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  1. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    @Alin I dont think it is the USB as the BMV is a strait serial device that just "spits out" data once you connect to it. Any serial connection with terminal works. It is actually one of the easier devices to "read". My guess would be that the software is hanging , do you know if there is a command that you could restart the ICC software in terminal via ssh?
  2. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    Cool quite a super piece of software:
  3. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    I am not sure why it stops and that does make it difficult. In my case what I did was to stop the upload of data to emon.org the moment it detected that there is no connection to emon.org. I am sending a ping to the .org site every x-time (Cant remember the time) and if it times out - stop sending until the ping goes through again. It helps but I still get bad data on the .org site. I used to use the .org site for remote view of the system , that way I didnt need to port forward anything but now a days I use Openhab for that but it still an easy way to remote view.
  4. Effekta Ax-P error 05

    I know that a couple of the gents installed a permanent fan on the inverter that has made quite a difference. That could be an easy test to do. The data jumps I noticed that some values will fall to 0 but if you look at the trend , I would venture that it is more of an data issue than a hardware issue. I found that the data sent to emon.org sometimes goes gaga. In my case Ill get some spikes from time to time , but only on the .org site.
  5. Plug Watt Meter

    If you would like to measure the individual appliances I would lean more towards the SonOff as that is what they are build for. The Efergy is ok for getting a general idea of when you house is using a lot of power or not as it is measuring VA ( Determined by the V that you supply in the settings). The lekker thing abut the sonoff is you can re-purpose it of something else later , like a security light. Only down side is that you would not be able to check you geyser (Max 16a).
  6. The value of a good monitoring system

    Cool man. So in what way were they interconnected? At the DB or at the Panels?
  7. Land Expropriation without Compensation - Truth and Fake News

    I dont really like getting into this type of talk as there is a fine line between opinion and fact as most facts is a view point from an angle to whom the masses agrees. One thing that I would do like to add / share an OPINION is that there is a much bigger problem with the notion of land been taken with out compensation. THE BANKS and BIG MONEY - not on top of the stats but I would venture that at least 60% of farm/agriculture is on bonds and if the land is taken who is going to stand in for that? So if you do have a property now is a good time to get a bond on it ,,,,, ,,,, and let someone else fight for it. As a good friend once said " if you have 100 bar in the bank nobody cares" but go and owe the bank R 50 000 000 and see how they phone you at least once a month to see if all is ok and if they can help" .... Right next topic --- What is the next phase in alternative energy
  8. @Thinus Jacobs also keep in mind that you dont need or should provide for the topside of your consumption. In other words if your that max amount of load that your house uses at one time is 5kw you should not get a 5kw system. As you noted - old equipment like a fridge is a big power hog as it runs 24/7. Even lights does not make that a big difference unless it is on for 12h a day. If you have 5x20w spotlight running for 12 hours as "security" that is 1.2 kwh gone a day. Try and get your base load (Thats the stuff that runs for 24/7) as low as possible after that you will have a general idea as to what you should get and then if it is worth the capital that you will spend. But again that is only true if you look at this from a cost savings perspective P
  9. your password/email hacked?

    There was a article a while ago , I think on RSG , where they claimed that 100% South Africans info has been leaked. I think that in today's society it is naive to think that one could exist in a vacuum. If you know the right person/s there is hardly any information that is not accessible spending habits , driving , emails , site visits , facebook ectr. Now a days I live with the assumption that every body knows everything about me and sucks it is quite a boring movie so let them look
  10. Which batteries to install?

    @Ridiq sorry to hear of the batts. If I may ask what went wrong and what is the need for the batts. Reason for asking is that others can learn . @Chris Hobson would be the best authority and the Axperts charging capacity as he is off grid and , as far as I know , his bank lasted the full course. My own bank is still going well after almost 4 years but mine does not work nearly as hard. So imho I dont think that they are , I think is more a question of people not looking after their banks and then pay the price. My advice would be to get a "cheap" bank as a backup when the power goes down and run the inverter on SOL mode. You will use a little bit of the batts during dusk and dawn but night time you will be on grid. Unless the power goes out. Day time you will use a mix of batts and panels. But that is just the way I would look at it . P
  11. Evening gents I need some help , I have been busy with a water turbine project ( not my own a neighbor of mine's) and now hit a brick wall. The short version is everything is ready to go but we made the unfortunate mistake to buy a ABB PVI-3.0 wind inverter. All went well until we commissioned the inverter for the first time and found that the supplier never upload the wind tables. Now every body is putting their hands up in the air. Do any one know a of ABB tech guy that I could make contact with. I managed to get all the soft and hardware but there seems to be a few things that I miss or dont know. Or even better any one here know something? Best regards Paul
  12. @Newbie The one thing that I have seen with power line / prepaid ( as @plonkster noted) is that TV's and them dont mix well on the same line also the signal goes quite bad once it has gone through the earth leakage. I ended up having a dedicated plug right after the main bracer. Technically not correct but it works well.
  13. Optimal setting on Axpert

    Bahahha nice one @Chris Hobson almost went by unnoticed! @Kobus van der Watt as most said here the way you handle your system will ultimately determine how efficient it runs. You have the added benefit that on cloudy days you will still have some power. One other option is to get some wall timers ( I had quite a few running in the beginning). You can the setup stuff like phone/table chargers ectr only to be working in the day and at night they are all off. You will be amazed how low your base can get by shutting down the "silly" power hogs that you dont need. Just be aware that it can get quite addictive if that bug bites you!!
  14. Axpert Battery Voltage Spikes

    @flamegrilled something does not look right on the screen shots that you have , yes the batt volts does seems to jump but you batt amps is on 0 that is , dare I say , near impossible. Is the data in the screenshot form the BMV or the inverter?
  15. PVO - Genade , I had forgotten completely about that site. The funny thing is that the data is still going there! So I had a look and shoot I am 3rd on the list. He he not that it makes any difference , but boys will be boys .