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  1. what is this?

    Shredders have overload and overtemperature protection. Google the shredder model to see if other people have asked for advice on it.
  2. Current Water Affairs.

    I know people who have emigrated all over the globe - but not one who have emigrated into Africa. If it was’nt for the wildlife very few people would be visiting Africa. Who wants to look at shacks and very poor people? Europe rebuild themselves after the Second World War and Africa succeeded to go nowhere. Go to Moz today and observe the effects of a war that has ended many years ago. If you want to move to Nam go for it. But please look three gemerations into the future and decide whether your offspring will be fine. Bear in mind that mining is not a finite industry and the point will be reached where all the minerals will be gone. Governments must plan far ahead to replace these income streams. Do you see this happening in Africa? And who wants to move to the DRC mines. Plenty of resources and sh*t with all the greed and corruption. I think an easy way to see how progressive a nation is to look at how many kilometres of tarred vs untarred roads they have. Also if there are any power stations. Bear in mind that the ANC could nor construct any 100% completed power station in 22 years. All of them are years behind schedule. Can any African country tackle big construction projects (of any kind) without assistance of funding and manpower from outside Africa? I would love to see an analysis of this. And any country where the majority of degrees is in HR (not shooting it down though) can only be in Africa. So I am too old to move away but maybe my offspring can. I know for sure they will do well in Europe when they emigrate. Yeah, and our quality of life here is much better for now. But for how long.....
  3. Current Water Affairs.

    I am a big believer in history and statistics. When I look at Africa I see no country that is better off than SA. Thats history. But I also look at what progress all the african countries have made since they have all gained their independance from their european masters. And sadly my observation is that they all had gone downhill at a terrible pace. Thats statistics. So why will it not happen here? There are excellent indicators that the same processes is already taking place inside our country as well. Everybody in authority believes that tomorrow will look after itself and we have nothing to fear. Our local voters will only wake up the day when they cannot afford food, fuel is too expensive and the power only happens once a week for a short while. And of course medicine will be too expensive to afford. And their grants will buy them nothing. And then it will be too late. Europe is really too far to cross to by boat. And the Chinese will take ownership of our economy and souls. Cape Town will be the first example of society going wild once there is not enough water. Thirst is a terrible thing and our people still think it is their right to have it all the time. And when I look at what they do when services stop I can but fear what will happen once the water runs out. I pray that it will rain so the dams can get full. Malawi and the surrounding countries suffered from power outages some 3 years ago when there was a drought and the flow in the Zambesi river was inadequate to power all the hydro power stations. This did not deter their authorities to drop the river to dangerously low levels in order to generate power (way above what their contracts allowed btw). Electricity was more important than water to drink. I cannot think that any European country will follow such crooked logic. But this is Africa for you! UBUNTU....
  4. The end is nigh

    I can see the ANC letting the powerstations run empty of coal and die. And then there will not be electricity to run the mines to restart production. And the chaos will start. We’ve been very close to this scenario once before when the power stations nearly tripped. Many years later and some broken units have still not been repaired - but I am sure the insurance money is long gone. It is good to read Clem Sunter’s books on different scenarios. Fact is that the current lot in guvament only knows the way of fraud and violence - organised, instigated, real, inspired or otherwise. They could never have foreseen that international money powers could force their hand. Thas is Moody and company for you. But the previous regime also met their match when the international community turned against them. But at least the ANC inherited and took over a stable economy. Big companies are now divesting to get away from the sh*thole our country has become. The period up to the next elections will be very volatile and downright dangerous as the politicians manouver around the trough. And they don’t worry about casualties - the VBS drama illustrates this very well. Unless many people suddenly develop consciences and steer away from their pickpocket ways this country is in trouble. And to think I’ve thought that the rand will never weaken to R20 to a $. All the reputable economists are of the opinion that you must convert investments to dollars.
  5. Current Water Affairs.

    The first thing to suffer in a war is the plan. After the first bullet it gets down to everybody for themselves. Thats reality.... So if you want your plans to work the right time is now. DO NOT wait for the conflict to start. In a war there are only refugees...
  6. The end is nigh

    For some people who have been following Eskom discussions. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2018-04-16-inside-the-coal-supply-emergency-at-eskom/#.WtQrO5mxWhA The real Eskom story has finally been spotlighted - but please don’t expect miracles. No mine can be kickstarted into production and neglect takes a looonng time to fix. I should know as I worked on them for 40 odd years. This is a very good motivation to get the alternative electrical supply in order guys. Time to become a solar seller. Lots of money to be made from everybody.
  7. I started out on this journey as my town suffers from repeated blackouts for various reasons. I am retired and only wanted it for convenience sake and as a backup system. Costs were an issue. I finally settled on a infinisolar 4kw hybrid with 4 pylontech batteries and a cabinet. All supplied by Full Circle Solar. I love the way the pylontechs manage themselves. They charge at 49 amps irrespective of how much they have been depleted. My house runs on two circuits - one for the high amp side directly from the municipality (or 7kw generator via change over switch) and the convenience low amp side via the inverter (which also cleans up the power). This side runs idling at 6% but can go up to 95% when the borehole pump runs to fill the 10kl tanks. It handles the booster pump comfortably as it is an energy efficient model. The rest is on computers, router, lights, fridges, tv and a gas hot water system for two main bathrooms. I still haven’t run a trial to see how long it can sustain the output before shutting down. The low amp side can also be diverted to run from mains only via a seperate change over switch. You can follow my posts. Advice from me is the following: Start thinking in amps. Measuere all the currents - startup, running and maximum per device. I bought a true rms clamp meter for this purpose. This exercise will show you what your real needs are. Consider splitting your db into a low amp and a high amp part. I did this at great expense but it was worth all the sweat and costs. It sorted out several issues I never even knew about as I have an old farm house. This also gave me the opportunity to modernise everything. Bear in mind that surfix wiring allows you to make really quick wiring changes inside your roof. This will also ensure that you can look at your earthing systems. I used 10mm wire between the db and the inverter as I could buy it per metre, 6mm would work easier but then you need to buy 100m rolls. I also used bootlace ferrels everywhere which make for good connections. My system has been running well for a few months now. I don’t know about power failures anymore. When it happens in the morning we simply make breakfast on a gasbraai on the stoep. Same for coffee. Swambo dislikes gas in the kitchen. When you are young you might recoup the costs over a loonng lifetime of usage of 30 years. Don’t trust the calcs by other people as you need to add lifetime costs per item. And this is far from clear. I made my system swambo friendly as she is not technically inclined. On a recent trip to the Kgalagadi (we were out of cell phone range and could not receive alarm warnings or give advice) my system tripped and two men who tried to help could not id a tripped earth leakage. Fortunately they powered the fridges, gates etc from leads. The pylontechs have shut down but I reckoned the power was out for a week. This taught me more lessons. This fault I traced to an outside db which was done by town electricians - still to be fixed but isolated now as I am busy painting the house. Oh, and the house is on shutdown the next break we take as I still cannot fathom how this has happened. Low amp (energy efficient new generation) washing machine, fridges, dryers and solar geysers etc can change your amperage requirements drastically. With the obvious benefit in lowering capital costs and running on a less stressed system (low amps is better by far). Hot water systems can be tied into a gas heater for convenience. Plenty of posts on this.
  8. MORE ESKOM WOES... is that possible?

    Ek bewe te veel... Drink ook nie baie nie want ek mors te veel. Lol
  9. New Infini Super

    Mike, Your settings was to cut out at 42v for the pv side. As per the above settings it means it passed 100% dod. A deep cycle battery is not a solar battery. My experience with them doing camping is they have a very short life time and they must not be discharged below 20% dod. My 8.8kw Pylontech batteries cost 3x as much as my inverter and I could choose between having 4 of them or two batteries plus solar panels for their prize. They are managed by a built in bms which manages everything from safeties, temps, voltages, charging etc. As far as I am concerned it is a set and forget about it system. Many contributors on the forum reckon this is the way to go as you must compare a 1000+ a bit life cycle solar battery to a 6000 life cycle lithium battery. A deep cycle might give you 250 cycles - open for discussion on this. Johan
  10. New Infini Super

    Mike, You need to consult the battery supplier to ascertain what the absolute minimum cutoff voltage must be for the lifetime you require from your batteries. The settings which I query are the following: ac setup of 240v. Google says NZ is 230v frequency setup as shown. This may be far too wide as it affects the trips. Some overload controls actually use this (and not amps) to monitor overloads. battery cutoff voltage 40v - divide this by 4 for a single battery and it may be far too low if it really happens. Members may care to comment on this as I have lithium batteries which charge diffently and easily. You need to measure the voltages with a multimeter the next time the inverter reports it as too low to verify what is really happening. As for the gfci trip - does it mean you have excessive leakage to neutral? You need to eliminate this one by one. I suggest you measure the leakage from neutral to earth to see how much it is. You also make no mention that your gfci trips so it may be faulty. The number one reason in my experience for neutral to earth leakage is a wrongly connected neutral (you need to have a seperate neutral bar for the inverter which is not connected tomthe incomer neutral bar). If everything is connected right it should show zero volts. If you have a clamp meter it will show the neutral leakage in ma which should also be zero (my preferred way). From the db photos I cannot make out anything. There is a vast difference between the ZA and RSA standards. Is your inverter db seperate from your house db? A wiring diagram will be of more use - this means you will have to trace all the wires between the different components. Without doing this you will be no closer to a solution. I have just redone my db and it is roughly: inverter connected to the mains circuit breaker via a 40a overload mcb bypassing the house gfci. Gfci on the inverter output side connected to a 20a overload mcb with all the low amperage mcbs connected to the gfci. I still think you need to enable the ac battery charging (but make it late afternoon). Please post your system performance which shows where all the amps are going to. Johan
  11. New Infini Super

    Mike, We need the db wiring diagram. Ok, fetched the booklet now. Differenciate between warnings and errors (which flashes and will not go away). Warnings don’t get logged. Fault 12 is overtemperature and refers to how hot the inverter is. Photo of your inverter installation please. Mine is in a steelbox, it is very hot now (30C) and it is not complaining. You cannot put it in a closet. Fault 16 refers to low battery voltage. What is the voltage reading when you get this warning? Refer to how you have set up your setup. My 48v lithium battery set charges at 50a and floats at 52v. I also charge from the utility power only as I use it as a backup system only. How have you set yours up? There are 4 modes I think. You can set it up like mine to start isolating warnings. Does your system perform to your specifications? I see you are exporting power. Some data will help to give us an idea what your system is doing Johan.
  12. New Infini Super

    We know the GFCI as a rcd or earth leakage You seem sure this is pv related. Have you tried using the infini only as a battery backup by switching it off at the pv switch to see if the problems go away? You also need to supply all the details from your distribution board. Do you have a seperate neutral bar for the inverter side and did you split it up in a high and a low (ie inverter) amperage side? A missed out on wrongly connected neutral gave me lots of problems. The infini did not id it and gave all sorts of wrong output readings. Please supply a sketch with all mcbs, isolators, gfci and connections indicated on it. Did you get a local electrician in to assist you?
  13. Ok, it took me 10 days of hard (?) work to change the db to split one, get the inverter going, have it repaired once and sort out a multiple problems. So the infini is doing its job as it was supposed to be doing for a while now. But better late than never is also ok I suppose. The problems that I came across were: Infini that blew all its boards A new rcd that went faulty - maybe a victim of spikes? A new changeover swith that went faulty A faulty lead which was working ok with the previous db Two ellies plugs which also worked ok previously. Then off course the neutral I lead I left in when I took a shortcut to give us power whilst the inverter was away for repairs (red face..) And I installed three earth spikes today to ensure it can’t come back to bite me (I live in an old farm house which I love) Then off course all the funny volt readings the inverter caused between the neutral and earth. All is well and I can get some me-time again ;-) A big thank you to all the guys who penned their experiences down - it helped a lot to learn from other people’s experiences. I am very impressed with the 8,8kw Pylontech batteries which is performing fault free through the whole installation episode.
  14. Eskom collapse?

    New Largo was supposed to be an opencast operation. Now for obvious reasons (51% shareholding was insisted on) these designs were stopped several years ago. it would take probably a minimum of 5 years to get this mine going from the time capital is approved after the issueing of all the required licenses (which will take at least 3 years). In case you haven’t noticed this power station is already close to up and running with no mine in operation to supply it. So expect the roads around the coal towns to rapidly deteriorate as this power station will be fed with road transport and bad quality coal. The fun and games is about to begin gents. Another guvament success story to tell the votas! Oh, and Anglo is selling their mining license for the coal reserves which is why Norman is smiling. Its a case of use it or lose.... They could have had it for free with a wee bit of patience... Which tells me they are not coal miners... Their ceo mr Teke was a teacher. This mine is going to cost billions. :-)