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  1. SolarNoob

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    I agree with this statement. I started with only two Pylontechs for about a month and then added another two. The two PT's on their own were getting over voltage errors in the logs. I havent had these errors again since running four batteries.
  2. SolarNoob

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    @Mark I am not completely off grid. I run off batteries from 8 PM to 6 AM the next morning when my geyser switches on (also wired through the inverter), the geyser run off eskom in the mornings. Once the solar production is high enough it covers my base load and the rest charges the PT's. My geyser runs again at roughly mid day to heat water for the evening, this time the geyser runs off of PV. As PV production tapers off, I gradually use more eskom until the batteries take over again at 8 PM. The PT's happily take 25A (they can take more), the highest the infini can charge at until fully charged when the PV supply will suddenly drop off sharply to cover the base loads. Running those ten hours from batteries consumes roughly 45% of the total capacity of the PT's so depending on demand my batteries are usually charged before the geyser runs again at mid day. Unfortunately my loads arent high enough the entire day to consume the full PV supply and that effects my efficiency. I also only charge the batteries from solar. Running my system this way I have reduced my eskom bill by 70 to 80% and when the grid goes down, which it does quite often, the PT's can carry me through the night if need be. I prefer to keep the battery consumption to roughly 45% because I need the extra backup capacity for backup for my reef tank. I cant praise the PT's enough, they are plug and forget with the BMS taking all the worry out of the equation. They work flawlessly and they absorb charge like a sponge. I had 8 Trojan T105-RE's before the PT and some days they wouldnt be fully charged. This seldom happens with the PT's due to their charge efficiency. Are you off grid?
  3. SolarNoob

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    Yes I do, let me know your thoughts?
  4. SolarNoob

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    @plonkster I have been running the Pylontechs with the BMV for a while now and I can report that the SOC reported by both is very close, no more than 1 or 2 percent difference in their readings.
  5. I use the infinisolar 3KW plus which is capable of 6KW throughput in hybrid mode when the grid is available. My entire house including the geyser runs through the inverter as I wanted the excess solar power to heat the geyser at mid day as the geyser runs on a timer. I did replace the 3KW element with a 2KW element to keep the load within the inverters capabilities. I had a relay installed that completes the circuit for the dishwasher, washing machine and geyser so that should the power trip when these are in use, the load on the inverter is reduced to my base load of around 500W. This prevents the inverter from tripping on overload if the power goes out.
  6. SolarNoob

    Multi strings

    My system does however have high voltage, high quality diodes to prevent one half of the array feeding back to the other panels, just thought I would mention that. An extra layer of protection.
  7. SolarNoob

    Multi strings

    My array is split in half (due to space constraints), nine panels face NW and nine panels NE. I also have a longer solar day and I was a little worried at first, but I am very happy with the result Not the best solar day but the graph gives a good indication of production.
  8. SolarNoob

    ICC version 2.3.0 out now!

    Thats fantastic, well done. When will the windows version be available?
  9. SolarNoob

    Optimal setting on Axpert

    If I can add my 2 cents. I have had the same issue in the past. What I did to correct the issue is enter the setup on the BMV and go to setting 9, ‘zero current’ and zero out the current. This obviously needs to be done when you know there is no current draw from the batteries. Then hold + and - buttons together until the BMV beeps to synchronize manually. That should have you sorted. I have found that changing the tail current setting will cause this drift.
  10. I have 8 Trojan T105-RE 225AH batteries as well as 3 HA-02 battery balancers for sale for R17 000. The batteries are a year old and barely used. I drew 2KW a night from the bank so as not to keep them at float (extends their life) and the battery balancers have kept them nicely balanced. I have replaced the bank with LiFePO4 batteries as I need more capacity. I originally paid R27K for the lot. Collection will have to be arranged from Centurion at buyers own cost.
  11. SolarNoob

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    Looking at the SOP for the infini, the image shows the float voltage should be set to 53.2V? is 53.2V too high? Please excuse my ignorance
  12. SolarNoob

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    Which setting did you change on the BMV? Just the battery efficiency or the peukert values too? Did you follow the SOP Pylontech supplies for the installation on the axpert? Did you find the instructions adequate? Have you perhaps done an install on the Infinisolar inverters with the pylontech's?
  13. SolarNoob

    Pylontech US2000B Plus

    Will be interesting to compare the BMV to the BMS with ICC when its complete. I'm quite happy to keep the BMV