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  1. Axpert SCC MPPT v4.12 Firmware

    I saw it on this forum. And i also think i saw a pic on the AEVA forums but cant find it now.
  2. I have seen a few people showing screen shots of v4.12 of the SCC firmware. Does anyone have a copy of this firmware? or where it can be downloaded from?
  3. Battery Balancer

    I have a brand new HA-02 from @Chris-R which i purchased just before deciding to go the LifePO4 route. So if you interested please PM me.
  4. Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    Its this case that was enough for me to go Lithium. I hope i get 10 years out of them as well.
  5. Connect the inverters together by means of the parallel board and the supplied communication cables.
  6. I think a single instance of ICC will only show both inverters if there are connected in parallel. If you want to use ICC on the other inverter in your current setup, make a copy of the entire application including the database and use a seperate cable to the other inverter. Ensure com ports on Windows/Pi are different for each inverter. Ever consider coupling the inverters together? You are afterall using the same battery bank. Instructions below as per the manual. Then a single ICC application will see both inverters using a single cable.
  7. Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    Yip, I'll give a full write up on installing the Pylontech batteries with the Axpert MKS 5K inverter. I love how these units look in the cabinet, below is my install
  8. Axpert 5 kVA patched firmware 72.70c

    I'll advise to ensure that your usb-to-serial cable com port is changed to COM1. Always check in the Device manager.
  9. Axpert 5 kVA patched firmware 72.70c

    Yip, i've been using it for almost a week and it seems to be working great. I do have one issue but i'm starting to think its not related to the firmware.... I'm still investigating on my side, i suspect the ICC software has a bug.
  10. Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    Yip, adjusted as per the manual that came with my BMV-702. Charge effeciency set to 99% and Peukert's exponent to 1.10 but i just noticed with the latest online manual that the Peukert's exponent must now be set to 1.05 What have you set your Peukerts exponent to? Yip, i'm noticing that as well. Is there a BMS monitoring tool that i can plug into the Pylontech's to check what is going on every cell? Nope, not for the Axpert inverter.
  11. Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    Here is my new bank... those beauties are busy charging up now. I may decide to add another in the new year. Pic taken around 9:30am today. I am also using the ICC software and in addition to the inverter program 12 setting, i also use both SOC and time to switch to grid. Currently, it switches between 5pm - 9pm to grid (evening peak hours), thereafter its on batteries for the remainder of the day. If a 25% SOC is reached it will switch back to grid. Battery trend for today... You will notice that the battery voltage only touched 48v in the morning...it was actually 48.22v, SOC was around 40%. This most likely happened when i used the kettle. These readings are from the BMV-702 battery monitor. I don't trust the reading from the inverter itself. The inverter would have switched over to grid at that point (at 48.5v) but i'm testing prog 12 = 47v and so far its working for me. The Pylontech batteries also has several protection systems built in as part of its BMS. So if it goes below its min voltage threshold, then it will shutdown to protect itself. I am quite happy with the setup at the moment. I could never do this with my previous set of Narada 200ah AGM's.
  12. Which batteries should I buy (rhetorical question)

    Ok great thanks... I'm up and running with my Pylontech Batteries, thus far i am impressed. First time i've seen a DOD of 70% on 100ah batteries! And it charges up nicely, by 10:30am in the morning the batteries are full again. I do feel that the recommended program setting 12 = 48v is a bit high... Axperts do not have dynamic cut off values like Victron does... so during high load, a drop in voltage is normal and it hits 48v so easily and switches to grid... it happens at least 2 or 3 times a day for me. I don't see why we can't drop this a little, like 47v (47.5v would be ideal, but prog 12 does not allow 0.5v increments) as the Pylontech data sheet allows for a discharge voltage between 45 ~ 54v... @Coulomb , do you think prog 12 can be changed to allow for 0.5v increments? So if we change prog 12 = 47v, then i would also change prog 29 = 46.5v. So effectively, it will switch to grid and momentarily give you a low battery warning at 47v. Those are my thoughts so far... I've also looked at other inverter manufacturer settings and they to seem to set it at 47v. I know the cut off values do not work exactly the same as the Axpert but this is just a thought to stop switching to grid for no real reason, in my opinion. Below are other inverter manufacturer parameters that i have found thus far: Victron - https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:pylontech_phantom Sofar Solar ME3000SP - http://www.homeswitch.co.uk/battery-storage-installation-guide SOLAX - http://www.nuvisionenergy.co.uk/index.php?route=pavblog/blog&id=101 These are for the older version of the Pylontech batteries, so i'd take these values with a pinch of salt Any comments?
  13. Axpert 5 kVA patched firmware 72.70c

    @Coulomb How is the Beta testing going?
  14. Axpert 5 kVA patched firmware 72.70c

    So will the Axpert still be able to apply the Dynamic current control on the Pylontech batteries if run in the "Simple" way ?