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    Before you buy a UPS, lemme ask you this: Why you do ^need^ a UPS? What equipment does she have? That will determine a lot in terms of which UPS to get. Cheaper offline UPS' is fine for the odd PC, to make sure the OS saves all data and safely shuts down in the 15 minutes the battery lasts. Online, and more expensive, UPS can run longer, but cost a lot more. As suggested, if you use something like an Axpert (cheaper pure sinewave inverters are available, like the IR Series / Devel inverters) would work well, but you won't have the option to monitor it from the OS. i.e. with most UPS's, the PC connected to the USB port and an application monitors the load and shutdown when necessary. But, if it will be used in conjunction with your existing solar setup, then changning program 3 on your Axpert inverter to UPS, will give you the same benefit as using a UPS - thought it would mean you need enough PV & battery storage to cater for the business' needs. I work with UPS systems a lot, and in some cases, like servers and networking equipment, you might want to spend the extra bucks on the good stuff that was built for that purpose. For home-use, small office use, a Powercom UPS works fairly well.
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    Disposing of old batteries

    an electrician told me that a decade or so ago he worked on the mines [i forgot where], they have electric battery cars. he bought the decommissioned batteries for about 60 cents each PER PALLET from their salvage yard and sold them for more than five bucks PER KG each to scrap dealers... every weekend at least a truck load full, for more than a year. then a 'bright spark' at mine security figured out what's a cooking; that was the end of his mining career, but he made in excess of a million and invested in property - which he put in his wife's name to cover his tracks, then she divorced him...
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    on grid but battery still looses power

    the viking in the video doesn't share your perspective i might be to stupid for this, but this looks like my problem, in fact my batteries were at 100 soc when i switched to solar this morning and now they are at 88 soc, see pic
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    Check this out:
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    raspberry pi 3, where buy?

    RS Components are one of the main importers of the Raspberry Pi and they delivery country wide.
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    Wind Turbine Overview

    FYI - Mega Solar is Jason Sole. For those who don't know, here is a link to check out. Never do business with him. I know of several people personally that have been burnt. I only mention this to avoid any visitor for member here from being ripped off. https://gwstoreripoff.wordpress.com