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  1. Panel (Array) ventilation

    Left side of left roof is in shade till about 8/9h The top NE has sun (guessing )till around 15h00
  2. Panel (Array) ventilation

    No chance at all - 2m from boundary and walls and roof 4m high
  3. Panel (Array) ventilation

    Quick drawing hope you will verstaan
  4. Panel (Array) ventilation

    Was just thinking not sure if anyone tried this: I have 9 x320w panels Going to be 3 strings of 3 what if I put 3 to face NE @ 15 ° and ( front roof ) 3 north and last @ 30° ( on a frame ) 3 to face NW@ 15° ( side roof)
  5. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Will it be OK To connect only : battery ac in and ac out For a while Panels still in boxes waiting on rails Or should I rather wait until panels are up and then connect everything ?
  6. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    @Werner Piek @Coulomb i got them to work parallel Updated the pf0.8 unit to 72.70c And no more fault ( 71 ) Will do all wiring this weekend
  7. Panel (Array) ventilation

    According to calculator I got 42° - 66°- 90° from vertical according to me that's 48° - 24° - 0° from horizontal 48+24+0÷3 =24° also have a NW facing roof @15° Will it make a big difference NW compared to N facing Or will it just produce power latter
  8. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    I'll be very interested to hear the result Fault code ( 71 ) same as @Werner Piek Will update pf0.8 unit to 72.70c and give it a try should be fine then Thank
  9. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    spoke to the supplier : asked them for 74.10 they spoke to their supplier and got back to me today reply was it will work must use 74.10 as master unit and 72.60 as slave i will give it a try and see what happens
  10. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Just powered up to check firmware old one 72.60 New one 74.10 Should I update so both are the same ?
  11. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    2015 -08 2017- 11 Didn't power up the new one yet Old 1 im pretty sure I updated to 72.60 Will dbl check
  12. Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Hi guys bought an inverter 5kva mecer (axpert mks ) late 2016 Recived the unit silver and black top has black heat sink and bottom black cover for all connections Needed more watts so ordered a 2nd unit Recived today everthing looks the same except : No black heat sink (cooling fins ) on top is this a new model ? Will it be compatible with the old 1 ? Attached pictures new and old
  13. Panel (Array) ventilation

    In south Africa what's the best angle is 30° OK Being in nylstroom / modimolle ? Please advise
  14. Panel (Array) ventilation

    I found this on the internet - ( Roof mounting clearance Solar panels you want to mount on a roof must have at least 3 inches but 4 to 6 inches is better, distance between the roof and solar panels frame. The reason for this clearance is that it allows air flow under the solar panels for cooling them. You must never mount panels in a way there isn't any air flow under them because they can become very hot in that way. )
  15. Panel (Array) ventilation

    Thanks 4 all the info - correct me if im wrong : i have 12 x255w already mounted flat on roof and ordered 9x320w (should get them in a week ) from all this info I feel it's better to put (aluminum ) rails and brackets for the new panels - will pay itself off over time ( Not worth it to remove and reinstall the old one's on rails ) Dose anyone know what is the minimum distance it should be between the roof -panel ?