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    A lot less money than what I had before all of this 

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  1. PaulF007

    Farm Geluk Installation

    Oh no wait I did change something , I finally managed to sort some of my system grounding.
  2. PaulF007

    Farm Geluk Installation

    Hey apart from the dust on every thing not much has changed in the batt room. But there is a upgrade coming soon. I just need to get all the spares together. The home gone through quite a few changes but I guess it does not have much to do with the solar system. Will take some picks once I start with the upgrade. Ps. not a system upgrade just a wire-ring upgrade there is some stuff that has bugged me from the start and need to sort it soon.
  3. PaulF007

    ROI for Home Wind Turbine.

    When I started my system I had a long look a wind turbines as to supplement my solar system. At onstage , here on the forum , some one even sold one at a discounted price. Looking at all the stats and speck sheets I decided to first buy a weather station/anemometer and see how much wind we really have. Short side I might have a months proper wind available in a year so it was a no go for me . But at least I have a running weather station.
  4. The problem with that is that you pay for the risk that the company takes. Fair market would be low price low warranty high risk to your self and the other way around. On ROI Just for fun The assumption would be that if you spend R1200 per month on your bill that should put you around 1000 kwh per month ( Pulled a quick average price per kwh form the net) 1000/30 = 33 kwh per day or 1.3 kw per hour base load - now that is sort off normal A R 50k system is fairly small ( It is too late to search for what R 50 k would buy now a days but a while back a 345 system would cost about R90k ( 3 kw Panels , 4oo ah bats , 5 kva Inverter) So you will have to reduce your base load to make the system work well and not hammer that bats to much. By making some lifestyle changes you can reduce you base to as low as 10 kwh per day and all of a sudden your bill falls to R 400 per month and that can be achieved without Solar , but with a solar geyser that will cost you a few bucks. You will be hard pressed to get a ROI of 15% with those low values. BUT this is only applicable IF you look at it from a cost perspective and most of us dont as there is nothing more lekker than boiling the kettle and knowing it comes from the Sun. Just for fun here is some stats for the last 6 moths at my place First the total energy used by the house from January The last 30 days As it is now winter I started to heating the geyser with the panels so the consumption per day is increasing but the grid units is still on about 100 per month so solar is used. Grid units used It did took a while but as you can see it can be done!
  5. PaulF007

    bmv 702

    Hozid George 25 Kva Setup , I think this is the biggest Axpert setup yet. The victron site has quite a nice installation guide that you can use. Cant get much simpler than that I also found this video to be quite good : Regarding on if you are willing to spend time or money - ICC will be your quick bet or there are quite a few option on Gidhub available for the BMV alone there is even a Victron solution as an Image. I assume that you have your hardware setup done , ie fuses , bracers etr. Just be sure to sync the BMV after setup. Ps. Would you mind giving us the full speck on your system?
  6. PaulF007

    way off - your confidential data...

    @gabriel have a look at this. I have the prepaid version of this but that's a lot of bang for buck. https://securej.telkom.co.za/today/freeme/free-me-unlimited/
  7. PaulF007

    way off - your confidential data...

    @plonkster when you are on a custom rom again have a look at magisk manager been using it with the banking app and so far no problems.
  8. PaulF007

    way off - your confidential data...

    In today's day and age I think it is naive to think that ANY of your personal information is safe. Not too long ago there was a article of yet another server that got hacked and information stolen. I for one now live my life as if every body knows everything about me , even my measly income and they must do with it as they want. I must agree with your last notion of not getting a contract. I moved away from contracts a year or so ago and haven't looked back ever since! Have a look at mr Frank Abagnale , "Catch Me If You Can". A chat he had at google , very interesting at the end someone asks him about personal information that was stolen in the states and what one could do - he had some interesting ideas. .. sorry it is a hour + video but still good.
  9. PaulF007

    on grid but battery still looses power

    By not using the batteries through the night they will be fairly "full" in the morning ( I refuse to use Eskom to charge the batts but you also have that option) Since the batts might have only discharged about 3% through the night there will be plenty time for them to get fully charged. The second "check" that I now do is to compare that BMV's amps with that of the Axpert's. The values wont be the same but the general trend should be same. Hope it helps.
  10. PaulF007

    on grid but battery still looses power

    Thats what I was thinking as well. Just looking at the first screen shot , the total between solar , batts and house seemed to be close enough. It wont hurt to sync the BMV. Mine was out by quite a lot and I only realized it after 6 or 8 months! So still do that. EDIT: One other thing , I like to give my batts a "proper" charge from time to time so what I do is not to use that batts for two days in a row , by switching to grid at night , and then it will have plenty time to get a "proper" charge. I use the Batt charge watts as a gauge as if they will only accept 30 to 40 w at flout I know they are as full as Ill ever get them.
  11. Ok , to be honest I dont know to much about the LCD but @Chris Hobson knows a fair amount about what all the images tells you. Regarding the monitoring of the batts. You have spent a fair amount on your system and if you are going to draw it down to 50% ( most of us here prefer to draw to 20% soc) I would say you must get a proper battery monitor. Again most of us here use a BMV 702 or 700. They are a bit expensive + R 3k but if you would like your batts to last you will need one. Here is quite a few discussions as to why it is a bad idea to use Volts to determine your SOC , the short answer is , you need to let the batts "rest" for a day before you will be able to get a fairly reliable reading. Second I would suggest you get some software to log your data from the Axpert and the BMV if you get one. Manie's monitor software is quite popular and he has spend quite a bit of time to develop it so have a look at it as it is well rounded by now. There are other options also available but it will require quite a bit of time to get going. Just another note as well I think you should also post all your settings on the inverter. Chris posted a "manual" here that explains all of them and what should be ideal but some times the setup is not done correctly so it might also help. P
  12. PaulF007

    on grid but battery still looses power

    Hi Gabriel What does the graph for your soc vs batt watts look like? My system uses about 40w once I switch to grid can you post a Image of the graph? As you can see my SOC still drops when I am on grid but very slowly.
  13. Morning Johan Here is some questions : How to you measure your batteries? The Axpert it self or a BMV How far do you discharge your batts per day? Do you monitor your system? How did you determine that your batts are not charging anymore? This should get things started. Regards Paul
  14. PaulF007

    Current Water Affairs.

    Weather Underground or www.wunderground.com has quite a community of personal weather stations that you can look at been sending my weather data to them for a while. Here is a link to their map of stations. https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap?lat=-33.93000031&lon=18.42000008&cm_ven=localwx_wumap P
  15. PaulF007

    Effekta Ax-P error 05

    @Alin I dont think it is the USB as the BMV is a strait serial device that just "spits out" data once you connect to it. Any serial connection with terminal works. It is actually one of the easier devices to "read". My guess would be that the software is hanging , do you know if there is a command that you could restart the ICC software in terminal via ssh?