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  1. Jaco de Jongh

    antattack and counteroffensive

    Hi Gabriel, from the pictures I can not clearly see, is that the small black ants or the bigger brown ones?
  2. Jaco de Jongh

    New Infini Super

    Thank you, I received some of the first ones to enter the country and I think I was one of the first in a parallel setup. In the first month one blew up, I reported it to them and they immediately blamed me, told me I wired the system wrong. ( I guess that it was before it became known that there was issues with the Inverters) . I was suppose to remove and send both inverters back, but fell ill short after. I was basically out of action for months and are only getting back in swing of things the last month or so. Will attend to the problem now. At least now we know where the problems are, so I expect a better outcome this time round.. Agree ..
  3. Jaco de Jongh

    New Infini Super

    Good day Peter, do you mind sharing the Suppliers name, I would like to know if its the same guys I got my machines from. I also lost one.
  4. Jaco de Jongh

    New Infini Super

    http://resource.capetown.gov.za/documentcentre/Documents/Forms, notices, tariffs and lists/Approved Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter List.pdf Here it is.. J
  5. Jaco de Jongh

    ROYAL Big Bang

    Thanks Chris and Peter, strange thing though, the level on the inside cells is just over 1 cm above the plates. the 2 on the ends is basically empty after the explosion , but i have to add the casing got cracked by the explosion causing the electrolyte to run out. I cant agree more. I have learned my lesson with sealed batteries after this incident. I will never use a sealed recreational battery ever again. Maybe someone knows of a way to check the electrolyte on a Royal or similar batteries but i dont. Maybe the level in the 2 broken cells were low, maybe not, but I will definitely replace it with something I can open to check like the rest of my batteries. My domestic worker is in that room a few times a day. I dont even want to think what could have happened if she was in there at the time. Luckily we are currently in the process of building her a new Laundry room and when that is completed she doesn't need to ever be close to this area again ... I agree, the Electrolyte was all over the room after the explosion, what was more amazing to me was the sound the explosion made. Pretty loud for so little gas. Nice point, one that we apply in our work, but who thinks of this when we design or build our solar system. Our inverters and battery normally end up in the same small unused room that we want to close up for security reasons. I dont think a normal inverter casing classifies as a explosion prove enclosure or that the electronics classifies as intrinsically safe. but we survive and I for one has never heard of a solar system exploding. Your point reminds me that it is indeed possible and that good ventilation should be part of the installation especially where the setup is in a closed small room.
  6. Jaco de Jongh

    ROYAL Big Bang

    Hi Johan, that fan was a 12volt dc test fan for a client, hanged it there for a test, but he wasnt happy with the results so I just left it there. Just out of view on the picture is 2 x 12 volt extractor fans to get rid of the gasses. I suspected the same, but Im no expert on batteries..
  7. Jaco de Jongh

    ROYAL Big Bang

    Good Morning I was working on my PC this morning when I heared a shot go off in the house (I was convinced a firearm was involved), but the thing is, I don't have any.. So after a few seconds of thinking I thought the only other thing that could make that kind of noise is my Inverters... but the power is still on... so it cant be my inverters, can it? Went to the inverter/battery room and when i entered i could not breath from all the gasses and the smell told my its got something to do with a battery. Gave it some time to extract the gasses and guess what i found...... This is a second hand Royal I bought from someone on this forum to test an Idea I had to keep all my 12 volt equipment like routers , switches ext going during a power failure. It was kept in a charged state with only 2 discharges in about a year. Charged by a 75/15 Blue MPPT. It was just over a year old when i bought it. In hindsight, I should have replaced him with a more reliable battery when i saw the plan worked, but never got round to it. No I must go clean up the rest of the equipment in the room.. what a mess!!! Please comment on possible reasons?
  8. Jaco de Jongh


    Hi Mark D3s still doing poorly, S9,s on bitcoin never been better, best returns by far for miners, S9s even doing better than the L3+ litecoin miners. Other miners took a big knock 2 days back when a very popular mining pool was hacked and 60mil USD got stolen from them. My BTC payouts on the S9s are pretty constant, although the value of the payout increases every day. Regards J
  9. Jaco de Jongh

    Antminer D3

    Not true!!! I received some of the first batch miners last week. Do not order them!!!
  10. Jaco de Jongh

    Show Off Your Mining Rig!

    Not showing off a rig. Just showing a little setup that I share with two friends. The wires looks bad, but she's making money and that's all that counts. There is still 13 Machines Outstanding at this location. 2nd Pic: Top Row Left is a 2 card RX470 test rig. The other 3 is 1080 Rigs. Middle row is 3 P106 Mining card rigs Bottom row is L3"s 3rd Pic: Top Row is S9"s Bottom Row is L3's 12 X D3's and 1 x L3 still on its way for this collection.
  11. Jaco de Jongh

    Antminer D3

    Sorry , I was trying to change stuff in this post, but messed it up and dont know how to fix it. Jay i think three months from now you will still do well with a D3, obviously not as well as the first one or 2 batches, but I think the D3 will still outperform anything else we are use to. ...
  12. Jaco de Jongh


    All mining hardware is going up, two days ago, the Chinese blocked the ordering of Litecoin miners at 1260USD, 6 hours later they reopened ordering at 1980USD. They stated out of stock, but the ones open for orders now, is the same batch as the lower priced ones. Did you see the X11 miner price increase... Supply and demand... wow!
  13. Jaco de Jongh


    I like this Mike, well done..... Do you mind if I post a picture of our Final mini farm when we complete it. All our rigs still running at a test facility, we are currently busy preparing the final location and might start moving in this weekend. Still waiting for 32 miners.
  14. Jaco de Jongh


    Your best bet in SA that I know of is Jacques at Bitmart in Nelspruit. https://www.bitmart.co.za/en/contact-us/
  15. Jaco de Jongh

    New Infini Super

    Hi Mark, sorry, I only saw this now. Thanks @plonkster for answering. Mark just look at Certificate a few posts up. the note at the bottom is the same as the fine print and Plonks answer.