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  1. Haydn

    Axperts and Bypass

    Many thanks guys, valued input. Will do all the necessary investigations and will report back.
  2. Haydn

    Axperts and Bypass

    Morning Thanks for the reply. System been running for 2 years. It is a small household with pool pump being the largest load. Average load +- 2kw per hour. peak can sometimes go to 6kw. Firmware is all 72/40 in reality not much in the way of control. watch power on a dedicated laptop which is shared to other devices. no battery monitoring in place as yet will investigate. Cheers
  3. Good Day All, I have 2 x 5kVa axperts in parallel. 8 x 220ah Lead Acid batteries 18 x 300w Canadian solar panels ( 9 and 9 ) Lately the inverter keeps going to Bypass mode using only Eskom even though we have good solar production. Have checked firmware and settings on units all same. If I disengage Eskom then the system works as it should off grid. Help Please Haydn
  4. Haydn

    Trojan 185ah

    Current installation is : 1 x 4kw Axpert 4 x J185 batteries 12 x 300w Yingli panels Cheers Haydn
  5. Haydn

    Trojan 185ah

    Hi There, They are J185G-AC. Cheers Haydn
  6. Haydn

    Trojan 185ah

    Hi has anyone installed Trojan 185ah batteries with the 4kw Axpert. specifically looking to confirm settings on charge etc. Cheers Haydn
  7. Haydn

    Prepaid Meters

    Have setting at Backup and no feed back.
  8. Hi All, Just installed Imeon 3.6 and as soon as I initialise grid connection my prepaid trips and after 15 seconds restarts, but with grid connection off. Any ideas ?????????