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  1. ICC pi image

    Hello Manie, I just paid for the ICC-PI, but it seems the download link is broken. Where else can i download the ICC-PI image?
  2. Inverter three and four online

    Lovely installation! Is it still churning out the amps?
  3. House db

    Can the contactor switch the heavy loads to inverter during the day when the grid fails as long as the soc is within set limits?
  4. House db

    This has been an area of concern for me, as the grid is very unstable where I reside. So I can't enjoy the benefit quoted. An ATS to switch the heavy loads on/off based on the battery SOC during the day sounds like something that should work.
  5. Advise needed on changeover to Blue

    Nice! I currently have a similar dilemma. My house is split into 2 DBs, Critical Loads & Heavy Loads. I want both on solar during the day, but only the critical loads on battery at night. As you already know, the grid is non existent. Can the Axpert be operated in this mode: "At night, Use grid if available, else shutdown."
  6. Advise needed on changeover to Blue

    Hello Pranil, Did you solve this complex dilema?
  7. My Home Hybrid

    Very lovely setup. Sent from my SM-G928C using Tapatalk