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  1. stuvo


    My Axpert 5kva clone is giving me an 04 (low voltage) error at around 50.3V regardless of the value of program 12 (back to grid) I can set program 12 to any value 50V and below and I still get error 04 at just above 50V. What determines a low voltage error? Also, the inverter will not revert to battery after exceeding the threshold in program 13 (back to battery) unless I turn off the grid circuit breaker. Help Please.
  2. stuvo

    HA02 wire length

    I just received a couple of HA02 balancers and the wires are not long enough. Is there any issue with lengthening them? Do all wires need to be the same length? I just need to insert one foot (30cm) into the negative lead on the right side and one foot into the positive lead on the left side.
  3. stuvo

    An easy way to find faulty a battery?

    This worked great for me. Six of my eight were at 12.3V. Two of them sitting next to each other in a string are at 12.6V and 11.9V. What do I do now? Note: I recently ran an AGM RECONDITION cycle on each individual battery with a CTEK 5amp smart charger. I put the bank back together this morning. Everything seemed to equalize out fine. Mid-point voltage looks good on the 702, but this evening I checked with the volt meter and found the above discrepancy. I hooked my CTEK charger up to the low volt battery while it is in the bank. Thinking this will maybe act as a balancer.
  4. stuvo

    Battery lugs and terminals

    Would this be appropriate? Carplan/Carlube Mullti-Purpose Grease Copper 20g https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/carplancarlube-mullti-purpose-grease-copper-20g-i120057417-s124749710.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.7.25027cccXRCKYf&search=1
  5. stuvo

    Battery lugs and terminals

    Are battery ring terminals and the like really necessary? It seems like twisted copper and a couple of flat washers should do the job just fine. Please crucify me now.
  6. I have 12 260W. I wish I had 3 more on cloudy days.
  7. stuvo

    Regarding downloads & Hi!

    I had the same problem when I first joined, but several users responded to my requests with private links to the files I wanted. powerforum is the best. @Chris Hobson axpert guide should be the first thing you download as a new axpert owner. https://www.dropbox.com/s/udzwb3gi7rza9z5/Axpert Settings 1.1.pdf?dl=0
  8. stuvo

    Axpert not using the available solar energy

    I have some more info which may be relevant. The resets only seem to happen when I am operating at nearly full PV capacity. Since I can't sell my excess back, I bought an air conditioner. My battery bank gets to full charge around 1100 to 1200. Then on hot days I turn on the AC. The input watts go from around 900w to 2200w or greater (3.12kw max array). I'm still getting a 2amp trickle charge to the batts, and everything is fine on a full sunny day, but if it's partly cloudy, that's when the MPPT reset occurs. edit: Did mouse wheel scrolling stop working on only this site, or is it just me?
  9. stuvo

    Axpert not using the available solar energy

    @pilotfish I do see a correlation between mppt resets and pv input voltage sometimes. My pv voltage drops to around 80V or lower with cloud cover. My array is 12 x 260 watt in 4 parallel strings of 3 panels. I don't have the exact figures handy right now but, it's something like 91V nominal. DURAFLEX-SRP-6PB-4BB.pdf
  10. stuvo

    Axpert not using the available solar energy

    Just to follow up: I've been experimenting and I don't believe it was any load turning on that was causing my MPPT to reset. Today was completely sunny, not a cloud in the sky and I had no resets. I think it was intermittent cloud cover that caused the resets.
  11. stuvo

    Axpert not using the available solar energy

    I have a 3/4 hp water pump that is activated by a float switch, maybe that is it. Now that I think about it the wife may have been watering the garden causing the pump to trigger several times this afternoon. The MPPT resetting causes the PV in to drop?
  12. My SMKSOLAR Axpert MKS 5kVA 4000w 80A Inverter will be humming along at about 2.2kw PV watts in, charging the batteries with 2 or 3 amps float with a 35% load. Then all the sudden my PV watts will drop to about 200 and the BMV 702 shows a discharge of around 30A. This is not in relation to a cloud or anything I have noticed. After a minute or three the PV watts in will slowly start climbing until my full house load is met and I am again putting a charge on the 200ah AGM battery bank. This seems to happen every 10 minutes. Over the course of the afternoon, this reduces my charge percentage from 100% to about 80%. The solar energy is there. Why won't my inverter use it. PROGRAM: 1 Output source priority SbU 2 Maximum charging current 40A 3 AC input voltage range APL 5 Battery type AGM 16 Charger source priority OSO 31 Solar power balance SbE My array is 3.12kw
  13. stuvo

    Battery overcharging/undercharging

    @Chris Hobson, I think I've got my set up about right, but I really don't want to mess up my batteries and was hoping you would take a look at my settings. I've got 8 12V 100ah batts in two parallel strings of 4 (data sheet Rocket ESC100-12.pdf) attached to an Axpert 5kva. I'm using a bulk charge rate of 58V and a float rate of 54.8V. My BMV has program 2 set to 54.6V with a 3% tail current (program 3) and a 10 minute charge detection time (program 4). I set it up based on advice from this video My 3kw PV array has no problem getting the bank to full charge daily. The temperature around my batteries is often up to 35C. I'm charging OSO solar only at 30A (the max current on the data sheet.) I'm leaning toward staying on inverter program 1 SOL which switches me to grid, but only takes my batteries down to about 85%. I can go all night on SBU, but I drop to a SOC of about 55%. That's a bit lower that I want to go. Thanks.
  14. stuvo

    Firmware update freeze

    I finally heard from SMK Solar. "Thanks for your enquiry. The software can not upgrade by customer. Otherwise the chip will blocked. For software upgrde, this software upgrade version may not suitable for our product. Since it is working good, no need to change the setting by end user. " So I guess that's that.
  15. stuvo

    Firmware update freeze

    @Coulomb I only have a 200ah bank so I've got my max charge set to 20A. Anyway @flltech here are some (poor) pictures of the interior.