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  1. Hi MIke

    Sorry to bother.  I have noticed that it seems you may have the factory password for the Infinisolar 3kw +.  I live in Port Elizabeth and lately our munic frequency goes above the inverter set point of 50.1 causing the inverter to go into "inverter" mode, beeping, disconnecting from the grid and depending on load, start discharging  my batteries.  I need to adjust the max frequency to say 50.3 Hz.  Can you perhaps help? 


    Best regards

    Carel Kleinhans

    074 222 000 4


    1. Mike


      here we go: 

      please be very careful with it and if i may ask you not to share it out publicly on any forum. if you set anything incorrectly it will invalidate your warranty


      set between 49 and 51hz

  2. and they only work to the rated capacity if the humidity is good. So far ones tested here in CT...30lt unit producing 7lt per day with low humidity and a 20lt unit producing 4lt per day with same low humidity...
  3. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    you can actually see the panic setting in, where people are buying up all the water on the shelves, telling others asking to leave one bottle to kind of move on its mine...... the %$$£@ going to hit the fan big time, as TTT states nobody really know what going on.. and i read that they have brought Day Zero back another 10 days!! So where we at now?
  4. Wind Turbines

    dropped it down as i have new neigbours right next door to me.....soo don't want them to complain about noise and to be honest, i had it in brake mode most of the time...hree and there in winter was it on. head etc packed in garage, mast still must fully dismantle..
  5. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    a lot of chickens running around without heads.... your local members of whatever political party just want points. if we the people have to sit around and wait .....then you have already lost the battle. the water issue started before the Eskom debacle, i was told by a client 7 years ago to be prepared for this event......sad thing is he worked for Dept Water & sanitation....
  6. Desalination Plant

    Off I go to Emirates airlines cargo tomorrow to pick up the unit at 145kg's of it. I am not on here often so to answer a few questions / remarks i have seen......@ebrsa - I have a tank that brine waste goes to and that then returns to the sea when full, but besides that i also have a borehole and the waste from that can go free of charge to the builders for cement mixing. I will post some pics when all in place. It will have from the borehole two x primary FRP pressure vessels with auto backwash, then to 4500lt holding tanks, from there it enters the desalinator thru that and its 7 stage RO system & UV, where the pure water goes to a 2200lt holding pressure pump tank to my home and a tap on the pavement for surplus for neighbors. the salt water holding tank and fresh water holding tanks supplying the desal unit will be controlled by electronic soloid valves, so i can switch at any point. I might be able to add the big blue 5 stage filter on the borehole line if the test results are ok from the lab and thereby bypass the desal on that line..... more to come. Got my first order of 44 of these units on the weekend.....
  7. Desalination Plant

    Here I go again, just like solar 5 years ago..... I imported a 3000lt per day desalination unit leaves the East Tuesday, installed 3 x 2200lt JoJo's with booster pumps and all, just need to purchase a pool pump / Filter as a pre pre filter and do all the piping. Seeing that i do not stay on the waters edge, i have to "collect sea water" via water trailer at 2000lt at a time and water pump from our local harbour. We will see how i last doing this, might employ someone to do it for me every 2nd day.
  8. I need help please Guys

    i have finally logged in again...i have some time on my hands today......i will start reading all the posts, however if you sorted let me know else feel free to visit
  9. weekend humor II

    sometimes toilet paper :-)
  10. weekend humor II

    was on ops Modular in those days up North in Cuito, still have some of their currency....
  11. the only comment i can make is....they work, they don't give any shite, and as the others have said full 4.6kw of backup, they switch over on outages seamlessly - you do not know youre on battery at all. i used to run 3 of them with a split DB to one battery bank..only dumped two of them to allow for a 11kw gti for mining and one goodwe to run the home with everything connected bar the rigs and asics that pull around 7200w/24/7 Its one of the most stable Ip65 units out of China with fair good backup direct from the factory if needed from Jack Song..
  12. Don’t send your Bitcoin Cash to Luno

    it's more like make sure you send to the right wallet. most exchanges wont entertain it if sent to incorrect wallet
  13. Antminers?

    what you mean, we got to R99000 for a short while today lol, where in the world does one make 900% profit in 10 months???? blockchain is here!!
  14. i best not write my thoughts down here...might get banned...... but they can F.O.
  15. SMA Sunny Home Manager and SMA Energy Meter

    could be interested