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  1. cpk

    Hi MIke

    Sorry to bother.  I have noticed that it seems you may have the factory password for the Infinisolar 3kw +.  I live in Port Elizabeth and lately our munic frequency goes above the inverter set point of 50.1 causing the inverter to go into "inverter" mode, beeping, disconnecting from the grid and depending on load, start discharging  my batteries.  I need to adjust the max frequency to say 50.3 Hz.  Can you perhaps help? 


    Best regards

    Carel Kleinhans

    074 222 000 4


    1. Mike


      here we go: 

      please be very careful with it and if i may ask you not to share it out publicly on any forum. if you set anything incorrectly it will invalidate your warranty


      set between 49 and 51hz

    2. cpk


      Hi Mike, thank you very much, will not share.  Will try later today, only want to set frequency to 50.3.