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    My Broadband

    We did it. It has been a 5 year journey. I want to thank each and every member for making this possible. To the future and sharing knowledge! . Find The attached. We will add the description tomorrow. Magnum Opus. Sincerely Jason
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    Taxing an off-grid solar system would be like taxing the air that you breathe... By all means institute fair use costs for a grid tied system if that is found to be a fair and equitable mechanism to protect the grid, but then anyone should be free to elect to go off-grid in order to avoid this additional tax in an already massively over-taxed environment.
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    The Terrible Triplett

    Cape Town Water Crisis

    Very true in that if it goes south. Which I believe is not going to happen ... because. But at least you are not going to be uninformed this time, caught off-guard. Maybe even have a small head start to emigrate if the worst becomes reality, which it will not. I know, but you did make a good point.
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    Hmm, starting to regret cutting down my eskom poles. I should have left them standing so I appear 'on grid'.
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    Been thinking on this a bit. In the USA and Europe, they went BIG with solar, people fed back and made money. It was all good. However, over time, it started to cost the "Eskom's" over there a lot ito loss in revenue / profits with the same grid maintenance and generating costs. In the end most deals where autocratically re-negotiated, the "home users" of solar lost out on their revenue income. Now I am getting an idea to form a thought to ponder the possibility that "they" are being pro-active here in SA, wanting to ensure they can protect their "investment" in Eskom, and not lose out on the higher income groups, companies, that are getting massive savings because of their solar investment. The model needs to change to make it viable for all parties. From national grid to suburban, even smaller, grids. Unfortunately that is unaffordable for SA ... nor USA nor Europe. So I am betting they are going to make us comply in order to ensure they maintain their "perceived" costs for maintaining the national grid whilst making healthy profits on that. And we are the minority by a massive percentage. I have lodged my objection though.
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    Patched firmware based on version 73.00

    The beta version of patched firmware 73.00c is available now: http://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?p=67551#p67551 It has minor tweaks to improve battery current accuracy (though minor, they took a lot of effort and time, mainly by Weber), and fixes two more bugs that were present in the original factory firmware, regarding settings changes from the LC display and buttons.
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    Partial State of Charge

    I've heard arguments that says sulfation may start as early as 24 hours after entering a partial state of charge condition. Obviously some batteries are designed to be somewhat resistant to it, and some sulfation can be reversed (one has to remember that the layer of sulfate that forms on the plates are normal, that is how the battery works.... the trouble is it becomes permanent after enough time). So... the number is somewhere between every day and once a week. Definitely not more. During the winter months, my recommendation would be to move your cut-off upwards so they get a good charge every other day at least. No shame in doing that.
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    Wind Turbine Overview

    Hence you will note that I'm being very careful here to state only the facts. I took my comment down because I don't know for a fact whether he owns/manages/runs this new entity or are merely employed there. He claims the latter. I also said earlier that "the deception continues". Technically I don't know that. Maybe, this time, he was actually screwed over by a supplier. What I can say with some certainty, is that it appears this new business is operated by a family member, but technically he works for that family member. Do with that information what you want :-)
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    Advice on Axpert 5KVA System.

    Contact @Chris-R or who is able to supply, or @Chris Hobson who is also may be able to assist.
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    It is a sad fact, but being nice gets no results, it often takes a bit of firm hand to get people to act with integrity and ethics. I am glad that is was taken care off.
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    Chris Hobson

    Partial State of Charge

    I think the recommendation is that your batteries should float once a week. Not something that we have an issue with here in the Karoo . TTT? I would just charge from the grid. It is not Survivor.
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    Advice on Axpert 5KVA System.

    Hi @Johan v d W I believe that there are a number of issues that you need to address; The Axpert is no good at determining State of Charge and you will damage a very expensive battery bank unless you make some changes fast - install a BMV-702 battery monitor and ICC software to monitor the equipment and control switching behavior using info provided by the BMV - this will cost a small fraction of replacing a damaged 800Ah battery bank. Download the Coulomb/Weber firmware and flash your system, the primary advantage is that it addresses a bug where the Axpert goes to float too early resulting in battery under-charge. If you dont already have buy and install 4x HA-02 battery balancers to make sure that your batteries stay "in synch". Series connected batteries can very easily go out of synch resulting in failure of the entire battery bank - look in the downloads section for more info. Lastly I have to say that your system is way out of balance. You have 12 x270W panels which will produce 16kWh on a good day. Your battery bank is 800x48 = 38.4kWh, even at 50% discharge you will need 19kWh x 1.25 (inefficiency) = about 24kWh to recharge, and that is before you have supplied any direct consumption loads. You will need a 2nd Axpert in parallel and another 12 panels to balance your system (both inverters would share your existing battery bank). Coulomb - Patch Instructions.docx
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    Some interesting reading: http://pqrs.co.za/nersa_rules_for_pv_systems/