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  1. Wind Turbine Overview

    I remember the gwstore debacle. I didn't know it was this bad.
  2. A situation that we may or not be aware of.

    The most internally consistent report I read is this one. I'm inclined to believe it.
  3. It will make very little difference to me whether they switch me over or not. I buy 600kwh every month. The total cost to me would be about the same. I wonder what they mean by "eligible". Might be an euphemistic way of saying "we want to move you cause you're a drag on our income".
  4. Inverter powering 1.1kW pump

    By the looks of it you have a nice 0.5V drop on that cable. Inverter is showing 24.1V while your meters on the other side says 24.6V ?
  5. Battery lugs and terminals

    wantitall is an import site for foreign stuff. You only buy from them if you really really really want it. They are not cheap.
  6. Current Water Affairs.

    Indeed. You know me... I read about this stuff. Haram is the arabic word for something that is banned. Alcohol for example is Haram. The real war in the world is fought in the domain of ideas, the market place of beliefs. Atheists tell me they have no beliefs... they have no idea. Everyone has beliefs. Even the secular dream (which is very much a European thing) if very much an idea that competes in this war, and (hang on, controversial statement coming), secularists have to thank the guys who came before them for that idea. The trouble, as it seems to me, is that as enough time passes you forget your history. You coast along on some of the residual virtue of your predecessors but you have long forgotten or replaced the roots of that system. And then one day a new opponent shows up (the radical kind) and you find yourself utterly unable to defend against it. In that sense, Africa is by far the better place to be. With absolutely no insult or suggestion intended: Our Muslim population is not only peaceful but very small. Even if some of those things are under a kind of attack or at least there is pressure on it, for example the issue of language (from government side) and religion (from Hans Peterson) in school, the simple truth is that at this point in time, if you are a religious Afrikaans person South Africa is by far the best place to school your kids. I can't say how long it will last, but for now that is true. It is one of the reasons on my list to stay put. It is part of what I meant when I asked what your yardstick is. For sure, there are warning signs, and economically things aren't great, but how do things measure up on the ideological scale? That is something people sometimes don't quantify. I mean you wouldn't move to North Korea even if the weather was good, to use an extreme example. Why would you move to Europe just because the money is better? Yeah I know they are worlds apart... but you rarely think about all the things that make them so different do you? :-) That is a valid point. In Africa, governments rarely last 50 years. It is simply impossible to look 3 generations into the future (trick question though, do you think it will be better in Europe in the next 3 generations?). The best we can do is to make sure that the next generation is a valuable wanted kind of person that has the ability to move whenever necessary, in other words, let future generations make that call. And then make the present call on present circumstances, which among others include one irritating little problem: It takes about seven to ten years to get back where you were if you emigrate. It is not a decision to make lightly. That's why it's such an emotional issue. It really is a big move.
  7. what is this?

    It's a 2µF (micro-Farrad) capacitor. If it was blown... you'd know. It would have a big hole in it somewhere. It's rated at 450VAC, it's probably an interference suppressor of some kind, that is to say you could probably remove it and the device would continue to work... it will just cause more electronic noise.
  8. Current Water Affairs.

    I beg to differ, with all due respect. Not that everything is rosy, but I don't think you can say such a thing unless you've been in enough places in Africa. I would move back to Namibia in a heartbeat if things go wrong this side. Not that it is going to be a walk in the park: They have their own financial issues, and they buy lots of electricity from Eskom, so they will have their own shortages. Their corruption levels is largely under control. The main reason I'd go there is quality of life, odd as that might sound, and because the Namibians have a different attitude. Europe is a good plan B, at least if you're young and still working, but it's a different place. It's expensive to live there. The houses are small and cramped. In some places (The Netherlands for example) you can't find a doctor to fit you in after 5PM... if he will make space for you at all. He's paid by the state and his schedule is full already. He knocks off at 5PM. Try rocking up there with your South African tendencies... I suppose that is why we call it plan B. Pros and cons.
  9. The end is nigh

    I stopped investing in ZAR when JZ fired Nene.
  10. Indeed, that's not too surprising. I'd really really love to repeat the experiment with some Voltronics though... you know... for kicks :-P
  11. The Quattro can take a grid-tied inverter on its output and is not going to care whether the source of energy is PV or a battery. So it should work fine, with some caveats. The first is that the GTI must preferably support GFPR, grid frequency dependent power reduction, and then you must install the relevant assistant on the Quattro. When in off-grid mode, the Quattro can then shift the frequency to signal the GTI to back off production. That way you don't need the limiter CT. The second caveat is that this mode of operation is usually not very stable. Sudden load changes on the Quattro usually leads to momentary voltage drops and or vector shifts which will trigger the anti-islanding on the GTI, leaving the Quattro to supply the load until the GTI reconnects. So dreams of getting 6kw capacity out of it is likely ill-conceived. The Quattro must be able to carry the whole load if you don't want random overloads to shut it down. Third, when the lithium battery is very close to full, with the suggested CT solution and a 3-second back-off, I can guarantee you're going to overvolt the battery and cause the BMS to disconnect the charger. If there is no grid to push into, the energy provided by the PV-inverter has to go into the battery. If the bank is small or very highly charged, even a single ampere is enough to cause the voltage on the battery to rise sharply. For example, a fully charged BYD rack can spike very quickly from 55V to 58V in about ten seconds with single-digit currents. If it gets to 58.5V... click, darkness for you. Personal experience. I would be careful about putting a slow-adjusting GTI on the output with nowhere to put the power other than a very full lithium battery :-)
  12. Current Water Affairs.

    I'm not sure if we're there yet. As an analogy (analogies are often poor, but here we go): I've lost a lot of money while trying to learn how to trade currencies, and very often it was when I got nervous and closed a position deep in the red. Salvage what you can before you lose everything, right? And then it bounces right back two days later and you look like a fool. Presently we are deep in the red. But you don't judge an investment based on historical performance, you judge it on future potential. So the question is whether there is the potential to bounce back. I think that presently there is a lot of potential. We're rid of JZ. We have a very moderate president in charge or the ruling party. Unfortunately there's also the possibility of collapse. Let's not stick our heads in the sand. Collapse is however not an event, it is a process... BUT... there is often a point of no return that gets passed, a Kristallnacht, a crossing of the Rubicon, a day when the war veterans arrive on a farm and the government looks the other way. When that day comes, it will be too late to attempt to sell anything. If the news is to be believed though, the collapse is imminent. Frankly there is no time to sell anything if these prophets of doom are to be believed (maybe we should believe them, I don't know). If that sort of thing happens, I really have no issue with being declared insolvent. I still have time to bounce back, although that is rapidly running out. I can't wait another decade.
  13. Current Water Affairs.

    I think it depends on what you mean by "plan B". Plan A, as Gab says, is of course never actually labelled as such. Plan A is when things carry on as usual, when I am comfortable, nothing is rocking the boat. Plan B is the alternate thing we do when things are not going as planned, it's to salvage things that are important to you that's now at risk. That begs the question: What are these things? Some things are unquestionable of course: The life of my family and myself are things I would prefer to keep intact. My means of making a living as well. The roof over my head. Being able to go outside without having to duck for bullets. Having enough food to eat. That sort of thing. But for middle- to upperclass people it hardly ends there. I want to educate my kids. I want to invest and save money so that one day I might retire (in other words, I am not content with just making ends meet). I want my wife to be happy and not as depressed as she is about the dying garden. And so we can keep moving the line. If you are particularly rich, you might say I'm moving to plan B (a different location) because I'd like to take a decent shower... no human being can live like this... what with all this carrying of buckets! So each person must decide for himself when a new plan is necessary. The trouble with water and electricity, in most of our business lines, is that we pretty much cannot make a living without it. Without electricity, telecoms die, and without proper telecoms, I cannot do my work, and without being able to do my work, I cannot generate an income, and at this point we are WELL beyond the point where I am comfortable with hanging around and waiting it out. The only possible solution to my conundrum is a relocation-solution. So plan B has to start with making sure the paperwork is in order. So that is what I am doing.
  14. Battery lugs and terminals

    Yup. When working with thinner wires and low-current things I prefer soldering. It's mechanically stronger than just twisting things together, and much neater when you also seal it up with some heat-shrink insulation. But the moment it gets a bit thicker, about house-wiring level, then you got to use terminals, crimps, or other methods, even if those of us who (for reasons I still don't understand) received training in doing cleat wiring were taught* to solder the joints, though I cannot for the life of me remember when you're allowed to make joints in the first place :-) * High school, which for me was a hybrid Technical/Academic affair, instead of useless subjects like... you know... BIOLOGY... we did other technical things like cars, electrical stuff, metal work and technical drawings :-) I was in grade 8 when we did that course, it was basic electrical work, consisted mostly of some math, wiring a three-prong plug, and solder work.
  15. The information I have, which I have not confirmed, is that Stecca is now a reseller for at least some Voltronic equipment. A quick on their website does seem to show that the SolarPix inverter is a rebadged Axpert/MPPSolar. Since that is what you were looking for anyway that might be a good way to get it. But don't bank too much on them being "German" :-)