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  1. Battery Spikes

    I agree. Thank you Weasel, this has been a pet project of mine, could just never get to this level. How it affect the batts life ... interesting to see the thoughts on that. Now, I KNOW this is "dangerous" territory but would it be too much to ask to compare to the "other" inverter/MPPT make that is favored on this forum? Like you said, the affect on the batteries is another matter. Just to see If there is a difference.
  2. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Was thinking along the lines of #Gupta / Wiki leaks type of history. But I hear you.
  3. Right, I have a thought or two to share, seeing as Cpt, and later the rest of SA (like way back with the power failures when Cpt was laughed at), is heading for a real water crisis. Heard red tape is slowing solutions down, and De Lille is in the dwang. Flip side. Like with Eskom, who one day decided the power failures are not "needed" anymore, leaving a lot of people, having spent fortunes on UPS'es and batteries, with useless equipment. When we plan solar systems, a lot of thought goes into ensuring optimal use of array and batteries. Like: Array = Rainwater harvesting roof area Battery AH = Tank The question left: What is your watts and run times = where is your water going? Few of my friends installed grey-water systems. Nice idea ... for the garden. Other friends, they have cash, have install water systems with leaf catchers, new down pipes, pumps, UV goed, pressure tanks, connected to their houses ... monies they may never recoup for potable water is a very fine expensive art, like solar power. When questioned how they are using said water, I realized they have 2-3 weeks worth of water. They did not agree with me, got quite miffed. Here is why: Are you going to use drinking water for anything other than drinking? It hit me between the eyes one day. We can get drinking water relatively easy, in shops, water deliveries or as in Cpt soon, water point trucks. So that is not a problem. Showering will have to take a bit of a back burner in favour of wet wipes and dry shampoo, or wash in a bucket, unless it is a "WANT" - you must shower. Clothes would probably go to a "dry" cleaner. However, has anyone thought of flushing toilets? If not done regularly, in can become a serious health risk. Not if its yellow ... nooo, if it is brown! Nooo, you cannot dig a long drop in your garden!. Chemical toilets are probably an answer ... but again, costs, smell and getting rid of the affluent. Flushing toilet = battery capacity needed. Flush takes wot, 5l? 4 people = 20l per day = 7200 liter per year = 600l per month. If you take a washing machine, it uses about 600l per month. Jip, that is what we are down to. 1st cycles water, store it. That becomes toilet water. 2nd rinse cycle, store that separately in 2nd drum - to be re-used for the next wash 1st cycle. 4 x 220l steel drums with lids = R400.00 So the 600l of water is used optimally, all ending in the toilet, which is as a big must as drinking water. With a 7200l tank (battery bank), you can wash clothes and flush the toilet for 1 year. Your roof area = your array size for rainwater harvesting, for even if there is a quick few drops, you can get a lot of water. So 10 000l will sort you easy for one year to wash clothes and flush the toilet, with no rain. 2 BIG problems sorted. Next calc: To get shower water for 1 year.
  4. Huawei SUN2000L Inverters

    Their products in IT, has always been good. Same as their phones. Their prices are always very good for the reliable products I have used of theirs over decades. If they now enter this market, and get their stuff approved by say CoCT and others, it could become very interesting.
  5. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Snap!!! The more I read, the more I am convinced that THIS game was a long play played extremely well by the people who stand to benefit from 'the money has been stolen' and the people who want to get the WC "back" under control. The people standing to benefit and the people who "invested" monies in them, they and their "investors" stand to lose everything if the WC is not made to "heel", the DA taking more votes in 2019. It would be quite a read one day when history is written to shown who planned and executed this whole saga, to bring the WC down a notch. We should have payed those levies to show them we will not be brought down. Apologized rather than ask for permission to ensure our water. I think it is too late now. The rains better pour onto our heads for months on end this winter.
  6. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    At @ebrsa - from the same article above, is this not around you guys? I quote: In 2013/14, the R2-billion required for the project was actually on the national budget. It was all systems go, with the completion date scheduled for mid-2018. This would have doubled the dam’s holding capacity to 340 million cubic metres, enabling the irrigation of about 6,000 additional hectares of farmland, especially for emerging farmers in an area whose economy is 80% dependent on agriculture. The more water there is, the more jobs there are for communities from Clanwilliam to Vredendal. There was a lot of excitement in the area when the department’s internal construction unit – Construction South – commenced site establishment in Clanwilliam in June 2014. Then the project stalled. For some unexplained reason, the department decided to go out on tender instead of using its in-house construction capacity. Speculation was rife, at the height of the Zupta vice-grip on power, that a politically connected consortium had the project in its sights. Two years later, it had still not been awarded. But Minister Mokonyane gave an undertaking in Parliament, on 25 October 2017, that the project would go ahead, and that a contractor would be appointed within two months. This did not happen and the tender lapsed. When we raised this at our meeting with the minister on 7 February she finally informed us there was no money for the Clanwilliam Dam wall project. The money that was originally on the budget had been moved somewhere else
  7. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Geez, when is this thing going to be sorted? I quote: The declaration has been reported as though it is a done deal. Not so. President Cyril Ramaphosa worded it very carefully in his State of the Nation speech on Friday night: “The drought situation in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape,” he said, “has been elevated to a national state of disaster.” The word “elevated” does not exist in the relevant Act (and as I have explained before, everything one does in government is precisely determined by the actual letter of the law). From here: https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/opinionista/2018-02-19-from-the-inside-if-only-each-sphere-of-government-took-its-responsibilities-seriously/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Afternoon Thing 19 February 2018 Budget Event 60&utm_content=Afternoon Thing 19 February 2018 Budget Event 60+CID_a5f1471b42489d7b69080646cd0ea227&utm_source=TouchBasePro&utm_term=From the Inside If only each sphere of government took its responsibilities seriously#.WorNN0BuaUk In there, she Zille says: We cannot survive without rain, even when our augmentation schemes are working at full capacity.
  8. Battery Spikes

    @Weasel can you by any chance test a Victron MPPT also?
  9. Voltronic, Axpert, Gride Tie, Red Tape

    You guys make this earthing way too complicated. Let me show you. Here, hold my beer:
  10. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    The last 3 years was a fluke, I agree, but what we knew was that if we became more water conscious and started to make plans earlier for desalination, aquifers are not the solution with droughts, these last 2-3 years could have been less taxing. The damages currently being inflicted are immense ito farmers, businesses and job losses What has come out now is that this problem Cpt is facing, is already in other places in SA, and they did not have a 3 year fluke droughts. Lack and / or failing Infrastructure coupled with bad management and overuse due to unforeseen population growths and using ground water in some cases. And it is not a local or national phenomenon either. It is a international problem brewing with more large cities on the brink of running out for various reasons, Miami, London etc. Droughts will just hasten the inevitable. Israel and Dubai are success story, the rest will have to follow or else. What gets me is the fact that it does not matter what I do, unless I am on a farm or close to the sea far away, with the means to defend it, it is pretty useless if we don't all change. We have to think big here, it is a huge problem brewing right under the worlds noses. Our kids the biggest sufferers. Good thing is we are learning FAST now ... question is, will everyone be able to keep it up for the next few decades, to avert wars? I don't think so.
  11. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    I recall reading same warning back then. Have been taking some serious stock lately. Today we blame the Government, DA, Zille and Lille - ja, ANc is not getting off this one, at least Zuma is gone. So Umgeni water would soon be sorted. Any case, bar ANC, I am not very comfortable with blaming DA. When I read that warning back then, what did I do? Nothing. Even thinking "Bleh" - just scaremongering. When did we collectively started to really listen? After Lille and Zille said day Zero is in April 2018. We, the people using the water, who can make a huge difference, use less and what we use, use that wisely, did not listen. That is why I am uncomfortable blaming the DA and the people who slipped and mistook the urgency, whilst cleverly being distracted by Lille and Co. Collectively, we caused this problem. Only as one, can we sort it.
  12. Grid tie without battery backup question

    So, reading all the posts, it is possible if you have the SMA inverter, not in the SA model, or Goodwe, but without batteries then clouds could be an issue, only for small loads versus No. Could not resist.
  13. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    There are some seriously cool ideas on Pinterest: https://www.wikihow.com/Construct-a-Small-Septic-System https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=grey water filtration&rs=typed&term_meta[]=grey|typed&term_meta[]=water|typed&term_meta[]=filtration|typed
  14. Grid tie without battery backup question

    Far as I know, nope. To do with the sine wave IF I recall vaguely correctly, and under correction. I do know that you can use say a Victron Quatro, and make it the "grid" for the grid tied inverter. That works.
  15. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    As we said before, drinking water is not the issue, that can be bought. Toilet water on the other hand, is a rather huge concern as it must be used as many times before as one can, before "if it is brown, flush it down". Split the grey water, then you don't need any filtering, for filtering grey water for a 24 hours of storage, is quite costly. We shower in large containers, even my 79 year old parents. If the water weight is too much, a small cheap 220v pump can be used to pump water from container to cistern. But it should only be 2-5 liters pppd. This water is always problematic - use it as fast as possible. Washing machine water is re-used 3 times. Not as problematic as shower water. We add some HTH and with the drum in a hot room there is no smell at all after week or more. Goes to toilets. Washing machine rinse cycle water is re-used for 2nd load. To make it easier, we are contemplating a small submersible pump to pump the water from the drums to the machine. Have some more experiments around washing machine water when we wash next. Costs: 2 x 220l drums - If you can find but they are stupidly expensive - R350-R550 per drum, used. SAME drums where R85 a few weeks ago. Maybe a small pump. R175 - R650. 1000l tanks, if you can find, price has rocketed as well. Funny, 5000l tanks are larger, still about R1.00 per liter. Dishwasher, basins and kitchen sink, that water goes down the drain. Problem water and not enough to worry about. My logic says, the rains will return, some, tanks and drum prices will plummet due to overstocked, that is when I buy next, for this is the new norm to save water. However, if the rains do not return in force as expected, TEOWCAWKI (The End Of Western Cape As We Know It). No amount of tanks will then be helpful ... in my opinion. But it is not going to get there.
  16. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    A video of what we saw of the recent rains. Must say, the cloud formations in Cpt is getting quite awesome. Nowhere close to Jhb yet.
  17. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    YES!!! We DID it!!! 6 (six) People (4 working from home) - with a Benevolent Dictator driving the show, exactly like I would when I am Pressi ... just waiting for Zuma's call to take over. 31 days Actual meter reading - meter was replaced a while ago, on the outside of the wall, so no more excuses for the meter reader. Verbruik 5000l / Daaglikse gemiddelde 0.161 kl - WITH GUESTS for a week. The 5kl is actually rounded up = 4.991kl Next move, using rainwater, with a double "First Flow" system to a portable 2300l pool then using existing pool pump and cartridge filter to pump said water to a tank next to washing machine. I hope to have the water for the washing machine as clear as tap water. Costs: Moving gutter pipes, 1 x pool and 2 x 2nd hand plastic drums (still waiting for prices to drop). Then my beloved wife suggested this morning: Why do we have to let the washing machine rinse the clothes, 2nd cycle? Just use the wash cycle. She also suggested that we must try and re-use the washing water more than once, if you have 2-3 loads one after the other. We are going to try that, "feel" how the clothes feel. Next target: 2500l of municipal water per month for 6 people. As with solar batteries, my water "battery" is starting to take shape ito of "Ah" i.e. kl per month.
  18. BlueSolar's IP65 rating tested by mother nature.

    Blow. Me. Down. Have so many questions like how did the batteries not short?
  19. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Make and model? Run-time per day?
  20. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    @plonkster - you where right re. the numbers. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2018-02-13-capewatergate-figures-prove-that-capetonians-are-saving-water/?utm_source=RecommendWidget#.WoMBW29uaUk
  21. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Day Zero has been pushed back further to the 4th of June! Water consumption over the weekend dropped to below 500 million litres per day, for the first time! We must keep reducing our consumption. Despite this victory, we can only #DefeatDayZero if we reduce consumption to 450 million litres. That’s 50 litres per person, per day. Message is well received, but it makes little sense if the bigger picture is not also updated - farmers, businesses etc.
  22. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Like with solar, this may be a way to go, but would that make a difference? R25k for +-20l/day @ +-0.5kw per day - if you can get one https://www.waterfromair.co.za
  23. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Right, it seems to me that indeed, as I suspected from day one, if the Cape does not get lots of rain in the next few months, like Jhb has had to fill their dams, even with augmentation schemes we will overall run dry, though some parts may still get water from augmentation schemes. We tend to forget that the farmers relying on the same dams, businesses that cannot desalinate and / or use grey water, will all go under. The ecomony, job losses et al ... sjoe. I quote: Indeed, it is important to understand that we can only avoid day Zero if four conditions are met, and maintained: The national Department of Water and Sanitation holds to its commitment, made at the start of the hydrological year in November 2017, that the Western Cape Water Supply System will be able to draw down 174,000-million litres of water from the dams that feed it; We continue to decrease water usage to the point where each person in the region fed by these dams uses a maximum of 50 litres per day. (This is still a perfectly comfortable level of water use.); Industrial and commercial water users improve water efficiency by a targeted 45%; Our augmentation programmes come on stream at sufficient volumes by their target dates before the end of June. Although the week ended with a greater degree of comfort than it began, on all four indicators, there was still one strongly negative signal: despite predictions of reasonably heavy rainfall by the end of the week, we only got a light drizzle. The impact of climate change saw the epicentre of the cold front veer away from the coastline, moving eastwards across the sea, and then north to bring rain to KwaZulu-Natal. If that pattern continues throughout this winter, as it did last year, the Western Cape is in trouble. From here: https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/opinionista/2018-02-12-from-the-inside-dayzero-turning-a-probability-into-a-possibility/#.WoKnN29uaUk
  24. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

  25. Questions before buying

    I missed that one indeed! Apologies! Fixed.