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  1. Czauto

    Axpert 5Kva MKS

    Hi Guys, I'm planning an system upgrade so my Axpert 5Kva MKS is up for grabs. Already got Coulomb's firmware upgrade, fans inverted, etc. Included is also a remote panel. I was thinking about R9000 for both items but I'm open for (reasonable) offers. The unit is still installed and working as I type so any testing by potential buyers is welcome. I've been using it for roughly 18 months now with absolutely no problems. I'm also considering selling my complete system and starting from scratch. It consists of: 1 x Voltronic Axpert 5Kva MKS (MPPT) 1 x Voltronic Remote control panel 1 x Victron BMV-700 Battery monitor 2 x HA-02 Battery balancers 6 x Dreamquest 250W solar panels 8 x 105Ah high cycle batteries (about 6 months old) R30k for everything seems a fair price don't you think?
  2. I'll definitely follow this one. Something I wanted to do for a very long time.....Many thanks.
  3. Czauto

    Cape Town Water Crisis

    The way I see it. Mother earth is Fed up. Fed up being abused, fed up being scarred, fed up being hurt. This is nature's way of fighting back and sure as hell the human population, spiraling out of control, is going to come in second. Mother earth survived the ice age(s), meteorite strikes, etc, etc, etc, she surely can survive the human race who was supposed to take care of her, but failed to do so. We are disposable. She will survive again, even without us. I think it is inevitable. Our clock is ticking and let's face it. I won't be surprised if we get hit by some major epidemic or disease in the near future. Our time is running out fast. Let's face it. The S**T has already struck the fan and we're only starting to see the mess it's made. I personally think we're past the point of return on this one. I recently watched "NOAH" (again) and the part where they show Sodom and Gomorrah put's it into perspective very nicely. Yes you can read it in the bible but this violent and graphic version makes you realize, Damn! I see this on the News every night!! Depressing but a fact we have to deal with!
  4. Czauto

    ICC Windows

    Hi @pilotfish, I used laptops to run ICC windows and occasionally had the same problem. I tried everything but nothing solved the problem. When I eventually got the hanging problem sorted by installing it on a new(ish) windows7 laptop, the bloody harddrive crashed and I just gave up. Manie showed me this though. https://www.robotics.org.za/Z83-V2?search=mini pc I ordered one and it arrived within 2 days (Now remember, I'm in Beaufort West, everything takes a week to get here) @Manie gave me a fresh key (once more) and this little machine immediately did what is was intended to do, and that at an consumption of 4.5Watts, not much more than a Raspberry Pi. (I actually have a Pi3 gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere) I was so happy with this little machine that I eventually replaced all my laptops with it. This is being typed from one used in my office, running my invoicing software, Microsoft office, CCTV monitoring, etc. I've connected mine each to a 19" LED monitor which is set to go off if not used in 5 mins. Stability wise. The best running time I saw was 937hours before I restarted the machine after a windows update (Oh yes, it comes with a licensed copy of Windows10) All my minipc's is accessible through teamviewer, even from my cellphone so I can checkup on my CCTV, Alarm monitoring, Solar monitoring, etc from wherever I am. Heck my system has been running so flawlessly that I started other projects (like building a V8 into my Colt Rodeo. There goes the money I saved on solar ) If you want reliability and stability and don't like the PI route, this is the way to go. Roughly the same price, with roughly the same power consumption.
  5. Czauto


    I would do as you suggested in your original post. Turn the fridges of one by one (at least for one night each) and check ICC in the morning. You'll soon find the culprit. My old Pascali booster pump spiked at almost 4Kw (0.75Kw motor) with ICC constantly showing daily max usage figures of 5000w+. I decided to replace it with a tankless unit which I got from Builder's(box say's JOJO so not sure what make it actually is. It's got a 0.35Kw motor on the pump and with half the flow (40l/min) of the Pascali it's still more than enough to even supply 7 pop-up sprinklers. I've installed the smaller pump almost three months ago and can clearly see a difference. Average daily usage is down by roughly 2Kwh, and that by only installing a more efficient pump. Spikes are now never above 3000w (except when I start welding) PS: I did find that the old (6 months old) Pascali pump was very stiff. You could turn the impeller by hand, but only just. That would explain my excessive spikes
  6. Czauto

    Small inverter options?

    Maybe off topic but same difference. I wanted to get some mud terrain tyres for my 4x4 colt. Seeing that these pittbull/bulldog remoulded tyres were so cheap I was very close to buying a set of 4 for R4400. That's excluding shipping, fitment and balancing. Seeing that they don't like speed, or heat, or gravel roads, or anything else for that matter, i would use them only for offroading. I would keep my existing dunlops on a extra set of rims for long distances. Then it got me thinking? What if i want to go and do the Louvain 4x4 route for example? I cannot drive there with the remoulds so i would need to carry an extra set of wheels the whole trip. Nah! So i went shopping, shopping hard. I've ordered 4 x 33" yokohama mud terrains today for R9k (everything included) and i can even pay the guy in 4 installments. This is almost double the price of the cheapies but I now have tyres that can do what it's supposed to do. Same thing with inverters. Rather save a bit longer and get something that can do the job properly before you get the cheap "remoulds" and be sorry afterwards. Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  7. Czauto

    Small inverter options?

    To begin your solar experience with, i guess it's fine but remember, you WILL need to upgrade in future. Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  8. Czauto

    Latest Sans 10142 document.

    I will share when i get it. Let me give you an idea of my plans and why I want to do it. That way I can get some of your opinions. Wednesday/Thursday's "storm" only hit us early hours of Saturday morning. When I got up and out Saturday morning at about 7:00, I realised that my workshop's roof was barely still attached to the rest of the structure. The reason for this was not a bad structure but winds coming directly from North into a North facing workshop. I haven't finished the doors yet so winds, with gusts of up to 97kmh (that's what my Oregon weather station says) have been pooling directly into a structure with 3 closed sides, blowing it up like a baloon. First thing I could think of was taking some 5t ratchets and straps and tying it to my colt and a hilux I'm working on. This gave me 6 points with fairly heavy load to keep the roof down. I almost peed myself when it lifted my double cab colt's suspension about 3" at times. Anyway, I got my MIG out and started welding reinforcements to the roof structure only to find that with galeforce winds blowing away the shielding gas, the MIG was useless. So I went in search of my trusty old inverter welder and started welding. After about 30mins of welding, Voila! No power. After about 3mins tge inverter restarted and I realised that grid power went out at 3:42 and my batteries went below 45v while welding, thus shutting the inverter down. Now seeing that the grid was down due to some damaged powerlines and the fact of no sun, I was forced to start a client's 6.5kva generator (smoking like sh@t because of worn rings) and finish my welding. Eventually the batteries got some charge from pv but they were running below 80%, which i'm trying to avoid at all cost. This got me thinking. I have 2 4pole 63A contactors (2no + 2nc) and 4 2pole 20A contactors (1no + 1nc). All DIN rail. My idea is to integrate them into my db's by doing the following: Rewiring my house (again) into 3 circuits. 1; non-essentials (dishwasher, washing machine, tumbledryer,etc), 2; essentials (fridge, freezer, watercooler, etc) and 3; absolute essentials (lights, some tv's, cctv, alarm, laptop used for monitoring and routers) The absolute essentials would always be powered by the inverter. The essentials would be powered by the inverter but using one of the 4pole contactors as an ATS triggered by the BMV's relay, it would switch these circuits directly to grid when the batteries go below 85%. The relay would be latched through the BMV with inverter power (and the contactor's NC circuit) making it useable during power outages and batteries below 85%. This would cover me on cloudy days to switch heavy loads to grid. I would still be using ICC's time control but this can be tweaked properly now. Then using the 2pole contactor's NO circuits triggered by grid power, I can integrate this into the db to switch non-essential circuits off when the grid goes out. Voila! No more playing policeman and no more running out of battery power without warning. All circuits will still be run through relevant breakers and E/L units for safety. I do want to keep it legal though, not that policing from the municipality is a problem but for safety and insurance sake. Any opinions? I will upload the wiring diagram as soon as i've figured the details out. Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  9. Czauto

    Latest Sans 10142 document.

    Easier than it sounds in Trumantown. Cannot even find an ECA(SA) member closeby..... Oh ja. Talking of Prinsie. It seems his days are over after threatening to kill our municipal manager (over a recorded phonecall) Sacked from the ANC and from the soccer federation (or whatever you call it) He jumped in his car and got out of town after he set their local soccer stadium on fire. Thanks@pilotfish Will try one of the contractors tomorrow or just download it from the SABS's website. Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  10. Can anyone point me in a direction where I can find the latest Sans 10142 document (wiring of premises - low voltage installations) I tried googling and searching but the only one i can find is on SABS's website for cloose to R900. Bit steep if you just want it to snoop around a bit..... I want to make a few changes but want to make sure it's all done legally before I get someone to do a COC. I've rewired my house in 2011 myself and only got a electrician to check and give me a COC afterward. I saved about R8k then. Didn't have an alternative electricity supply back then so I need to get it sorted again. Seems the document I had was outdated anyway..... Cheers Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  11. Czauto

    Proline energy 4Kw settings

    Can you maybe post a picture of the model sticker for better identification? Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  12. Czauto

    Small inverter options?

    Hi Graham, The inverter you're referring to is actually an UPS. I used one for more than 2 years with my whole house's lights and some dedicated plugs for tv, explora, etc connected to it. When plugged in to an AC supply it will be in 'linethrough" mode when AC supply is available. As soon as there is a power failure it switches over to the batteries to supply AC to it's outlets. I guess if you leave the supply side disconnected and charge the batteries via a seperate solar charge controller it will work. That was actually my plan as well nut i decided to rather purchase a 5kva MKS Axpert and run my whole house from it. I gave my old system (mecer ups) to my father in law and it's still running 100% with the same 4 year old Shoto 102Ah batteries. It has been used as UPS system it's whole life though, not permanent solar application. Not sure how it's going to hold up when the inverter section is going to be used 24/7 Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  13. Czauto

    Cape Town Water Crisis

    Wind measured 15.8m/s at 16:58 in Beaufort West. Dust is more than clouds here Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  14. Sorry. I think I should've started a new topic.... Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk
  15. Hi all. I've just blown the dust off my rpi and connected it to my living room tv (sourced some relay boards so want to start playing) The thing is after i connected it to my tv via hdmi and powered it up, the red light went on and the green flashes about once a second.......but no display. It's an rpi3 board with oem rpi power supply. It worked fine after i switched it off the last time, about 4 months ago. Any ideas what could be the problem? I'm fearing the worst obviously[emoji31] Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk