltages based on temperature because the inverter simply doesn't support it. The only thing you can do is program the BMV to close its internal relay if the temperature goes to high and maybe do something with that. I would pretty much recommend that you rather use the auxiliary input on the BMV to do midpoint monitoring. The temperature input on the BMV is of limited use even in Victron systems (for now), but there is a fix in the pipeline which we call Shared Temperature Sense whereby your BMV can share the temperature with your whole setup... that is going to be awesome :-) You need a vedirect->USB cable. It's essentially a USB-ttl-serial converter, but with galvanic isolation between your Pi and the solar charger. They cost about 28 Euro, or around R550 once they land in the shops.
  18. requesting advice on proper inventor model

    If I understand you correctly (you don't appear to be a native English speaker), the feature you want is called PowerAssist and pretty much only available with Victron Multiplus and Quattro inverters. You should start by reading this old whitepaper, and this slightly newer one.
  19. Hello I would like to ask for your advice about a proper model of inverter. The production is connected to a gasoline generator with an output of 10a / 230ac now. I need the inverter that can be provided with the 16a / 230 performance in the short-term with the help of the battery and it can use the power of the generator 10a / 230ac. After some time the consumption will be reduced to of 2a / 230ac. The generator will be able to charge the batteries. The inverter could have an input to connect solar pannels. I need this device but with a wifi connection. Can you help me? Thank you for your answer
  20. Axpert and Pylontech

    Thanks for the replies gents - makes more sense to me now. How do I convince the the inverters to see it like that so that at 50.5 they should report battery state as 100% (or close to that) and not 28%?
  21. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    Next week Monday the doctor coming to sort out my installation. I found a reliable installer in the Nelspruit . Fuses, dc breakers, even dc cables will be replaced, battery monitor (702 with temperature sensor, grounding . it will all be done. I already have the trial ICC program running on the raspberry pi. I just have a question.about the BMV 702. Do i connect the BMV to the raspberry and if so with what kind cable, or is this no need..
  22. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    There is one way this could happen, which is that the process that has the port open (ICC in this case) doesn't properly die. Restarting that process only starts a second instance, which then cannot communicate with the port because it is held open by the first process. Restarting the entire machine, of course, kills all the processes including the errant one holding the port open, and all is well again. So some things you could do. First thing would be to run something like "top" to see if ICC is still running. Or list all the processes with the command "ps aux" and see if it is in the list. You could also check what has the serial port open with fuser, for example, on my machine I can see that screen (a terminal aggregator) is attached to the relevant serial port: $ sudo fuser -v /dev/ttyUSB0 USER PID ACCESS COMMAND /dev/ttyUSB0: plonky 13848 F.... screen And then you can kill that process, using "kill 13848" in this example, and if it stubornly refuses to die, you can take out the big hammer and smack it with a kill signal: "kill -KILL 13848" A discussion about how signals in unix work is beyond this post... suffice it to say that unix is a bit more polite... by default it asks processes to terminate rather than shooting it. On windows... using TerminateProcess is akin to always smacking things with the biggest hammer... that is to say, this is a feature, not a bug :-)
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  24. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    I don't know. I restart ICC or raspberry connecting with realvnc.
  25. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    @Alin I dont think it is the USB as the BMV is a strait serial device that just "spits out" data once you connect to it. Any serial connection with terminal works. It is actually one of the easier devices to "read". My guess would be that the software is hanging , do you know if there is a command that you could restart the ICC software in terminal via ssh?
  26. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    Do you know a way to reinitialize the usb connection?
  27. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    Cool quite a super piece of software:
  28. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    Icc stops reading information from the inverter. Posts to emoncms are all right. Restart ICC don`t solve the problem. Restart Raspberry do it. And i use openhab too.
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