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  1. Thanks cris, I will send them an email and revert back, Attached photo
  2. Good day to you all and compliments of the new season. After waiting for three weeks i finally received my 5KV Axpert ? , my heart skipped a bit when i opened the box. I also had my doubts when i lifted the box in appearance the machine look like a 3KVA. The first thing i noticed on the inverter- no heat sink on top as compared to the Mercer/ RCT -secondondly the spec is as follows. highlighted is what i query compared to mercer. Inverter mode (Rated pwr-5000va/4000w AC output-48VDC/87A) ( Mecer/RCT 90A) AC Charger Mode (AC Input 230VAC 50Hz 36A DC Output 54VDC 10-60A AC Output 230VAC 50Hz 22A) Solar Charger Mode (Rated Current 80A System Voltage 45VDC Max Solar Voltage voc 145VDC) Mercer/RCT 60A Should i be worried about this unit and return it or its just me who is reading too much, Regards Brian To eventually Install 1 x 5KVA Axpert 3 x 265W Amerisolar Pannels (Batteries work in progres)
  3. Brian J

    Inverter Gifting ideas & advice

    @PaulF007, R/V 30.3, OCV 37.7, R/C 8.59A, SCC 9.09A, MAX RES FUSE 15A, MAX SYS VOL 1000V
  4. Brian J

    Inverter Gifting ideas & advice

    Noted will get the spec this morning. Learned quite a lot in 3 days.
  5. Brian J

    Inverter Gifting ideas & advice

    Thank all for your contributions, am now going with the Axpert 5kva getting one for R8400 & 2 x pannels for about R4000. Will do a 50% gift in the mean time with the balance of batteries in the new year.
  6. Brian J

    Inverter Gifting ideas & advice

    So in summary 1. if going the 24v 3kva route the Multi is a better option but not upgradable in terms of power output. https://re-volt.co.za/Store/index.php?route=product/product&path=83_59&product_id=379 2. if going the 48v 5kva the axpert would be the most reasonable option cost wise and gradually build on the system, the bigger multi range does not have a built in MPPT hence the cost goes higher. Any reviews or recommendation on the following as compared to the Axpert- https://re-volt.co.za/Store/index.php?route=product/product&path=83_59&product_id=562 Much appreciated for the info supplied, in my field of work i have seen many people with solar systems they regret having installed coz the stuff does not work properly .
  7. Brian J

    Inverter Gifting ideas & advice

    I have shopping around on the web and came across the multi. Its looks small but have noticed from the various post it the better inverter. I have also worked with the Mercer 5kva but my budget is restricted at the moment.
  8. I have found my self with a small amount of extra cash and wanted to surprise the old lady with a small solar installation. The installation will cover Led tv decoder small audio sysytem, couple of Led Lights, 0.75kw pump maybe a (microwave or kettle not to be used simultaneously). Cooking and heating will be gas. My options are as follows 1. Axpert 3KVA 2400W 12V -R7800 2 X 100W -R2082 2 X 100ah batteries -R2936 with this setup i will have a complete setup up and running complete gift (to add more pannels in future & batteries within 3 months) 2. Axpert 5KVA 4000W 48V -R10 000. Will then have to get solar panels and batteries at a later stage. ( advantage system up-gradable) 3. Victron MultiPlus 500VA -R8000.00. 2 x 100W panels -R2082 batteries at a later stage. (not sure if this system can be paralleled at a later stage as wattage is low @500VA . Any advice on the viable solution will be greatly appreciated, the system will be running off the grid will apply for a prepaid supply at a later stage.
  9. Brian J

    Heads-up: Infini (branded Renesola) on special

    Does the new invertor and the 5kva renesola handle lithium batteries if thats the case any recomendations. A friend now needs to replace 12x 200ah battery bank.
  10. Brian J

    Infini 10 kW Inverter

    Sorted thanks a lot to manie quite helpful. Sent from my ALE-L21 using Tapatalk
  11. Brian J

    Infini 10 kW Inverter

    I have just finished installing the 10kva infini with the mecer badge but can't get the software that came with the machine to load load on pc. Sent from my ALE-L21 using Tapatalk
  12. Brian J

    24v and 48v install

    20cm sides and 50cm top and bottom. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk