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  1. Anti-Islanding devices?

    true, i looked around and found nothing cheaper..only the relay. so no 1100euro for the full pack, only 500euro for the UFR1001E and the other things you can buy cheaper.. so i can save 50% ;-) by making it myself... off topic : plonkster aren`t you on an other forum too? with mppsolar stuff? (i am...... , lol looking to change everything to victron, all my stuff is for sale ;-) )
  2. Raspberry Pi

    hum, since i updated to 2.2.5 emoncms (local, i only use local) stops random with updating, i see the time when it stops updating on the settings menu. (time stands still and the others move on) the mqtt and all others work fine... wierd... i looked at it... its no patern in the hold up of emoncm thread, mqtt and the program works fine..only emoncms not...
  3. Anti-Islanding devices?

    i understand plonkster....it must be doing more, lol because its 100times more money than the items in my link... maybe i have to save and buy the ziehl island and some relay of 63a... , the packet that victron sells is way to expensive.. imo
  4. Anti-Islanding devices?

    plonkster and. others, iam thinking of an anti_island system too, BUT that victron anti island thing is just like an under and over voltage checker with a relay , yes? what if i place this : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1-pc-63A-220V-Din-Rail-Self-Recovery-Automatic-Reconnect-Over-Under-Voltage-Lightening-Protection-Protective/32791790329.html and this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Digital-display-self-dual-overvoltage-protection-device-for-overvoltage-and-high-voltage-under-voltage-of-home/32599130370.html does the same i think.. right? ok, maybe not german ok, but still beter than nothing.. grtz kristof (belgium)
  5. Raspberry Pi

    yep, i also...but after more hours..and not always..wierd...it can be 200 and it can be 30h...mqtt works, but not emoncms i should be monitoring time...
  6. ICC Inverter and MPPT charger

    true, but dont think we can run 2xICC on one PI. .. you can try (registration and DB error will happen i think) and the pcm is not in the ICC (protocol ?)
  7. Raspberry Pi

    any one else have some emon problems with 2.2.2 version? local emon posting.. it crashes after 5a10mins. 2.2.1 works fine for me (only crashes after couple of hours)
  8. ICC Inverter and MPPT charger

    hoi, dont think thats possible... it is, but than they need to talk to one an other (parallel) and this will not work ,because they are not identical OR a second ICC running on the / a PI AND the pcm60 needs to be programmed (protocol ????) into ICC but you can not 2 inverters with on ICC program...
  9. Raspberry Pi

    its must be for sure.. but you forgot the / at the back of (if emoncms is the dir that is in the WWW dir)
  10. Raspberry Pi

    hoi kiwibrick, = an example ;-) so that needs to be your ip where emon is installed... you can try indeed like Paul said... you checked the checkbox of emon in ICC? thread is running ? node is standaard = 0 so should be working API key is write key? not the read key? nothing to see in emon - setup - inputs???? (updated = now or shows some seconds?)
  11. Raspberry Pi and stop ICC before doing and save than start again
  12. Raspberry Pi

    its wierd you see something in the pvwatts page and not on the threads, please see if date changes for the values i show you in pic. below. and if you can post screenshot when all the values change from "0" to something... it can be that you dont have a pip4048MS (i think i read something about Axpert.) maybe try that in the settings...
  13. Raspberry Pi

    @kiwibrick , can you post threads info page here? is it a pip4048 ms or msd or tripple?
  14. Raspberry Pi

    yes and no Paul, i think i only need the first "0" or "1" (B104 value), how did yo get it in emoncms? i dont see it for my inverter...