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  1. flltech

    Axpert mks 4kva

    I will PM you the files as you would not have download access on the forum.
  2. Yes this is the one I tried but after upgrade now it shows battery voltage as 50V when really battery voltage is 25V. Further as soon as I connect solar, it shows 12 error.
  3. I am looking for a firmware for Axpert MKS PLUS 3KVA 24V if anyone has that available. I downloaded from link below but after update it shows battery voltage as 50V. http://www.ostrovni-elektrarny.cz/index.php?page=podpora Hoping someone can help me here.
  4. What was the load at that time?
  5. Hello 9xsolar, I am surprised that you didn't get support from Flin as typically they are known to provide good support. I am connected with people at Flin Energy. Can you send by PM your name and serial number of inverter? I will forward the info and get someone from their side to contact you. fyi, your battery cables seem to be too thin to carry up to 100 Amps current. You are likely having good amounnt of losses with those cables.
  6. flltech

    Firmware update freeze

    Ok design looks like an MPPT model. So no worries there. The only difference I can point out right now is all the screws look different than those in other inverters I have seen. I think best to wait till your supplier gets back to you.
  7. flltech

    Firmware update freeze

    Here is sample sticker of 5kVA MPPT 80A model. Even the AC input/output currents do not match. Either it is highly customzied model or it is not form Voltronic.
  8. flltech

    Firmware update freeze

    Interestingly one of the system that I saw today for repairs has the U1 firmware as 32.40 but that is the PWM model - Axpert KS 5kVA-48V. Since you have no "manufacturer date" sticker on any of the screws, you could remove the front cover carefully and click a photo and send it here. We can confirm whether that is PWM or MPPT model. Other possibility I see is that it is not a real Voltronic product and probably one of the copied inverters.
  9. flltech

    InfiniSolar V USB protocol

    Praveen, I do not think there is an easy document that gives commands for USB. All protocol documents I have seen for Voltronic inverters are for communication over serial cable. Following thread may be useful for you to understand communication over USB. Have a look and hopefully you will be ready to share code regarding USB communication with these inverters.
  10. flltech

    Axpert mks 3000 plus lights pulsing

    You may have power saving mode enabled. Check if setting 04 has SDS or SEN. SDS stands for power saving disabled and SEN stands for power saving enabled. You should have it on SDS.
  11. Were you able to fix your problem? Attached is service manual for this model. Hope it can be helpful. ALFA 2K& 3K series service manual.pdf
  12. flltech

    Axpert failure

    Noobie, have you taken any monitoring data while you were testing solar? If so, please share the data. Two solar controllers failing at the same site is extremely rare. Typically it points to some problem at the site.
  13. flltech

    Axpert failure

    This is a new setting to avoid floating neutral. Basically there is an addon accessory called grounding box that would be connected to dry contact of the inverter and it would avoid the floating neutral problem. You should not enable this option if you do not have grounding box connected to the system.
  14. flltech

    Inverter tripping Prepaid Meter

    @Jaco de Jongh Do you mean using SolarPower, you are not able to record data? or are you talking about another software?
  15. flltech

    Inverter tripping Prepaid Meter

    This model is like Infini but some differences exist. Infini model can work with or without batteries. In this model, batteries are compulsory just like Axpert inverters. In this model, you can connect up to 6 inverters in parallel. So effectively you can expand 4kW model to 24kW system. Jaco, what is the maximum load you have given to this inverter. Any other issues you faced apart from tripping with prepaid meter?