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  1. Mike

    Imeon 3.6 Hybrid Inverter

    it's pumping water at the moment from storage tank to trailer tank....
  2. Mike

    Imeon 3.6 Hybrid Inverter

    no problem, one can set the bulk value as required by the battery manufacturer. it is not like the Axpert that has limitations. I have it at 57.5v at 20a if i remember correctly
  3. Mike

    Imeon 3.6 Hybrid Inverter

    The Imeon has one flaw. the fan failure issue, besides that it is a workhorse. i have 87 installed of which 8 to date had fan failures in the last 4 years. it was a mission in the past, the unit had to go to the distributors for fan exchange, now days Imeon send me the fans and i am allowed to do the maintenance on them.... My biggest moan was the service of the product which seems to be resolved. I still install 1 or 2 a year of them but at the coast i now install them in a cabinet, that solves the fan failure... I must add, all installs that i did with them that were more than 5km's from the sea, I have not had issues with. seems like sea air/ condensation causes the fan issues my price is R15k for the unit.
  4. Mike

    Imeon 3.6 Hybrid Inverter

    Hi, No the unit will give you a max of 6kw continuous as long as there is Sun, Eskom and battery. it blends it's supply pretty well, i.e. pv first to a max of 3kw, then it will look for Eskom and draw whatever balance up to 6kw from the utility or it will in the event of an outage draw max 3kw from pv and 1kw from battery. PV max is 3kw, battery is 1kw and Utility is 2kw hope it helps
  5. Mike

    Imeon 3.6 Hybrid Inverter

    Hi Valken, yes it is. i had just over the weekend installed it in my trailer, but if there is a willing buyer, then i am the willing seller...
  6. the GTI 1st on its own disconnect and then the hybrid. on outage the gti will then disconnect and the hybrid will take over the load. this is how i had mine before changing besides the fact that i had pv on bith the gti and hybrid and both returning to grid without issue....
  7. good luck with it. The problem will lie with the feed from the GTI to the mecer (Axpert?) which i don't believe can take a reverse feed hence my comment on frequency shifting like the Victron, SMA etc do.
  8. only if the GTI and the hybrid can do frequency shifting. i changed from my hybrid Goodwe for this reason and have my GTI connected to my load outputs of my bi directionals, so it stays on but does not cook batteries.... and thereby creating a decentralized grid
  9. Then it will not be an issue, i can reconfigure your inverter. There would be a site call out fee....thats it. you can drop me an email or pm to arrange.
  10. You do not require the card for changing settings. Only an installer can do this. where are you located? Settings i can change for you dependant on your location
  11. Hi Angela, all the card is, is an interface to your network router and will allow you to connect to the Imeon portal to view your stats re production, load, battery status etc..... You will need a network point near your Imeon Inverter as it is a wired connecteion I have only ever had two clients install them from around 87 Imeon installs. your unit is around 2.5 years old? no issues to date?
  12. I can help if i can find the card. Nobody has stock of them in S.A. so would have to be imported from Imeon France. I have had my fair share of issue with them, but they now allow me to do certain repairs to them as well. It is a RS485 and RJ45 card, the cost is approx R2500 to get. i do not know the import / shipping costs. let me have a serial number for the unit....
  13. Mike


    Brand CyberPower Model RBP200 Nominal Voltage 12V Nominal Capacity 20 Hour Rate (10.0A, 10.5V) 200Ah 10 Hour Rate (19.0A, 10.5V) 190Ah 5 Hour Rate (34.0A, 10.5V) 170Ah 1 Hour Rate (120.0A, 9.6V) 120Ah Approx. Weight 61.5Kg Max. Discharge Current 800 A (5 sec.) Max. Charge Current 60 A Operating Temperature Range Charge 0°C~40°C Discharge -20°C~50°C Storage -20°C~40°C Self Discharge < 3% per month (20℃) Internal Resistance ≦2.5mΩ (Fully Charged)
  14. i have 57 of them available to me at R2199 excl VAT each if anybody is interested. Brand new ex Cape Town
  15. Mike

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    He has not at his new build in Sea Point....my mate did all the electrical work