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  1. Hi I had the same requirements and did the following 2 years ago. Installed a Solar geyser with Eskom as back up if more warm water is needed. (R13k) Installed a solar system consisting out of 3 x 300W Renesola Panels, 1 x 5KVa Axpert inverter and then 4 x 200A Vision batteries. Replaced all lights in the house with LED or power saver bulbs. (R40K). Except for the solar panel installation I did all the rest myself (Panels on a 2nd story roof with not a lot of movement space). All the lights and power to three rooms is handled by the system. The rest of my house is still on normal Eskom. Results: I brought down my consumption from 25 to 15kWh per day. I have a saving of R500/ month on my electricity bill. Biggest saving is done on the geyser. Over the last two years, my geyser has only been on for 25% of the time when warm water was required, rest of the time the sun did all the work. (Require warm water for 3 hours per day) Hope that the information is helpful. As @The Terrible Triplett said you are on the right place for advice, guys here always willing to help. Regards
  2. Which batteries to install?

    @PaulF007 Hi Paul - Software setup mistake - My back to discharge voltage setting was wrong. I did the inverter setup with the Watch Power software and for some silly reason the Back to discharge voltage was set on 54V and not Full. Thus while battery was charging and it reached 54V it went back to battery power rather than staying on grid and fully charging the batteries. It meant that the batteries were never fully charged. Bulk charging were set on 56,4V and Float charging on 54V that was correct for the batteries. Need for the system is to go off grid with part of my house electricity. Currently the system can handle all the lights for the house (90% Led, 10% Power saving bulbs) and supply electricity to 3 rooms in the house, (lounge and 2 bedrooms). Normal consumption is 400 - 700W in the evenings, float during the day 100 - 120W. Regards
  3. Which batteries to install?

    Hi TT. At this stage I am happy with the 900W array. Batteries were back on 100% charged by about midday. Except for weekends and holidays there is just about no load during the day (80-100W).
  4. Which batteries to install?

    Good day all. My solar system is 2 years old and I paid a high price for a software setup mistake. My batteries are shot and need to be replaced. System consist of the following: 1 x 5KVA Axpert Inverter, 3 x 300W Renesola solar panels and has 4 x 200AHr Vision Batteries (6FM200P-X)... 48V system. 1 x Battery Balancer Power consumption is low when on full load, about 700W - 1KW. Load consist of lights and power points for 3 rooms. 1. Which is the best batteries to replace the current ones with? Should I go 200AHr again or maybe something smaller 2. Is the Axpert a "Battery killer" as I heard from a salesman of another brand of inverters? Please assist.
  5. Battery balancers HA-02

    Hi Chris-R Suppose that I would only need one with my 4 x 200AHR batteries in series? Would you please reserve 1 x HA-02 for me.
  6. Morning all Need some help from the Masters please. I am experiencing a lot of trouble with my batteries. I have a set of 4 x 200AHr Vision 6FM200P and an Axpert 5Kva Inverter, 3 x 305 Renesola Panels. The batteries were installed in April 2016. Everything worked 100% until mid summer November/ December 2016. The angle on the solar panels were not correct so the batteries did not charge fully during the day. The Inverter were suppose to charge the batteries. Late in December I realized that the cycles after batteries were charged by inverter until next charge where only about an hour. Use to get through the night on a single charge in the past. Inverter were set up as follows: Charging: Solar First, Source: SBU (Solar, Battery, Utility), Battery Type: User or Other Bulk charging Voltage: 56.4, Float Charging: 54, Back to Utility/ Solar: 47V, I have since set it up to 48V. Problem description: Batteries does not have any capacity. Charges and Discharges quickly. Corrective actions taken/ tried: I reconditioned all batteries with an C-Tek charger, Left the batteries disconnected and voltages fell to 12.8V on all individually. Left batteries on Utility charge as well, same result, reaches max voltage drawing less current and go back to floating voltage. Still no capacity. QUESTION: Is there any way to recondition or save my batteries. Attached is the battery spec sheet. Please assist as those batteries are way to heavy and expensive to use as door stops. 6fm200p-x.pdf
  7. Solar Panel Tilt and direction

    @Chris Hobson It is a DIY installation Chris. @ Chris-R Doesn't seem as hot as it use to... @Don Thought I could get away without buying a BMV, but seems I do need one.
  8. Solar Panel Tilt and direction

    They only peaked at 1100W after cloud cover and after panels cooled down.
  9. Solar Panel Tilt and direction

    Hi Mark, yes imagine that I should try that by leaving them on charge for a day or so. Unfortunately don't have a BMV 700/2. During winter and Spring the panels easily charged the batteries, didn't had any issues, only now in summer.
  10. Solar Panel Tilt and direction

    According to the graph we started out quite cloudy yesterday but had some good sunshine between 11AM and 1PM and became overcast again. Not sure about the day before. Before December I had peaks of up to 1100W's input from the 3 x 305W panels. I still measured 119V input from the panels at 5PM yesterday... I'm a bit frustrated at this stage as I am worried that my batteries are not at their best at the moment. The cost me a arm and
  11. Solar Panel Tilt and direction

    Morning all Well, I did the following: Adjusted Bulk charge voltage to: 57.6V Float Voltage to 54V, when I got home batteries were almost fully charged, even on utility power no Amps were drawn by the batteries. I left them in that state for a couple of hours. Still during the night with 180W load, the inverter came on every hour as the batteries reached 47V. Before December the system was able to just about run through the night on a single charge. These are 4 x 200AHr batteries that are not even a year old. Is it still possible that they were not fully charged? With the 3 x 305W panels I only reached a maximum of 688W yesterday. I also think that the tilt angle on the panels is the biggest problem and not that the panels are dirty. The panels are installed on the second story roof and there is not a lot of space around them to maneuver and work. I'll be having a look at some bracket that can adjust the angle.
  12. Solar Panel Tilt and direction

    Chris, thank you very much for all your advise and help. I would have a look tonight and see that all my settings are correct. I have to say that we had a lot of cloudy days since December. Really hope that it would rather be the fault than anything else. I would keep you updated.
  13. Solar Panel Tilt and direction

    If I remember correctly the system goes back to Solar/ Battery at 54Volts. I assume from your :" I fear you batteries may have been chronically undercharged" that i might have damaged the batteries? Is my DOD correct? I used 47V to save some cycles. Should the mains power not fully charge the batteries? I cannot work out why my cycles are so short all of a sudden. I used the Axpert WatchPower to set up the Inverter. Yes, as soon as the Solar detects sunlight it switches over to Solar Panel charging (Solar first). System is at 70-80% late afternoon. Middle LED - yes, during daytime yes, but only short stints when on Mains/ Utility.
  14. Solar Panel Tilt and direction

    Hi Chris Some more info: 5kVA Axpert Inverter SCC? Max PV charge A= 20A, Float Voltage 54 Max Voltage 56.4. Return to mains on 47V Data sheet attached. 6FM200-X.pdf
  15. Solar Panel Tilt and direction

    I have not washed them since they were installed. They are on the roof of the double story and quite difficult to get to. More than one person have suggested that I should wash them, so would be doing that soonest and keep you guys updated if it made any difference.