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  1. Voltronic, Axpert, Gride Tie, Red Tape

    On 72.70 and 73.00, and presumably later firmware, there is a setting (38 from memory, AFK) you can set so the dry contact (small relay on the comms board) comes on if and only if the inverter is in battery mode (inverter is powering loads). The models that come with firmware 73.00 have the relay built in, though you can still turn on the setting to close the dry contact when in battery mode. Of course, running 73.00 on earlier models won't magically cause a relay to appear, but it doesn't seem to be a problem if the relay isn't present. Of course, for your safety, you need a way to be sure that the inverter's AC output is earthed, and you usually want only one such connection per house.
  2. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    Did you remember to turn the inverter switch off? That setting won't even appear if the power switch is on. It's easy to forget after a long time not having to use it.
  3. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Mohammedbera2's supplier sent him the update file for 72.61, to downgrade his new pf1.0 machine (supplied with 74.10) to work with his old pf0.8 machine. Presumably the supplier would have assumed that the old machine was running factory firmware 72.60. He's asked me what firmware he should run - LC1_72.70c on both, or 72.61 on both, or 72.60 on old and 72.61 on new. Weber and I thought we should answer this question publicly, in case anyone else is considering replacing 74.10 with an earlier version. Since there is no way to restore 74.10 if it doesn't work, then we recommend you do exactly what the supplier tells you to do. That way, if it doesn't work, it's their fault, not yours, and not ours. In Mohammedbera2's case, that should probably be PB1_72.60a (to properly charge the battery) in the old machine, and the supplied 72.61 in the newer machine. If the new 5 kW/5 kVA machine does work with 72.61, then you could consider putting a patched version of the firmware into both inverters. But it must be the same patched version in both inverters: either 72.60a in both, or 72.70c in both, or 73.00a in both. But this would be entirely at your own risk. We have not tested any of our patched firmware in a 5 kW/5 kVA machine. Perhaps someone else might be willing to test that combination first. For more information about which version are parallel compatible, see this post: http://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?p=66644#p66644
  4. The beta versions of patched firmware 73.00a are here: LFP, and other chemistries. It's split into two posts only because of a problem with multiple attachments and the recently updated forum software. Ironically, the forum software needs to be patched to host the patched firmware
  5. Alas, no, I'm not aware of any complete schematics, and with the clone makers being so bold, I suspect they don't want to publish more than they already have. That's why I have done my own tracing whenever I've needed to work on a particular area. However, I'd love to be proven wrong on this, and have someone post better schematics.
  6. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    So it's official then. The supplier's really don't know what will work and what won't, and people like @Werner Piek and others have to figure it out for ourselves. Thanks, Power Forum, for hosting this valuable information! [ Edit: and thanks Werner, for providing it, of course. ]
  7. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    We seem to have two counter-examples now. It seems that 74.10 will parallel with 72.70, and 73.00 with 72.60. My research suggests that any in this set will also parallel: 52.30, 72.40, 72.60, and 73.00. Do you know what "downgrading to PF0.8" means? Does it mean running an earlier firmware that limits the output to 4 kW instead of 5 kW? It is good, even though it's confusing. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    On the Australian AEVA forum, it was reported that 72.60 and 73.00 are parallel-compatible. This conflicts with what I posted earlier, so I re-checked my work. I was surprised to find that yes, 73.00 is in the same "parallel compatibility" group as 52.30, 72.40, and 72.60, but not 72.70. From the above, we know that 72.70 and 74.10 are in a different "parallel compatibility" group. [ Edit: Huh? This is corrected two posts below. ] 75.31 (for dual and triple SCC models) is on its own, so it looks like 75.31 at least can't parallel with any single SCC models. The only other firmware I have is a very old one, 52.02, and it's not in any of the other groups. Sorry for the misinformation. I've edited the original to correct this mistake.
  9. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    By this, do you mean that you deliberately powered up one inverter after the other to force the allocation of master and slave? You presumably would have a fancy pre-charge arrangement if so. Or do you mean you powered it up multiple times, waiting for whichever one came up as master first time to come up as a slave eventually? Also, in the above series of photos, we see that the newer machine with 74.10 came up as master, since it displayed its master status with "HS" (72.70c would have displayed "MS" with the disjointed "M"). But does it always power up that way? I suspect that either machine could become a master, but that depends on how the machines decide who will "wear the master hat" this power-up.
  10. MPP solar MPI 5.5Kw

    Cristof, please check your Private Messages.
  11. MPP solar MPI 5.5Kw

    I think it may be this one: ^P003PI<cr>: Query protocol ID Response: ^D00517<CRC><cr> From this file I just uploaded:
  12. Version 20160309


    Seems to be the protocol for RS232 over USB commands
  13. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Wow. Good service. That's interesting. My firmware reading is that most of the firmware revisions are incompatible with each other, in the sense that they won't parallel with each other, except for a block of several, including 52.30, 72.40, and 72.60, and 73.00, but not 72.70. So 72.60 seems to be the most recent of the "parallelables" (in the 72.XX series). I was guessing 74.XX not to be parallel-compatible with these older ones, but maybe that's what 74.XX is all about; to run on recent hardware and be parallelable with the earlier models' firmware. I'll be very interested to hear the result.
  14. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Oops! I completely failed to check the "power factor" issue. Indeed! Yes, that makes sense. Everyone seems to think that 5 kW has to be better than 4 kW, so why not get the extra real power capacity? But the hardware must be different, as indicated by the different firmware revisions. I'm guessing that you need 74.XX or 75.XX for either the 5 kW rating, or dual/triple SCCs, or both. It's also not clear to me whether the 5 kW models are intended to replace the 4 kW models for new installations. In other words, if the 4 kW models are only intended to be used for compatibility with older 4 kW models. Excellent advice, as usual. I doubt that even the suppliers are aware of this issue, and it certainly seems too easy to fall into this trap.
  15. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    If you want to parallel them (as opposed to splitting the loads), then yes, you will need to update them to the same firmware. There was a hardware change at 73.00; an extra relay was added to connect neutral and earth when in battery mode. I'd guess that they made another hardware change with 74.XX. Weber and I were starting to doubt that 74.XX exists, so thanks for proving it does. So I'd recommend asking your seller for the latest 74.XX firmware update files, and if you are allowed, upload a copy here or email it to me (PM me for my email address).