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    Lekker man!!! I am so happy for you Plonkster. Myself, I think I have my storage issue sorted. After the fiasco with the 220l drums, I got hold of a 1890l tank for about R2750 ... grinded me, as it was R1.46 per liter. But lets do ... NO! Lets not do this! So I sat, this water thing is going to blow over, water will be more expensive, we have to save more, my focus being on washing machine water that then goes to the toilets. Have the drums for the washing water, stench be-gone with HTH. So that is working perfectly. Not one drop of drinking water down the drain these past weeks, and the clothes are washed. Then I thought. Tanks, if empty, just stands there, no further use. If full, still allegedly just stands there. How do I get 2300l of water = +-23 washes = +-10-11 months of washing . Then it hit me!!! A pool, a above ground pool! Store water 2300l of water. Can pack it away when empty. Can swim in it if I want! And the price - R0.65c per liter - because of the extra for the cover, otherwise with no cover R0.46 per liter at Makro. Now that makes a lot more sense, not? Can lasts between 3-7 years. 1 year warranty. And if I want more storage, just buy another one, and another one, each one under a gutter. This is what I got, arriving Friday, before the weekends rain.
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    The last ring stops slightly below ground level, but then there's brickwork on top of that so that the final result sits a little higher than ground level. Lower would have been a problem when it does rain again :-)
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    Some progress on my well (seeing as I also posted pictures of that in this thread earlier), with the final result at the end. I now have enough water again to fill my 200 liter treatment tank without running it dry.
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    New Infini Super

    Mike, Your settings was to cut out at 42v for the pv side. As per the above settings it means it passed 100% dod. A deep cycle battery is not a solar battery. My experience with them doing camping is they have a very short life time and they must not be discharged below 20% dod. My 8.8kw Pylontech batteries cost 3x as much as my inverter and I could choose between having 4 of them or two batteries plus solar panels for their prize. They are managed by a built in bms which manages everything from safeties, temps, voltages, charging etc. As far as I am concerned it is a set and forget about it system. Many contributors on the forum reckon this is the way to go as you must compare a 1000+ a bit life cycle solar battery to a 6000 life cycle lithium battery. A deep cycle might give you 250 cycles - open for discussion on this. Johan
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    Alas, no, I'm not aware of any complete schematics, and with the clone makers being so bold, I suspect they don't want to publish more than they already have. That's why I have done my own tracing whenever I've needed to work on a particular area. However, I'd love to be proven wrong on this, and have someone post better schematics.