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  1. Current Water Affairs.

    Two things. 1) For the life is me, we cannot get 6 people below 5kl pm. 2) Is does not look promising ... the rains that is. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2018-04-17-capewatergate-tiers-of-state-come-together-right-now-over-water-but-dam-levels-continue-to-drop/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WATER CRISIS Mailer 20 April 2018 58 Citadel&utm_content=WATER CRISIS Mailer 20 April 2018 58 Citadel+CID_45b156954aa90027baea629709c7f116&utm_source=TouchBasePro&utm_term=Tiers of state come together right now over water but dam levels continue to drop#.WtnSFL6FOUl
  2. A situation that we may or not be aware of.

    My gut tells me that the previous attacks where gas was used in Syria, was 10 to 1 homemade, and not military grade as claimed. All to get peoples emotions worked up, done by nefarious characters, which in turn gives the USA a reason to respond, justifying their presence and military budget. For there is some that claim it could have been chlorine filled mortar bombs manufactured locally using 9kg LPG gas containers, like so:
  3. A situation that we may or not be aware of.

    @gabriel - as previously promised. :-) Just over a year after the last post, here we are again. I quote a little story / question from a lady named Lisa who keeps track of these things: A clean-cut athlete from a wealthy family sees a skinny, underprivileged kid. The athlete wants to blow off some steam and look cool to his prep school friends, so he punches the skinny kid right in the face. Later, when the athlete is questioned by the school, he says that the skinny kid did something horrible, and thus, deserved the punch in the face. Because the athlete is rich, well-connected, and the star of the football team, the administration and the cops opt to believe him because it makes it a whole lot more acceptable that he punched the skinny kid. But when the skinny kid gets home, he talks to his big brother. His brother may not be from an elite background like the athlete, but he is just as big and just as athletic. He has grown up hard, so he is way, way more aggressive. And he has friends. Big, aggressive friends who are willing to fight viciously and who have the skills to back it up. The big brother contacts the athlete and his prep school friends. He warns them that his skinny little brother has had enough. He is angry that they lied about his brother and that everyone pretended to believe them. He tells them that if they ever pick on his brother again, they’ll be answering to him and his badass friends. If the athlete has any common sense, he’s going to see that he and his friends are outnumbered, outgunned, and outmatched. No matter how “special” they think they are, how can they possibly win a fight against more numerous opponents that have the same skills and the same weapons, but more – many more – people to wield them? If you were the athlete, what would you do in this situation? Are games being played around the middle east yet again, my buddy Trump, who by the way is doing a sterling job (sic). The nerve agent used on the Russian spy in London, there are rumors tests show that it was manufactured by USA / UK. Why would Russia blatantly kill someone and leave evidence of it? Are they poking the west, or where they framed? Then I read this: April 3: President Trump said that he was pulling American troops out of Syria. April 8: A gruesome gas attack was allegedly executed on Syrian civilians, complete with gruesome videos of suffering toddlers. Trump decides not to pull the troops just yet. April 9: Sen. John McCain blames Trump and says Assad was “emboldened” by his call to pull the troops. April 11: Russia warns the US against striking Syria. Moscow’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia warned Washington that it will “bear responsibility” for any “illegal military adventure” it carries out. April 12: Sec. of Defense Mattis said there was “still no evidence” to confirm the gas attack but he believed there was one anyhow. April 13: So, without evidence, the US military bombed Syria in retaliation for the alleged gas attack. They struck 3 different sites. April 14: Russia was a wee bit ticked off and warned, “Such actions will not be without consequences.” April 16: Russia presented “proof” that the UK actually carried out the gas attacks. Anyone heard of that? There was NO EVIDENCE that Assad gassed his own people but USA bombed them. FWIW, USA bombed them right before the investigators arrived to confirm or deny the claims that they had these chemical weapons. Russia with 3 586 128 military people and 2nd in the world it military strength, backed by China with 2 693 000 military people being 3rd in the world, against the US of A, being the 1st ito military strength overall, with 2 083 100 - maybe that "athlete" should reconsider? All the above smells like when Iraq was attacked with no evidence, to date, of their alleged "weapons of mass destruction". And today, China, Russia is dealing with OPEC not with PetroDollars, but sticking it to the USA by starting to use PetroYuan. What do you guys think?
  4. anyone for a shipping container house?

    @gabriel - at that price, you are starting to look a caravans that has similar features. :-) One day ... (click here) when I am all grown up and all that.
  5. CoCT introduces monthly electricity service charge

    Have had nothing yet, what are the chances that you are identified because your consumption is so low? From what I gathered over the years, the infrastructure maintenance is where they lose the most if everyone goes solar. So this could be there counter move?
  6. Current Water Affairs.

    iPhone, iPad, iPod ... Reminds me of the pick below. I I I ... Me me me ... My needs, my rights, mine. My right to use as much water as I want ... :-) The more people, the more rights. We cannot possibly all be right, meet all our own needs, without something giving.
  7. Current Water Affairs.

    With the mass immigration into Europe, Europe is changing, and it is not for the better, it seems. Their indigenous populations dwindling, forcing them to get new blood in, but controlled, not skyrocketing as is currently taking place. I think the major news outlets are keeping it quiet, as it is politically incorrect to mention anything but good news. That was till Sweden started to face some serious matters lately, London lately taking some stabs (sorry it just came out). Most of the Europe's nations are facing more and more serious crimes, and not from their own citizens. Coming from SA, our crime levels still tops theirs (generally speaking), but the point is, theirs are escalating fast and their cultures are changing, by force in most cases, and their politicians are powerless. That is the part where we miss the bigger issue. The majority are peaceful, really good people, the ones I know. And they abhor violence. Problem is the vast majority don't do anything, just distance themselves from the radical extremists, who in the end targets them too. I agree. If Europe stayed out of Africa, leaving Africa to develop at Africa's pace with African values, it could have been a totally different place. Vicious, hard, ruthless and all that ... maybe. A VERY simplistic view. Europe was forced to harvest and secure resources in a few very short months. African population just moved around as the seasons changed. So Europeans entered Africa, nirvana compared to what they where used to deal with. Today we have the conflict all over the continent, the non-European's still the losers overall. In the end, with some patience: AWA - Africa Wins Again.
  8. Leo

    Sent you a Message Leo. Am not into the business, but have a keen interest to have see what it is going can cost.
  9. Current Water Affairs.

    I understand the overall progress of countries in Africa statement from Johan, for all does not begin and end in Namibia. :-) Love Nam, good people, solid citizens and the shaunas are awesome ... to get STUCK in!. Ok, maybe more in Angola. And yes Botswana and Zambia (I am told) are some countries trying really hard and succeeding. Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, DRC, Zimbabwe, Uganda are not where they can be. And that other little secret, Boko Haram. The further they move down, the bigger the problem for countries in Africa, and us, becomes. Even SA is unaware of our risk. http://ewn.co.za/Topic/Boko-Haram-in-South-Africa So ja, Africa is not for sissies, not if your wife and kids are right there next to you somewhere in Africa.
  10. Current Water Affairs.

    Hypothetical question: Would it be called a collapse, and too late to sell, when Capetonians are "invited" to join each other in ques to get our allocated 25l pppd? Where does one draw a line in the sand?
  11. Kit survives vehicle crashing into the building

    The music just made it better! The casings surrounding Victron equipment, I can grasp how it survived.
  12. Current Water Affairs.

    Could not be truer. The thing is, the majority of us live in our bubbles. Until it pops, which is by then too late, we have no plan. Taking my struggle to the next level: When do you move on your plans, for doing it at your home in the city ... ain't gonna work so well IF the SHTF in our lifetimes. Need a crystal ball.
  13. The end is nigh

    When I read these articles, and they really try to share a deeper understanding of what is going on, I think of the SA willpower, cash, political will, thievery, workers demands, end-users living happily in their bubbles, that all of that supersedes the very basic requirement: As a country, we have to have power. Issue is the majority of SA citizens are not affluent homeowners or businesses completely reliant of electricity. They do not shop in the huge malls where FMCG are running the show, do not own businesses that rely on electricity. I made a joke with Eskom failures. Until the cell towers go down for weeks, most of SA would not be worried, as they still get paid if the office / factory is dark. And because of all of this, there is a very dark side of me that wants to come out and play. The dark side that sits and wonders: Until it all breaks for real, is anything really going to change for the better, like it used to be, or better? When do we break it so we can fix it? The rich(er) will continue to operate, the poorer will simply get poorer due to increased cost of production. *** How's that for going dark? ***
  14. Current Water Affairs.

    Water and electricity is not going to get cheaper, ever, nor would it be as secure nor more reliable, than what it was in the past. We are competing with the "Have not's". However, I have reduced our electricity use and dependency on it, and will go next level when pushed. Same now with water. Have reduced our consumption, will go next level, if I am forced. Proper telecoms? Have looked briefly at satellite internet - in case of Cell, fiber and ADSL not being reliable anymore. It is not cheap, so reduce 1st, as per my normal operating procedure. But only if I'm pushed. A plan I am struggling with, if I am one of the "haves", how to make sure I stay a "have", not getting robbed to "Have not's" status. Issue is, the more you have, the more worries you inherit. Relocation is obviously an option, for individuals, but en-masse, that creates a new set of problems. Never a dull moment I see.
  15. Current Water Affairs.

    I never thought much of her, because of "one settler one plane ticket". She is a worry now that she is in a corner, EFF rally was just the start I think. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2018-04-13-analysis-the-rebellious-side-of-patricia-de-lille-is-back-and-the-da-should-watch-out/#.WtCkXXpuaUk Lets see if she keeps her head straight, that she did not mislead Cpt all this time, as some DA members allege. No-one is saying a word though.