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    Desalination Plant

    Here I go again, just like solar 5 years ago..... I imported a 3000lt per day desalination unit leaves the East Tuesday, installed 3 x 2200lt JoJo's with booster pumps and all, just need to purchase a pool pump / Filter as a pre pre filter and do all the piping. Seeing that i do not stay on the waters edge, i have to "collect sea water" via water trailer at 2000lt at a time and water pump from our local harbour. We will see how i last doing this, might employ someone to do it for me every 2nd day.
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    Desalination Plant

    so lets have a look at keeping or getting the water potable. one way is chlorination. me and the missus one day worked out - she has more math sense then i , that in order to chlorinate to WHO minimum specs and in order that the chlorine smell and taste is minimal [it has a tendency to clear up after a few days anyhow] we need about 250ml of bleach [1.3% per vol sodium hypo-chloride] per 5000l once per month. but things aren't always as easy as they seem for chlorine, see here for a lot on water. i attached a chlorine document. a second method of getting and keeping your water potable is by ionization. its been tested successful in hospitals against legionnaires disease lurking in their water systems and will not only take out bacteria but also the green slimy algae [biofilms] which can harbor bacteria now, maybe i should have stated from the outset - i am no fundi on either method discussed... back to ionization. for more on the specs see here like with all good things the concept has been around for ages, the romans and vikings have made use of it as well as grandmother 'met die tiekkie in die melkbottel - silwerskoon!' the way we did it is to put a smallish pv on the water tank with two wires going down to a silver and copper piece [both 99% pure] in the water near the outlet under the water. kept apart about 10cm, from there the ions do their job, i cut and paste: Copper-silver ionization disperses positively charged copper and silver ions into the water system. The ions bond electrostatically with negative sites on bacterial cell walls and denature [pc for kill :-)] proteins. Over the long term, the presence of copper and silver ions destroy biofilms and slimes that can harbor Legionella, God bless chlorineresidual.pdf
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    Desalination Plant

    @Mike is there no way you could rent a spot (barter a spot) with sea water access... ie: a harbour resturant/warehouse, etc. You could then trade some water for the use of the position... run the plant off solar etc as normal? You then just need to move the clean water home? My 2c anyway Mark
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    bird nests under solar panels

    update on getting rid of birds under pv: even with the strands of fishing line, the pigeons - i have now decided hormonal over-stimulation to be the cause - returned again for breeding purposes. in true fashion i had the nest removed and then placed a small, real life looking green rubber snake under the panel... that was about three weeks ago, no pigeons on my roof yet. God bless g
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    Emon Dashboards "Show Case"

    Not at all - that is why I made it available. . Super work it looks nice well done!!
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    Emon Dashboards "Show Case"

    Hi @PaulF007, Thank you very much for an informative explanation on how to customize the emons dashboard on your other thread. Here is my first attempt (work in progress) and then my old dash. I hope you don't mind me using your template....
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    Chris Hobson

    I need help please Guys

    Morning Pudljumper I presume 600kWh per month roughly 20 units a day. That sounds about right (I am busy installing with a client and his usage is between 20 and 30 units a day. I have discovered that you can do anything with solar if you budget is unconstrained. The problem is most of us have budget constraints and that is where the compromises come in and one has to decide whether the compromises are deal breakers. I really like the idea of modular expansion as the cottages go up later down the line. Since Eishkom is going to take 6 months to consider your application. You going to start off-grid. First question you are going to have to answer is what is the maximum draw at any one time. 5kW 8kW . What are you going be running? Construction equipment? A pump? I run my house off a 4kW inverter. We have to make compromises the microwave and oven cannot be on at the same time and so on. If you consider that we use to run off a generator our current situation is nirvana. Your second criteria is how big a battery bank do you need? Living in the Western Cape you probably need 2-3 days autonomy as you would need to survive the Cape storms. A wind turbine may be a good investment as the lack of sun is usually accompanied by a fair amount of wind. In a grid-tie system a wind turbine makes no sense but in a off-grid situation and sufficient wind they do. A wind turbine may mean you have a smaller battery bank. Here is where the compromises really kick in - batteries (even the cheap ones are expensive). Do you buy cheap ones knowing you going to replace them sooner rather than later or do you go for more expensive (cheaper in the long run) batteries that last several years. To my mind you need to decide on batteries first (both type and size of bank) and then decide on a compatible inverter and finally decide on panels. Unfortunately we can only guide you as you will be the one spending the tom. Give us a idea what you plan to power from the container. I would visit @Mike at Yzerfontein the trip would be very worthwhile. As @Mark has pointed out Mike has reduced his involvement with solar as cryptocurrency is so buoyant at the moment. MIke is really helpful and I am sure will give you solid advice.
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    The Terrible Triplett

    Desalination Plant

    EBRSA made me wonder. If you get the water out of the harbour, what is in the harbour water? People with close by water tend to be dirty. And are there still sewage outlets into the sea?