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    Newbie mistakes on first solar install

    Depends. I believe these HA jobbies everyone likes so much can pass as much as 2 amps, so it should compensate for a fan on one battery. But if you're going to kludge it, then put a fan on each battery :-) If two fans are good, 4 must be better! :-P
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    Drawing power directly off the series connected batteries is a mistake unless you are drawing identical loads off each battery. Even similar fans doesn't guarantee similar loads as the operating conditions of the fans may vary. If you MUST do it then take the power off across the full bank (12/24/36/48v - whatever your bank voltage is) and the put 1/2/3/4 fans in series - or just cough up a few pennies for a 12v DC transformer. You could pray that your HA will cope with the imbalance, but if you get it wrong it could cost you a new HA and a new battery bank - and a new 12v DC transformer because you are unlikely to make the same mistake twice!
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    Yes the HA02 can pass up to 10A. One needs to remember that often the voltage imbalance between batteries is in tens of millivolts so really not a lot of power is being transferred. A 40W fan may make the HA02 work quiet hard
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    OK, so late this afternoon got it all sorted. 2nd Infini is up and running. Will do a more detailed report tomorrow morning.
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    Newbie mistakes on first solar install

    Now for my next wake up call......DO not run 12V gadgets off an individual battery on the bank if you do not have a battery balancer or similar. My inverter was running at about 70° about a month ago and i read that the guys were putting 12v computer fans on the inverters vents to cool it down. I did the same and they worked wonderfully, but being a smartass DIY guy, I reckoned I did not need a AC to 12V transformer as I had a whole bank of 12v batteries... This week we had a few power failures due to thunder storms and my wife was saying that the batteries were not lasting as long as normal so I checked the software and sure enough the SOC and PV were very erratic. The PV production actually dropped by 50% yesterday. I measured the individual batteries and sure enough the battery that i was running the cooling fans off was only reporting 10.8v and the others were running 13.0v. I have now recharged that individual battery back to the same as the others and am just hoping that it is not damaged. (And yes i installed a AC to 12v transformer) I will be installing battery balancers ASAP.
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    Lightning Strike

    One of my fears as well. I also shut off the mains, earth and inverter breakers. But with a direct strike that won't matter.
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    HUH??? I guess the short answer is YES and NO... Axpert inverters are compatible with various types of batteries, but not all types of batteries... Axpert inverters are available in a varying range, all of which require battery banks of either 24v or 48v (nominal) - the max power rating (Ah) of the connected bank would need to be carefully selected depending on the max grid charging current of the selected inverter if used as UPS type backup only, or the available PV overhead if charging via PV panels in an off-grid/grid-assist setup. What batteries have you been offered and what would you like to accomplish?
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    Newbie mistakes on first solar install

    It's load dependent, which is really what is wrong with voltage-based SoC determination. Under very heavy load (say 20 amps on those 105Ah batteries), you'll see 46V even at 100% SoC. The moment the load drops, the voltage will pick up again. On the other end of the scale, at a very low load (say 1 ampere), a voltage of 46V means the batteries are practically empty.
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    Battery balancers HA-02

    Don't talk so loudly about that small plantation next the pool I see on GoogleEarth Chris... not cooolllll....