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    New Infini Super

    Mike, Your settings was to cut out at 42v for the pv side. As per the above settings it means it passed 100% dod. A deep cycle battery is not a solar battery. My experience with them doing camping is they have a very short life time and they must not be discharged below 20% dod. My 8.8kw Pylontech batteries cost 3x as much as my inverter and I could choose between having 4 of them or two batteries plus solar panels for their prize. They are managed by a built in bms which manages everything from safeties, temps, voltages, charging etc. As far as I am concerned it is a set and forget about it system. Many contributors on the forum reckon this is the way to go as you must compare a 1000+ a bit life cycle solar battery to a 6000 life cycle lithium battery. A deep cycle might give you 250 cycles - open for discussion on this. Johan
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    Alas, no, I'm not aware of any complete schematics, and with the clone makers being so bold, I suspect they don't want to publish more than they already have. That's why I have done my own tracing whenever I've needed to work on a particular area. However, I'd love to be proven wrong on this, and have someone post better schematics.