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  1. New Infini Super

    Mike, Your settings was to cut out at 42v for the pv side. As per the above settings it means it passed 100% dod. A deep cycle battery is not a solar battery. My experience with them doing camping is they have a very short life time and they must not be discharged below 20% dod. My 8.8kw Pylontech batteries cost 3x as much as my inverter and I could choose between having 4 of them or two batteries plus solar panels for their prize. They are managed by a built in bms which manages everything from safeties, temps, voltages, charging etc. As far as I am concerned it is a set and forget about it system. Many contributors on the forum reckon this is the way to go as you must compare a 1000+ a bit life cycle solar battery to a 6000 life cycle lithium battery. A deep cycle might give you 250 cycles - open for discussion on this. Johan
  2. New Infini Super

    Mike, You need to consult the battery supplier to ascertain what the absolute minimum cutoff voltage must be for the lifetime you require from your batteries. The settings which I query are the following: ac setup of 240v. Google says NZ is 230v frequency setup as shown. This may be far too wide as it affects the trips. Some overload controls actually use this (and not amps) to monitor overloads. battery cutoff voltage 40v - divide this by 4 for a single battery and it may be far too low if it really happens. Members may care to comment on this as I have lithium batteries which charge diffently and easily. You need to measure the voltages with a multimeter the next time the inverter reports it as too low to verify what is really happening. As for the gfci trip - does it mean you have excessive leakage to neutral? You need to eliminate this one by one. I suggest you measure the leakage from neutral to earth to see how much it is. You also make no mention that your gfci trips so it may be faulty. The number one reason in my experience for neutral to earth leakage is a wrongly connected neutral (you need to have a seperate neutral bar for the inverter which is not connected tomthe incomer neutral bar). If everything is connected right it should show zero volts. If you have a clamp meter it will show the neutral leakage in ma which should also be zero (my preferred way). From the db photos I cannot make out anything. There is a vast difference between the ZA and RSA standards. Is your inverter db seperate from your house db? A wiring diagram will be of more use - this means you will have to trace all the wires between the different components. Without doing this you will be no closer to a solution. I have just redone my db and it is roughly: inverter connected to the mains circuit breaker via a 40a overload mcb bypassing the house gfci. Gfci on the inverter output side connected to a 20a overload mcb with all the low amperage mcbs connected to the gfci. I still think you need to enable the ac battery charging (but make it late afternoon). Please post your system performance which shows where all the amps are going to. Johan
  3. New Infini Super

    Mike, We need the db wiring diagram. Ok, fetched the booklet now. Differenciate between warnings and errors (which flashes and will not go away). Warnings don’t get logged. Fault 12 is overtemperature and refers to how hot the inverter is. Photo of your inverter installation please. Mine is in a steelbox, it is very hot now (30C) and it is not complaining. You cannot put it in a closet. Fault 16 refers to low battery voltage. What is the voltage reading when you get this warning? Refer to how you have set up your setup. My 48v lithium battery set charges at 50a and floats at 52v. I also charge from the utility power only as I use it as a backup system only. How have you set yours up? There are 4 modes I think. You can set it up like mine to start isolating warnings. Does your system perform to your specifications? I see you are exporting power. Some data will help to give us an idea what your system is doing Johan.
  4. New Infini Super

    We know the GFCI as a rcd or earth leakage You seem sure this is pv related. Have you tried using the infini only as a battery backup by switching it off at the pv switch to see if the problems go away? You also need to supply all the details from your distribution board. Do you have a seperate neutral bar for the inverter side and did you split it up in a high and a low (ie inverter) amperage side? A missed out on wrongly connected neutral gave me lots of problems. The infini did not id it and gave all sorts of wrong output readings. Please supply a sketch with all mcbs, isolators, gfci and connections indicated on it. Did you get a local electrician in to assist you?
  5. Earth leakage trips

  6. Earth leakage trips

    Ok, it took me 10 days of hard (?) work to change the db to split one, get the inverter going, have it repaired once and sort out a multiple problems. So the infini is doing its job as it was supposed to be doing for a while now. But better late than never is also ok I suppose. The problems that I came across were: Infini that blew all its boards A new rcd that went faulty - maybe a victim of spikes? A new changeover swith that went faulty A faulty lead which was working ok with the previous db Two ellies plugs which also worked ok previously. Then off course the neutral I lead I left in when I took a shortcut to give us power whilst the inverter was away for repairs (red face..) And I installed three earth spikes today to ensure it can’t come back to bite me (I live in an old farm house which I love) Then off course all the funny volt readings the inverter caused between the neutral and earth. All is well and I can get some me-time again ;-) A big thank you to all the guys who penned their experiences down - it helped a lot to learn from other people’s experiences. I am very impressed with the 8,8kw Pylontech batteries which is performing fault free through the whole installation episode.
  7. Eskom collapse?

    New Largo was supposed to be an opencast operation. Now for obvious reasons (51% shareholding was insisted on) these designs were stopped several years ago. it would take probably a minimum of 5 years to get this mine going from the time capital is approved after the issueing of all the required licenses (which will take at least 3 years). In case you haven’t noticed this power station is already close to up and running with no mine in operation to supply it. So expect the roads around the coal towns to rapidly deteriorate as this power station will be fed with road transport and bad quality coal. The fun and games is about to begin gents. Another guvament success story to tell the votas! Oh, and Anglo is selling their mining license for the coal reserves which is why Norman is smiling. Its a case of use it or lose.... They could have had it for free with a wee bit of patience... Which tells me they are not coal miners... Their ceo mr Teke was a teacher. This mine is going to cost billions. :-)
  8. Earth leakage trips

    I took out the front as well as the after earth leakages so the infini is operating with overload protection only :-( I have no intention to find out how much energy is stored in a lithium battery. I have no idea how a rcd which only monitors amps can influence an inverter - but it does At least it is operating more or less. The in front earth leakage 63a 6ka Cbi trips everytime when the Pylontech batteries start a charging cycle. Once the cycle is started the rcd can be reset. It shouldn’t do so as it is seperated from the 40a overload feeding the inverter. I don’t know whether this a combination of harmonics or the inverter output 40v neutral to earth difference. It would also trip on earth leakage at random when switching on mcb’s on the low amp seperate neutral bar after the inverter. It also trips when I bond the neutral and earth on the inverter output. Makes no sense at all!! I also don’t know why the neutral to earth voltage jumps from <2v in battery mode to more than 40v when changing to mains mode. I’ve made a video on request of this and forwarded it to Fcs who sent it onto Taiwan. Now we are waiting for feedback from their engineer. But his episode must be concluded by the end of this week. The fan noise on this inverter is very irritating and loud as the fans keep on speeding up and slowing down. I made a bad choice of installing it in a study next to the db. Measuring ma late at night: So I dexided to use the clamp meter to take ma readings as that is what cause earth leakages to trip. Inverter output on batteries a constant 30ma leak on the earth. Inverter output on mains when starting 190ma and settling at 30ma + on the earth. No wonder the earth leakages were tripping. Just some interesting information to emphasise the need to use a rcd.
  9. Feed Back problem

    We cannot see where your country is and you provide too little information. The best is to involve your country's electricians. The power stations are really too big to take them on with your 10kw rig :-)
  10. Earth leakage trips

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I had a split db installed for a high and low amp side with a separate inverter neutral. I am still waiting for the supplier to come back to me regarding the leak of 38v from the neutral to the earth. Come Monday I'll be driving to Fcs again - I think for a swop out as this item has proven to be critical faulty one time too many. A lesson learnt is to take a multi tester along and set the inverter up and check all the readings myself. This must include all the neutral to earth readings as well as the outputs. I was baffled by the discrepancy in amperage output between my (very accurate) clamp meter and the output on the screen - now I think this can be explained away by the leakage taking place. One positive thing that came out of this was when looking for the amperage culprit by switching circuits off I found the double 4ft neon light of 2x36w was using 450w. Thats scary... I asked my boet to check his recently installed Mercer inverter output neutral to earth voltage and it was 0.5v So the infinisolar is definitely at fault here. I can only wonder how many such discrepancies are not picked up as the installers don't install an earth leakage after the inverter.
  11. Earth leakage trips

    Thanks for the reply @plonkster The one tripping is the one after the inverter. It seems to me as if the neutral earth bonding card inside the inverter is a tad slow and thus triggering the earth leakage when switching the mains back on. The guru at Fcs said his also does this when doing manual switching. He promised to ask his installer about this. Kinda beats the logic behind backup systems. It will be easy to remove the 2nd earth leakage but then the protection is gone. I don’t want to find out how many amps are stashed in a 2.4kw lithium battery when there’s a fault of some sorts :-) When doing a 0-35ma trip test on the low amp plugs the first earth leakage trips on very low ma. This is not supposed to be happening as the two earth leakages are on different neutral bars. The complete db is new with 6ka switches so it is not due to old equipment. I am pretty sure the solar installers have found a solution to this. When making a connection between the neutral and earth on both sides of the inverter the earth leakages trip. So I don’t think that plan can work. I don’t see the technical reason for a split neutral as any rcb is only measuring the current that flows in and out through it. Irrespective of where the neutral might be. Current flows from live to neutral. Theoretically my system might be perfect but it still trips! I also installed a changeover switch but it went faulty about immediately. This wasted a few hours in fault finding as I could not figure out why the inverter is not switching on (new to the game) ;-/ I am currently running on two batteries to see how far they can go. I charged the batteries last night from 60% to full in 45 minutes at 50a charging rate. I’ll be doing connections again this morning in the hope of stumbling onto a solution. Hahaha So this morning I measured the neutral to earth readings: Incomer mains 1.6v Output inverter on 230v 40v (!) Output inverter on batteries no mains <1v My assumption is that this is an internal fault. What is the acceptable way forward? Must I insist on a refund or a changeout to a different model? This machine is a few days in operation. If failure is so catastrophic as to blow all the cards can I trust this system when I’m away in the Kgalagadi to keep my house running?
  12. Earth leakage trips

    So I’ve finished the infinisolar super 4kw installation and the split db. The low amps side has its own earth leakage and neutral bar. It starts up on batteries and runs with no trips. But when I switch the main supply back it trips the 2nd earth leakage on earth fault within a few seconds after switching away from batteries to mains. Any suggestions on this please.
  13. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Civilisations have become extinct and forgotten. So why not mega cities? One thousand years from now the planet Earth will look totally different. We live but in one minute of civilisation time.
  14. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    Another perspective on a looming disaster. The simple matter of all our towns and cities are the demise of the their town planning departments. I see this degree is still offered - would love to know the uptake of it. They would (in the good ole days) do the planning for infrastructure which would include water reticulation and sewerage plants (and schools!!) based on population growth and ageing factors. The uncontrolled growth in shacks around cities and towns increases the problems exponentially. And this is forced on us all by the current government as these people are gullible voters which is a major part in their strategy to keep political control of areas. In my young days shacks were not allowed and people had to live in defined areas with boundaries. The media noise in Cape Town around the looming water crisis is highlighting one of the many social problems waylaying us. I don't see anyone pulling out a rain fall graph for the last 50 years to make predictions based on it. From young I was taught that drought cycles in this semi arid country run in 7 year cycles - and I have lived through a quite a few. The simple fact is their population explosion has overtaken their infrastructure capabilities. You can prioritise the following in any order: 1. Inadequate schools and the way they are managed. 2. Sewerage discharge into our river systems - and nothing is done by authorities. 3. Inadequate electrical supply that does not meet a growing demand (and was promised to voters for free - nothing more irritating than a voter with a long memory nê). 4. Housing needs not meeting population demands. 5. Dysfunctional transport systems i.e. Metrorail and many more examples. And the list goes on to whatever you can think of - we are scrambling for survival from one problem to the next I sit here and cannot think of a single success story in our current situation. Unless we get a real government in charge we are heading for a disaster of global proportions. And I am very realistic about this.
  15. New Infini Super

    So Full Circle Solar repaired the Infinisolar in ONE day. I take my hat off to Heintz who is the technical guy there. He also set it up so I can just install it. Feedback from him is that there is 100% support from the factory :-) He replaced three boards (Heintz said it was the first time he had seen a failure like this). At least the inverter has the latest updated boards and the latest 2 week old firmware in it now. The inverter was up and running when I got there. He also showed me the pc board where the neutral and earth connects. So today is installation time for me - ironically we won't have power today as the main substation will have repairs done on it for the WHOLE day. So testing will be done with the generator running. There is still a few technical items to sort out but with the assistance of a retired Eskom electrician it should be easy. Apparently Eskom is busy training their techs on solar in a big way. Go figure. The idea is to have the split db (with its own neutral) up and running today - this turned out to be 4x more expensive than I thought it would be! Lots of interesting lessons learnt there with very little information from the internet and the local sparkies.