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  1. ralph

    Victron CCGX

    I want to set a victron ccgx to user level instead of user& installer. when I follow menu items 'general - access level - and then select 'user', when i press enter key I am prompted to enter password. I didn’t put a password, the dealer that sold it to me says he didint put password. Is password required to change from user& installer to "user"? If password is not known, what to do? I dont see anything in the victron manual about this situation.
  2. HI I recently installed an SMA sunny Tripower 25Kw 3 phase GT inverter with SMA energy meter and SMA sunny home manager there are 15Kw of panels attached- however the readings below were taken during my experiments with only 5Kw of panels attached. I configured the export limitation settings on the home manager and the inverter per the SMA 'official" youtube webinars for '0W' of export. I have strange readings on my 'el cheapo' amp clamp meter. The above readings for utility make no sense when the GT inverter is operating. I conclude the slight differences in readings between load and utility amps with the GT switched off relate to the lack of accuracy on the cheap clamp meter and slight timing differences as I take the readings and the laod changes in that time. My problem is this - the SMA portal graphs will show zero import/ export during the day, however the utility smart meter is showing that power is being consumed (or perhaps exported since it is the type of meter that charges customer whichever way the power flows). I can see the inverter divides the power generated equally accross the phases - I understand this relates to power regulations when one is exporting to grid, however I dont understand why this is needed when there is zero export? Has anybody got experience with SMA tripower and export limit setups? what should the behaiour be? Can anybody explain the wierd current measurments - what is that caused by? Regards Ralph
  3. ralph

    3kW Infini VS Pre-paid

    I also have a 15kw 3 phase SMA GT installation at the office with a SMA energy meter limiter. I note that it takes about 3 seconds to react.
  4. ralph

    3kW Infini VS Pre-paid

    I opened up the top cover on my infini today to track down the burning smell. It seems to come from the upper left choke. I put a computer fan on top of the unit running permanently and this appears to have cooled the choke off and the smell has gone away. I wonder why that choke is heating up.
  5. ralph

    3kW Infini VS Pre-paid

    Im in Botswana. The metres here are made by Hexing and they carry the SDS logo. They dont trip out if you reverse feed them, they just bill you for exported power.
  6. ralph

    3kW Infini VS Pre-paid

    good news. My infini 3Kw plus with SDM630 meter is working well and limiting power to the grid as it should be! The magic in my case was unchecking (taking away the tick) on the 'export to grid' setting in grid tie with backup II mode and also running a new piece of signal cable away from any power cables between the inverter and the meter situated 30 metres from inverter. All my other settings are as per infini , Modbus card and SDM630 documentation. When I used a piece of signal cable that was running in same conduit as my power cables the infini wasnt getting any comms from the SDM 630 and was only paying attention to its internal current shunt. I find that if I unplug the RS485 link I get the same effect/fault as using a signal cable that is running in same conduit as power cable. If I tick the box for 'export to grid' then the infini runs full throttle into the grid with no limitation. I note that the feed in to grid calibration does in fact work and one can fine tune the 'sweet spot' so that there is virtually no over and undershoot (within approx 100watts) related to feeding back into the grid. I note the limiter takes between 5 and 15 seconds to react to changing load conditions. Having driven myself bonkers trying everything else..... I had a hunch the 220V wiring was overowering the piddly litle RS485 signals due to the cose proximity and long paralell run next to power cables. Nex I am going ot order a RS485 wireless link from fleabay and get rid of the wires altogether. My Infini is working well, but has a vague burning smell - do these units suffer from problems with failing capacitors? hope my info helps others. Regards Ralph
  7. ralph

    3kW Infini VS Pre-paid

    Wetkit... I also have an infini 3kw plus. I have the SDM630 modbus meter. My smart meter doesnt trip, however my infini is not limiting exported power and is exporting all excess power to the grid. Did you manage to get yours to limit export to zero?