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  1. Travis


    Looks like I managed 3rd or 4th Yesterday. Had a bit of clouds at mid day. Otherwise a good one. No tracking or anything on my system. Edit: My system is Green Leighton
  2. Travis

    Lithium ion battery bank info

    That 2.4V would make a huge difference on the speed of torque of power tools. Look at Lithium cells rather. +-16V from 4 cells in series.
  3. Travis


    Wow Don, 8 will be brilliant. My record on my 2.04KW array was 15.129kWh @7.416kWh/kW on 18 January. 5:20AM to 7:15pm I now have a 3.4KW array on a 3kw inverter so best I have managed is 22.502kWh @6.618kWh/kW with 20 minutes of clouds. 6AM to 6:30 pm. That was yesterday! Days are getting shorter, so I suspect I will not hit 7 again till next summer.
  4. Hi Bushman, My understanding of the initial current spec it that it assumes the battery are low or close to emply. Under 12V each. Since you are only drawing 1500wh, less than 10%, I think you can ignore the 36A requirement and just configure your Axpert according to the Float and Bulk Voltage specs. More experienced forum users may have a different view
  5. Travis

    Bought a BMW i3

    So my i3 is sitting on 26,000KM. I am getting an average of 145km on a charge. I run on Eco Pro most of the time with a mix of Aircon. I don't drive lightly, have places to be and people to see. Rex has seen 9570km of mixed use. On average I see 150km on the 9l tank, most of that REX milage came from running without charging at home for 2 months, while I established a baseline power usage for November-December and also a trip to Cape Town and back. I find myself not using the 7.4KW R30,000 charger, but rather the 3 pin plug charger as I charge the car over night so 8 hours isn't an issue for charge time, besides battery isn't empty when I get home and I topup during the day if I am home. The DC rapid chargers in Midrand and Sandton are handy, I have used the 20+ times on trips out to PTA or running around to multiple clients in Sandton. I have also used the AC fast chargers at Melrose Arch a handful of times while I grab lunch there. My electricity cost for the 3000km average month is less that R336, and thats before my solar production that is now running 60% of house consumption.
  6. Indeed, I am making power from 5:15am to 6:30pm at the moment. Making 500w by 6:45am, 1kw by 7:35 and 1,5kw by 8:30. Power production dips down to 500w again around 4:30
  7. By someone do you mean Sinetech?
  8. Travis

    Which Hyprid inverter - Renesola Replus

    Hi, I got mine from Current Automation for R16300 after negotiating, price on Bonanza at the time was R16000. I paid the extra R300 because CA offers the full 2 year warranty, but after speaking to Bonanza, they only offer 1 year.
  9. Travis

    Connecting a BMV 600 - by not using the official cable

    Ok, thats not making much sense to me. The USb device shows up in lsusb on the Pi. What commands should I execute? I may have messed this BMV up already, I started with all 4 connected before I found this thread again.. 5V and all.. No smoke though..
  10. Travis

    Connecting a BMV 600 - by not using the official cable

    I am trying to get it to work with AICC. Not coming up with the ground and Rx pin. Any ideas?
  11. Travis

    Connecting a BMV 600 - by not using the official cable

    I have been following this thread and bought a cable like this http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/252791248/PL2303TA_USB_To_TTL_RS232_Upgrade_Module_USB_To_Serial_Port_Download_Cable.html Its a 5v, not 3.3V. Will it work if I leave the 5V lead disconnected?
  12. I have some updates as we move into Summer, and data is easier to find thanx to AICC! @TinkerBoy PV array size: 2.040KW Peak Energy KWh: 2.735Kw Max Power: 14.446Kw Average daily production (October): 12.280kWh Total Production since 28 June: 1369KW Max Efficiency: 7.081kWh/kW Average Efficiency(October): 6.020kWh/kW To me it look like the Thin film 2KW performs the same as other 3KW systems. Anyone care to share?
  13. Will be interesting to see what others share.
  14. Travis

    1KW + Grid Tie inverter with 80VDC+ input

    This could work if I used 2 DC Optimisers so the voltage does not exceed 90V as the open panel voltage is 112V I also found this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1200W-inverter-PV-Voc-input-85-130v-High-frequency-isolation-solar-inverter-AC230V-50HZ-or-60Hz/32492506480.html Fits all the criteria but $900 shipping to SA I can have it shipped to Singapore, but not sure what duties and things are there.
  15. I am hoping we can share our real works number of our solar arrays. I went for Solar Frontier 170W panels as they are said to be more efficient, especially in low light. So I am keen to see what other people are getting. These are stats I have got from my inverter PV array size: 2.040KW Max PV input: 2.202KW - 20 September Max hourly KWh: 1.947Kw Max daily production: 14.201Kw Average daily production: 10.621kWh Total Production since 28 June: 1050KW Max Efficiency: 6.961kWh/kW Average Effieciency: 5.207kWh/kW Interested to see how Solar Frontier with their CIS technology compares to others.