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  1. Over Easter weekend, I proceeded to re-do the wiring back to what I had on a single V. This was due to the fact that for some reason, even with 2 string of 3 x 300W panels, it would not generate more that 1000W (per string) @ midday with 57.7V on the array. Now we all know the Infini V, just like the Axpert, likes about 65V to "wake up" in the morning. So I went from 4 x 1800W string on 4 x MPPT controllers to 2 x 3600W strings on 2 x MPPT controllers. My second V is still in play, but with no PV, thus it is only giving me the ability to push a continuous 10kW. Immediately, the voltages went up to around 90-100V and my PV production is back to 6200W, with peaks of 7000W. So from my point of view, it seems the Infini V does like to run near the PV limits, as spreading the load of 2 MPPt's over 4 of them will not yield better results!
  2. PHORAM is coming...

    @Cef, Pity my Spanish is bad as in non existing , Looking forward to he English version. Also interested to see if proper parallel Infinisolar support. I like stats!!
  3. erratic icc readings etc axpert5kv

    @gabriel, Glad you found the obvious error. But for those who one day do have erratic values, which I also have in the past, it can be a multitude of items/possible cures. Most of mine went away when either - - fiddling with the settings e.g. type of inverter and number of inverters. When I swopped from Axpert to Infini, got some strange values as well, and a infini V parallel with 1 count did it for me. - restart ICC, either by clicking on the x of the app, or type reboot in the command window. - pull out and re-seat the USP interface on the inverter. If you have null or erratic values, I'm sure that it's just because Manie has coded the particular inverter's data out of alignment, as he may or may not have had access to actually test each and every scenario he is catering for. Hope this help someone out there someday.
  4. VE direct usb 2 PI 4 ICC

    Pity the Pi Zero is only 40% more powerful than the Pi1 (same CPU Chip, just upped the clock from 700 Mhz to 1 Ghz), else it would have been a nice low cost option for ICC users. The lack of Ethernet/Wifi is addressable with a Ethernet to USB dongle, but alas, I think it will also run out of steam. For interest sake, here is the comparison table of all the different Pies (Pi's) <iframe width="100%" height="520" src="http://socialcompare.com/en/w/raspberrypi-models-comparison#" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"></iframe>
  5. New Infini Super

    Hi @Mike Baker, I think somewhere there is a mixup. You may have been supplied the wrong manual. the Voc max = 145 V, is a typical parameter on the Infinisolar V series, as they are based on the Axpert range, and thus share the same MPPT's. The specs for the Infinsolar Super 4kW is : Nominal DC Voltage / Max DC Voltage = 360 / 580 VDC Start-up / Minimum Feed-in = 116 / 150 VDC MPP Voltage range = 280 - 500 VDC From your previous screenshots, that is how the inverter is setup by default. Probably need a factory password to change those, so I wouldn't play around with this. The supplied factory software have an order of magnitude more settings that from the LCD panel. Must admit, I've never used it, but may need to install it to figure out what's wrong with my installation:-(
  6. Optimal setting on Axpert

    The charge, discharge or both?
  7. -2 is probably normal, with an outside chance of -4 ?
  8. I have Enersol 300W panels 3s4p. Voc max = 44.8 x 3 = 134.4V . So about 10V off Voc max. Vmax = 36.6V x 3 = 109.8V.
  9. ICC Serial

    @Alin, No, you don't need to pay again. In my view, if you are replacing the RPi, you need to get a new license key. E-mail the new machine ID to the icc team. You can get the e-mail for support on http://www.iccsoftware.co.za.
  10. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    @egemnaar, one more post and you would be able to download @Chris Hobson's Axpert settings guide. From the homepage, scroll down to the bottom right in the download section. You may have to adjust the battery parameters to suit your particular brand of battery, e.g. Float, bulk etc.
  11. Hi Inifini fans, As I could not find a similar thread about this subject, and not wanting to hijack @DeepBass9 's one, I thought to start my own. Firstly some history: I went off grid on 16th Dec 2016 with a 5 kVA Axpert with 3600W of PV and 8 x Trojan 105-RE's. Added the usual goodies that most have, nl. ICC on Pi3, BMV-702 and HA-02, as insurance. The system worked well enough, but the constant shutdown's due to over utilising appliances, e.g. kettle & microwave together with geyser was getting beyond me. As short term I "downgraded" the geyser from 3 kW to 2kW, and this helped somewhat, but seeing that I already had an additional geyser in the roof that needed to be connected into the warm water system, I knew HKGK.... So when I started looking at expanding the system, I decided that I would need to acquire a hybrid type inverter, and I wanted to re-use what I have, e.g. ICC. So I pulled the trigger and 7 months later replaced the Axpert with a InfiniSolar V 5 kW. I installed it adjacent to the Axpert, with the idea that if the Infini gives me any permanent headaches, I can switch back to the Axpert in less than a minute. The long term goal was to be able to install a second Infini in it's place, for a parallel setup. So after the Infini was installed, and with lots of help from Manie, got the ICC data sorted out to report what it is supposed to. Some values were missing from the dual MPPT's, mainly due to misalignment of the "string" of characters that the ICC was reading. Sorted out chop-chop. I liked: Seamless switching between Eskom, Solar and Batteries, just like a hybrid is supposed to. Also the extra 1kW and no more beeps. Pushing short 7 kW loads no problem I don't like: Lost the ability to manually or automatically control between Solar/Battery and Grid. Can't pull 7 kW for long periods, with a planned load of >5kW, a upgrade needed to be part of the plan. Also the 3kW PV limitation was regularly breached, so much so that it seemed to me that the inverter was "chopping" my PV production off @ +-6200W, from a possible 7200W. So the new 2nd Inverter arrived a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, I noticed beforehand that the original V did not come with the parallel board. Weird enough, the Axpert came with it, so it was duly transplanted. The lowest cost parallel card I could find, and available over the counter was @ Communica, as long as you remember your passcode!! Ripped out the Axpert and proceeded with Infini fitment. The mounting holes don't match, so new one's had to be drilled. The cabling layout on the left for in- and output power is the same, and the PV cables have to be doubled up. It was quite a job splitting my 2 strings into 4 strings. Space is a bit tight. The biggest issue is with the Battery cables, as the connection point on the Infini is away from the wall, meaning you need slightly (+-10cm) longer cables. I had enough slack on the black cable, due to the fact that the - terminal on the battery is closer to the wall. (They both need to be the same length - read that on this forum) So will need to install longer cable when tidying up next. Next switched on the inverter, and checked that all three software versions are the same as 1st inverter. As I has bought mine just over 6 month's apart, I has no issues there. Next made space for the two sets of parallel cables to fit the inverters, as all my cables feeding the inverters are hidden in trunking. What a mission to get the holes enlarged, specially with trunking already in place. Last step was to inform family on impending switch off for 30 min to activate the inverters in parallel mode...well, you may as well budget 1h30 for this step. I was unsuccessful in finding a parallel manual specifically for the infini V series, so followed the normal Axpert one, as they are birds of a feather. Firstly, configure the new inverter with the same settings for battery values etc, as the original one. You will notice that setting 28 does not give you the option to go to PAR from SIG, yet the manual tell you to change this. You need to switch the inverter to standby with the on/off switch on the bottom right of the inverter, and then the option becomes available. Switch off the both inverters - by disconnecting the battery- and then on again, as well as the rhs switch. The one will boot as with MS (master) on the display (middle top centre), and the other SL (slave). Note, allocation of MS and SL is random. So next, one needs to provide Grid power simultaneously. As I has installed a Isolator to each inverter on the input, as well as the outputs, I had to flick both at the same time. After a few seconds, both the inverters shut themselves down. Redo the procedure....same result. After many minutes of head scratching etc..I discovered that both inverters had gone back to SIG mode again, so applied the change again, and second time they started without any errors present. Then flicked both the output Isolators and parallel system installation was complete. So all that is outstanding is tidying up the cables and putting the trunking covers back. Post Implementation Comments: Later that day, I had a chance to look at ICC before the sun goes down completely. I changed the inverter type from Infini V Single to Parallel and increase the inverter count to 2. All the basics looked OK, but many values were 0, yet PV1 & PV2 on both were reporting values on the Inverters themselves. The Inverter temp. was also missing. Even though the Cluster Info screen showed data from both inverters, the Thread info page only shows one data stream. Only the next day was I able to look at the data more carefully. I have noticed the following: The PV Watts reported (I assume summed by ICC of the 4 x MPPT's) does vary tremendously. Previous graphs of PV production where reasonably smooth, whereas the new installation is very ragged. See below. Light Brown = 6 weeks ago, Light blue = today. And today was sunny in the morning, with passing clouds in the afternoon. So for now, it looks like I've gone a step backwards, and I almost want to think that is seems the two are fighting each other!! Any comments/suggestions are most welcome. The system seems to work out to about 4000W, with a spike to 5900W for a very brief period of time. I've not had the chance to load more than 6 kW today. Will do that this weekend. Another difference I've noticed tonight that the PV voltages differ completely now that from previous. See below a snapshot of 3 days ago (SIG) and the last 2 days on PAR. Green = SIG, Brown = yesterday, Blue = Today Now it mostly runs @ below 60V, which is below the Inifini's startup voltage of 60V, whereas previously it was running at just below 100V. I see that even after dark, ICC is reporting PV volts of 53V. Yet PV is being generated, as per 1st graph. Gentlemen....(and ladies)...start your answers. Mine is that when ICC chops up the inverter string, it is out by a few digits/symbols, thus reading and reporting the wrong values. Hopefully, this is something that Manie can fix. How he got so far without ever laying his hand on a V series is amazing. Manuals etc can give you only so much data, but the proof is in testing ICC with the real deal. I see on PVO quite a few parallel installations, not sure if they are active here, but I would like to hear comments/suggestions etc from other parallel Infinisolar V users.
  12. One year's off grid solar production

    So started monitoring and checking that all values for the 4 x mppt's are ok. Everything seem ok, but Emoncms and pvoutput are only reporting 1 off the 4 pv strings. So i have adjusted pvo to suit temporarily. As usual, Manie is on it. Thanks for the support.
  13. One year's off grid solar production

    OK, so late this afternoon got it all sorted. 2nd Infini is up and running. Will do a more detailed report tomorrow morning.
  14. One year's off grid solar production

    On PVOutput, I have created 2 sets of strings, as 9 of my panels are mounted @ 18 degrees, while the other 15 are at 38 degrees, all facing almost north. Hence some of the info may be displayed off. As soon as I have installed the new inverter, I should be back to 7200W. Come to thing=k of it, I think I made a mistake. 7200 - 1800 = 5400W. No wonder the max I've been getting these last few days has been around that. Will correct that.
  15. One year's off grid solar production

    Hi all, Yes, my system is a bit temperamental at the moment. I have 24 x 300W panels, but I have disabled 1 x 1800W string, as I'm preparing to add another V series inverter, thus feeding each MPPT with 1800W, instead of doing 3600W through 2 x MMPT's, like i've been doing for the last 6 months. I found that on very sunny days, when pushing over 6000W, it's temp rises very high, and the PV then starts oscillations. Plus i want to have peace of mind pushing 8 kW through one inverter, when hairdryers etc come into play So just waiting for a extra buss bar to split my 4 strings to 4 x (fuses, isolator & surge protection). Hopefully all done by this weekend.