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    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    Gents i know you mention voltage drop here ..... and yes it does happen on cabling that isnt sufficient from source being the battery to the load being the inverter, and the V sense port on the victron is very important for making sure this is compensated for both on charge and discharge, but i must tell you something in relativity to the conversation, SOC determines voltage sag on Lifepo4, if you take a fully charged cell and discharge it fairly steady with a good current draw it will hold its own provided you not demanding alot out of it .... meaning you will see figures of around 3.2v per cell under load at a 80% soc .... but here is where it gets interesting try the same load at a lower soc say at 30% you will see the cells ability to deliver energy changes, the characteristics of Lifepo4 are such that the lower the soc % the more the sag at high demand, some cells are better then others in this regard, Sinopoly do sag more under low soc where as the likes of headway and Calb dont, be careful that you are not basing you voltage sag on the actual cells ability to delivery current at a low SOC %....
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    cleaning panels worth it?

    cleaning panels worth it? before risking life and limb cleaning those panels read this https://www.hesolarllc.com/cleaning-dirty-solar-panels/ http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/pressrelease/cleaning_solar_panels_often_not_worth_the_cost_engineers_at_uc_san_diego_fi have a sunshine day g
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    Chris Hobson

    cleaning panels worth it?

    He best not be claustrophobic. I have a skinny guy who can fit through a Jojo tank's lid. i would send him to Vredenburg but he is AWOL since the beginning of the month.
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    hopefully in a few months to come i can and will change the pricing game for Li-ion and energy storage in SA and africa, the orion bms is one of the best out there with feature sets that wont be used by the vast majority, its got can bus and supports RS232 connection using the orion jnr software, canbus uses a two wire network which has message sets with ids works well for environments where signal noise is really high as it is robust message system, most inverters like Victron use the canbus to plug into the expensive Color GX or inexpensive Venus and allow for battery monitoring on the victron software, as well as settable threshholds . for Float bulk and end of discharge etc . Please be aware that battery life span on Lifepo4 is dependent purely on configuration parameters and setting the battery up the right way can vary from what the manufacturer says and what is ideal on a battery system for life span.... take into account what a HP laptop battery charge and end of charge voltages are, the factory setup maximises the run time of the battery not the life span and a few years down the road you are replacing a lithium battery on your dear laptop purely because its hard on the battery ....setup the right way and get the life span you want !
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    Good evening Gents, i see some good chatter here and decided to chime in, seems that the local price of laptop battery cells is fairly cheap and building is the only issue with these power walls, i have vast experience and knowledge on the topic and willing to lend a hand if any one wants give me a shout send me a pm, im based in JHB and can give advice on rating, testing, sorting and choosing the correct cells if necessary, i do also have cells in stock but not at the prices you mention, to add some controversy i see that most stores around sell new 18650s for 75rand to 120 rand .....To mention a few fire hazard stories, if the pack is built with cell level fuses does it still pose a fire risk ? most cells will only ever become a fire hazard when over charged and when discharged into the ground and then 1 cell bank goes into reversal a very weird but common problem with Li ion cells in a string of series .... once the cell is in reversal if you have no way of preventing charge from entering the pack you will have a exploding fireworks show... follow the guidelines seek advice and if ever in doubt about some ones advice do the research it wont take long . I do believe Pylon tech warranty sheet needs a few re reads, they presumably warrant their packs to a end of life at 70% of original capacity ????? this doesnt sound right and most will warranty to 80% of original or 20% reduction ... secondly they will only warrant the portion of remaining 7 year life span ... use the battery for 6 years and you will end up paying for another 6 years through a complex calculation at then in the future prices which eeerrrmmm would mean buying a new battery pack from them effectively a they will only cover 2% of the cost of the battery ? interesting read ......
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    Optimal setting on Axpert

    I think I'm past all that. First, one of the big issues in my house is that the wife likes light. Everything must be bathed in ample levels of lumination. Lights are turned on in bright daylight to add just a bit more light to things. And lights are left on... it will go unnoticed all day. Besides, having to turn it on and off every time you enter a room is so much work... To me this idea is completely foreign. I grew up on a farm where we had a 36V battery system and the lamps were 60W incandescents. You turned them off and that was that, no questions asked. This city things where come 7PM you turn on all the lights you might need (not just the ones of the rooms you are in) is completely new to me. So what I did is installed LED lighting so I can stop worrying about it. The inverter is a hybrid, so no tripping. The wife has already grasped the value of having power when everything else is out. In fact, I probably have her blessing to upgrade to a 3kva unit... because then her hair drier can work during an outage. You'd be amazed how often you have a power failure starting right after 8AM on a Sunday morning, with Church starting at 9.
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    New member and new to solar power

    Chris after your explanation and the fact that the supplier of my equipment supply no warranty if I use a used battery bank I have call Solarnoob and cancel our deal for buying the batteries. On top of that my bakkie blew a turbo on Friday afternoon.