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  1. Johandup

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    Ok, so this topic has gone way off course. By now all of us realise that things are seriously wrong. From an illegal worker stayaway where the unions ignore court orders to the explained downtime on units ascribed to sabotage. This sounds like the famous loose nut Koeberg story from a different century. Can a real expert, i.e. not Eskom employed, please explain how you can sabotage a unit without causing real destruction. When I was doing national service as a youngster I was in the School of Engineers and we visited power stations in order to study them with the view of sabotaging them. It is not possible without explosives. And then to have them back into service 48 hours later..... Really - there is a big difference between sabotage and a breakdown! Who believes in fairy stories. I would be ashamed to say I was working at Eskom as an engineer today If it were so. And then the stopping of lorries story - what happened to the conveyor belts feeding the stations? Are they again not telling the whole story? New Denmark and Majuba are the only power stations trucking coal. If the others have to do it it is because of poor Eskom planning to source their ONLY energy supply. In my neighbourhood watch resides a few Eskom employees and it is clear from the radio traffic that things are not kosher with Eskom. I agree with the view that things will deteriorate to a point untill we are on par with the countries north of us. The point however is that they import power from us and we cannot get power from anywhere else - the few Cahorra Bassa kilowatts will not make a diffference. And this is the cold reality of the government department named Eskom. They will join the ranks of Prasa, SABC and the Hospitals. We all know we cannot depend on those institutions. Even the Admiral in charge of the fleet admitted they are past the point where serious maintenance can help. I am a realist above all and I do not see this situation changing for the better. So yes, if you can leave do it now. But be prepared to join a 100 million refugees who are also not happy with their circumstances. And don’t think your’e going to love them all. For the people who stay - our forefathers came through and so will we. The strong will survive.
  2. Johandup

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    One of our kids friends who has a Bsc IT (?) sold his house, gave his dog away and left for Aus with no job waiting for him. No word from him since - apparently there are many jobs in his field. He was in firewalls for banks. Many of the youngsters in our circle are now working in NZ and Aus. Feel sorry for the parents though...
  3. Johandup

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    In my previous life I found it very difficult to deal with spoilt and entitled workers. Especially when they don’t listen to reason. And to deal with union management who do not have a shred of ownership in the business makes it even more so. When I compare their renumeration to the teachers I get nauseous. Eskom’s real problems are waiting when they want to get rid of their housing finances to outside banks and their employees happen to realise they will have to pay unsubsidised lending rates back. Also when the coal finally runs out as their coal planning department is a complete joke. Oh, and when they expect the guvament to refinance R350b in loans and it cannot happen. I can just see them to be the cause of our economy totally collapsing. Nothing to look forward to...
  4. Johandup

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    Please read this article. Also note they are not striking to get to a R12500 pm salary or to get out of shacks. Some years ago their tea ladies were getting R240k - but they will never confirm this. Apparently they are overstaffed with 15000 workers. BUT most of their maintenance work is done by contractors and consultants. This lot is extremely spoilt. Just to smile: Their spokesman said on tv last night they are only selling 0,2% of their output - does this mean they give the rest away to the voters and foreign countries? http://www.702.co.za/articles/307784/eskom-report-shows-its-workers-are-just-about-sa-s-best-paid-mike-schuessler
  5. Johandup

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    Putting the Eskom salaries issue to rest - please take the time to read it. http://www.702.co.za/articles/307784/eskom-report-shows-its-workers-are-just-about-sa-s-best-paid-mike-schuessler
  6. Johandup

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    Ok, we are in a loadshed slot now. Not according to the schedule, but ja well.... Shall see how the infinisolar + pylontech combination holds up.
  7. Johandup

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    The real problem is their inflated workforce and the very very high salaries they are getting. Average around R650k average - wish it was me working for them. Don't forget the free home loans ......
  8. Johandup

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    Been notified that they will endeavour to disrupt all the electricity supplies across the country. It will take weeks to resynchronise all the power stations if this happens. If you want peace prepare for war... Africa is not for sissies.
  9. Such a calc does not take into account that the original R50k could have been invested elsewhere at about 8% (hahahaha...). That would reduce the ROI to a real 7%. But no calcs ever work out and the saving is also tax and vat free. What puts me off is the complexity of electrical management to get the the most from such a system. When I go for such a system my capital investment would exceed R150k - only because I am a citizen with a useless government...
  10. When I did the research for solar the conclusion I came to was that solar payback would be difficult for the people who are away the whole daylight day. The solar panels are generating power but somebody must be around to use it. I was away for a break now and switched off everything but the fridges, security and lights. On my return I found that the daily consumption was 10kwhr (from the prepaid meter). As a basis I I think this a bit high but I am not prepared to fiddle with it. If you really want to reduce costs you need an intelligent distribution board with timers built into it that can start items like geysers, swimming pool pump and battery charger in a way to utilise the solar panels. This will be very complicated (as well as expensive) to do and I don’t think the power savings will cover the costs. It is also time to get rid of the high amperage aplliances that run in your house You mention geysers which must be connected to timers to heat from say 9:00-12:00. And if they still have 3kw elements you can forget about it. So a conversion to an intelligent geyser controller and a fancy titanium element can easily set you back R4k. Per geyser of course. You can buy a lot of kwhrs for that money. Hopefully all of this will be able to fit into your distribution board ;-) And food preparation needs to go onto gas (same costs as electricity) or slow cookers and other implements using less power than a hob and oven. Life gets complicated to say the least. Solar installations is hardly ever about a return on investment and more about having an dependable electricity supply. I am contemplating installing solar panels now but all of the above cloud the logic into how many and where to install it. And my distribution board is not intelligent and would require manual switching (lol). As a financial calculation it would hardly makes sense as all my reading shows that I can save 50% off my bill by spending R50k. The saving I can bargain on will be about R600 per month which gives me a payback of roughly +7 years. The saving grace for this calculation is the unknown increases awaiting us and less reliability on municipal power. And I am still waiting for a solar panel price reduction after the Donald Trump interference in the USA solar imports.
  11. Johandup

    Infinisolar not reading PylonTech SOC

    I have an infini with 4 pylon tech batteries. There is no connection from the inverter to the batteries apart from the power cables. The pylontech bms does all the work and the infini does the charging at at 50 amps irrespective of how empty the battery is. The readings on the infini is 52v for the battery and it floats at 1 amp. The system was set up by Kurt from Full Circle Solar I did a trial once to see by how much the batteries would deplete and it stopped at one green light on the battery outer. It seems as if the 3x4kw system is set up as a three phase system with one battery per inverter. My feeling is that looking at it from a single phase perspective would be wrong. The best would be to get advice from experts in that field. This would turn it into a different ball game.
  12. Johandup

    Time for solar panels

    I need advice on what makes of panels are recommended based on availibility, output, reliability issues and costs. Also what structure is advised for installation on a corrugated roof. I believe there was a recommendation to install the panels at least 300mm above the roof to reduce temperatures. I need a recommendation on the strings to supply power power to a 4kw infinisolar. The manual recommends 2 strings of 10 panels. Specs are: max dc power 5000w nominal dc power 360 vdc maximum dc power 580 vdc maximun input current 18a Isc PV (absolute maximum) 25a Thanks to all.
  13. Johandup

    Lithium Battery for Axpert MKS Plus 3kva 24v

    Pylontech apparently has a list of approved inverters to work with their batteries. But I think this is irrelevant. Mine does not communicate with them - even though a communication cable is available it is not connected or used. So any 48v inverter that can charge with 52v and +25a will do.
  14. The one coal mining company which I visited in the USA mined 3x the yearly output of the whole of our little republic. We have 125 continuous mines vs the USA 915. They use all their coal inhouse for power generation and heating (can be corrected). Trump has stopped chinese panel imports - was reported in their media. So I am waiting for their panels to become cheaper here as they must look for other markets.
  15. As far as technology goes solar is still in its baby shoes. In comparison cars have been around forever. Research will catch up in the next forty or so years. Hopefully before our natural oil, gas and coal resource gets depleted forever. I won’t be around ;-\ Do any of you read Solar Power World? - its the only solar magazine out there which I have found.