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  1. Current Water Affairs.

    you are doing EXCEPTIONALLY well! do not despair, we are in the same boat [no pun intended] "...yet i will rejoice..." hab 3:18
  2. anyone for a shipping container house?

    and our ships come in with all the containers...
  3. https://businesstech.co.za/news/property/238261/a-look-inside-a-r400000-south-african-container-home/
  4. Current Water Affairs.

    but true, hence the secularist will at all cost avoid acknowledging his heritage and his present obligations and responsibilities regarding the future - he is the man on his own island, die haan op sy eie mishoop [net mis, niks hoop ], his theme song echoes the last words of frank sinatra's song: For what is a man, what has he got If not himself, then he has naught To say the things he truly feels And not the words of one who kneels [i.e. prays] The record shows I took the blows And did it my way Yes, it was my way and that is the problem, of the seven billion people on earth, the vast majority want to do it 'their way'... ignoring the fact that there is but one Way
  5. what is this?

    thanks @plonkster, the hunt continues... now for the switch to have a look at other more obvious things before tackling the motor itself... but that is for tomorrow, now we must catch a few z's 1st
  6. what is this?

    hi guys, my shredder stopped working. all seems ok but i have a suspicion this component has 'blown', some questions: what is it? how do i test it? [i have a multimeter] can i replace it if it is broken? obviously the little motor could also have overheated, but lets start with this unknown thing...
  7. Current Water Affairs.

    notwithstanding trump i see there might be hope even for the us of a http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43534724?SThisFB

    thanks @Chris Hobson, 23 was disabled, fixed it right away - phew, survived my 1st axpert error message... not bad though, one per year, and for that a relative harmless one

    hi @Chris Hobson, i just experienced error 7 on the axpert 5kva. the alarm went on continuous and i switched to grid manually. should the axpert not go to grid automatically in this case as i have program one on sbu? [reason is most probaby the washing machine - 60 degrees setting].
  10. Current Water Affairs.

    for some even getting rid of some moveable assets might be prudent; but then we are not part of the solution but in some way part of the problem [brain drain?] - i believe most sa citizens on this forum are not going to partake in the exodus. i know i described myself as a realistic pessimist regarding especially our economic infrastructure, but then, things have been worse [ask paul & silas]. and even in the worst of situations there is a way out, so maybe we should focus on that - i know it is by far the more difficult choice, but in the end the most rewarding.
  11. Current Water Affairs.

    ... but in the mean time lets enjoy the sunshine and make some electricity
  12. Current Water Affairs.

    the problem with plan b is the fact that all have their own agenda, most probably making my plan b rather unpopular for instance. the problem obviously started with plan a. plan a was a non-event as it was not a plan in the 1st place; in other words if we speak of plan b we actually speak of plan a. eish folks... this thing gets confusing reminds me of a saying "something is void for vagueness or vague for voidness" of so iets...
  13. Current Water Affairs.

    reminds me of the '5 year' plans in most communist countries - but same as here, if you hear that from a politician it is propaganda, aimed at pacifying dissapointed voters and winning new ignorami; same old game... pardon my realistic pessimism when it comes to those entrusted with our money etc
  14. eish... wish i knew that back then
  15. being too hasty i would always go for the cheat codes to build the arcologies in simcity, but that never prevented some sections of my society from rioting or burning down etc... much like many politicos of today, only interested in their own arcologies