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    Dude, I've resolved for myself that step one is to get everyone a passport, and stash some money outside the country (not an easy task). I'm pretty sure nothing is going to happen and this is just some scare-mongering, but it pays to be prepared and you lose nothing otherwise. Waiting for one birth certificate, that should be here by month end. Passports apparently take about two weeks. Cutting it a bit fine if these prophets are right, though I am confident that they are not. Technically one should always have a valid passport, that's just common sense. So much more dignified than sneaking over the border on foot.
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    You must start here. Get the exact figure. Then you reduce is as best you can. Otherwise it is like putting the cart before the horse. Been there done that too. Every single mistake that can be made, has been made my one of us on this forum. We now have the formula.