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  1. The next phase in my Setup.

    Job well done Paul. I think most of us who went the same route knows how long things like this take and the amount of effort and planning needed to get this far. IMO you took the right approach and with your labelling and all, future fault diagnosis and tracing would be a breeze. One small thing though: (Call me anal ) Main Bracker aka Main Breaker
  2. Thanks Andries, Yip I am happy with it, Horses for Coarses I presume. It has it's limitations, but for the amount of PV/Batteries and load I have/use it suits my needs perfect. Just keep within the specs as per sheet, and you should be a happy chappie.
  3. Hi Andries and Welcome. First of all is your inverter the Plus or not, the cheaper model (PWM) has far more limitations that the Plus (MPTT). I started out on the PWM but running the Plus for the last year plus. Regards Riaan
  4. Mercer or Mecer?

    Hi Coulomb It is Mecer, and in SA the importer/Distributer is Mustek. You can have a look at https://mustek.co.za/ Also:
  5. Raspberry Pi

    My 2.2.3 sitting on 98:28 hours so far. Only updated after my previous post on 2.2.1
  6. Raspberry Pi

    Just a short note to thank Manie for constantly striving to make ICC better and more stable. I think from the screenshot attached (Early Saturday morning) we can all see that ICC Pi is running stable with no issues. Keep up the good work. Running ICC Pi V2.2.1; Axpert 3kVa; Local emon; EmonWeb; PVOutput.org and MQTT
  7. Reason I see this as important, Eg. I would be willing to assist, but it would not be feasable if assistance is required for eg in Capetown and the assistant is based in Limpopo. Good luck there in Witbank, You are mostly "closest" to the Electricity Generation, yet you guys have scheduled shedding due to mismanagement of funds A bit far for me to assist physically.
  8. Amended Electricity Regulation Act (ERA)

    It is not PV, It is reflective covers on the roof to keep the home cool in summer
  9. I think a good start would be to inform others where are you based, or have I missed that here?
  10. ICC Windows

    Hi Pilotfish Where to start is always difficult. I have been using ICC Windows for quite some time and had no complaints. I was running on Windows 10, I3 with 4 Gig ram configuration and except for ICC this was basically only used for some music from time to time. I ran a couple of cycles in the 1000 hour ranges, and all of them was reset due to me either unplugging the wrong power cord or simply tripping everything with some clever shorts created while testing newly built circuits. Initially I had some problems with USB comms hanging and comms between PC and Inverter stopped periodically. Those issues were addressed at the time by Manie and then Jaco was still involved. After those fixes never had any issues again. I tried installing ICC windows on two subsequent PC’s without much reliability success, but keep in mind those were Atom’s, Micro and Mini PC form factors, running Embedded etc. I tried to move in that direction to get away from the actual PC running in the region of 130W 24 hours per day. I have since switched to RPi 3b and now everything is a breeze. Reason for dropping the PC and going the Pi route was purely motivated by consumption. I run the Pi and a dedicated 10” LED LCD on HDMI there and all is good for the month so far. I got the Pi up and running only on the 28th of August, so can only vouch for about a month with no issues. There are always the possibility that the Inverter drop the comms as well. If you would like you are welcome to take my PC that ran ICC Win for about a year no issues and plug that into your system to test. At least you will then know if the problem come from the PC, ICC or Inverter. (Keep in mind this is not the latest version of ICC Windows) Another thought is to check on the Laptop/Notebook what the config is for USB. Some of them are set to let the USB go to sleep to save power and that will also result in the problems you describe above.
  11. Raspberry Pi

    I see Version 2.1.7 is out.
  12. SA Response https://businesstech.co.za/news/motoring/195252/south-africas-answer-to-the-banning-of-petrol-cars-more-taxes/
  13. ROI? - is anyone getting there?

    Allow me to rephrase: And water equipment could be a lot simpler and could be cheaper...
  14. ROI? - is anyone getting there?

    @flatfourfan Back on topic. As one of the “smaller” solar users, the following from my side. I started the whole process in August of 2013. The main drive was much like yourself to stick it to the man who decided Load Sh1tting is the way forward in SA. I did not like the bulk of forum users here fork out a bunch of cash upfront to implement a total solution aka “off-grid”. I started small, and did a little every month as some funds became available. Made a lot of idiotic purchases along the way, but one has to pay school fees along the way, though the amount differs from one person to the next. What I most likely did a little differently, is I took my savings on the municipal account and used that to procure additional items for saving even more. I am currently paying +/- R 1200 less on my municipal account than I did in August of 2013. My aim is, (and I still manage succeed every year to date) is to at least counter the annual increase of the municipality, plus a little. With this in mind I can really say that the R 1200 less that I pay local government at the moment is actually WAY more. If one factor in the average of 10% increase in accounts per annum since 2014. I still have a LONG way to go, but at the moment everything I have (subject related) is paid for. The latest increase show only an increase of 1,8% on electricity, but 10,7% on water. So no need to convince myself where the next expense in going to be.
  15. ROI? - is anyone getting there?

    Hi Chris Except for the obvious reasons of lowering carbon levels, for what purpose do you maintain that level of Spekboom. If you had a herd of Elephant, I can see the use, even some leaves in you daily green salad, but 1000 ha? Not criticizing, just curious. (Other uses for Spekboom)