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  1. pilotfish

    digital thermometer placing

    I have had a cheapie lying around for a while so I took it now and measured boiling water through the transparent glass kettle, which in Joburg will be around 96C. My results varied from 85C to 56C depending on the measuring angle (85C when square on).
  2. pilotfish


    Can you post a spec sheet or full set of pics?
  3. pilotfish

    Axpert VM III

    That is why I have previously tried to get a common naming format going on the forum; If it can feed back into the grid; Grid-Tie If it can use grid for charging and pass through but not feed back; Grid-Connected or Grid-Assisted (I like #2) If it can operate with or without batteries; Hybrid Type of ECC; MPPT PWM I am sure that there are other main categories which could be added to the above, but the above list would put an end to a lot of confusion. This new Axpert VM III should be called a Grid Assist (not grid-tied) Hybrid (can function with/without batteries) MPPT Inverter/charger. If you read the description you should have a basic understanding of the capabilities without having to delve into the manual.
  4. pilotfish

    DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    Great to see someone getting a DIY pack up and running, well done. My only issue with laptop batteries (and please correct me if I am wrong) is that you are using Li-Ion (3.7/4.2V) and not Li-Iron (LiFePO4 - 3.2/3.7V) - My problem with Li-ion is that the average life expectancy is 300-500cyc when the battery is new. The laptop batteries that you are using are used, and although I assume that you are testing them and discarding the dodgy ones, the ones being used are probably 1/2 life by now. So have you allowed for the fact that the pack may die within 150-250 days, or am I getting this all wrong?
  5. pilotfish

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    maybe you can request the cell next to Penny
  6. pilotfish

    Axpert Plus 3kw, need help programming please!

    If you decide to go this route may I make a suggestion; the 24V version of the inverter that you have been sold is a bit limited in that it has a maximum PV capacity of 1500W, if you trade up to the 48V version of the same inverter then your PV capacity goes up to 3000W which is far more versatile if you decide to add panels in future (which you probably will) - or better yet the MKS 5k which is the 5kVA version if your budget allows. The reason that I suggest this is that you have 11kWh of battery capacity and a panel that will probably average around 6kWh/day if well aligned, you may well find that you would like to increase panel capacity in future as budget allows and it would be nice if your inverter was able to accept it.
  7. pilotfish

    Axpert Plus 3kw, need help programming please!

    Your MPPT section of the inverter has operating voltage range (PV input) of 60V - 115V and an absolute maximum open circuit voltage of 145V Your panels have an operating voltage of Vmp = 37V and an open circuit voltage of Voc = 46V 2 panels in series will give operating voltage of 74V and open circuitr voltage of 92V 6 panels in series will give operating voltage of 222V and open circuit voltage of 276V Read through the above twice. I cant say if the MPPT section of your inverter has been blown but if you connected 6 panels in series I would be amazed if it wasn't (I have never tried this personally so not speaking from any kind of experience in this regard). If on the other habd you have connected the 6 panels in parallel then your voltage at the PV imputs would be less than the 60V required for the MPPT to switch on.
  8. pilotfish

    Axpert Plus 3kw, need help programming please!

    This is your 1st mistake that I can see, you should have 3 sets of 2panel in series (for 72 module panels as 320W panel would normally be). By connecting 6 panels in series your open circuit voltage will be about 270V where your MPPT is max 145V - I think you may have toasted your inverter. The Axpert 3kVA+ comes in both 24V and 48V version - are you sure that yours is the 24V?
  9. pilotfish

    Eskom strike tomorrow

    Me Too! I have one daughter in Aus and the other one in BVI - I can maybe afford to visit few years or so but not move sadly.
  10. pilotfish

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    Like having an articulated truck with the engine in the horse and the gearbox in the trailer - I like it
  11. pilotfish

    Axpert VM III

    I don't believe it has any ability to feed back, which is what I call grid-tie - this inverter is what I think should be called hybrid grid-assist.
  12. I see R32.5bn in claw back has just been approved, probably split over three years, claw back tariff is over and above the Nersa approved tariff. So 2018 tariff increase for example would be Nersa approved 5% + Claw back of about 6% = 11%.
  13. pilotfish

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    Because the PC at the end of long lead will see rectification sag + cable drop - close pc sees only sag.
  14. pilotfish

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    Above and beyond! I guess that is a definite proof that it is the voltage regulation delay in the inverter and nothing to do with cabling.
  15. pilotfish

    Lights Flickering when on Battery Mode Axpert

    The situation where neutral is not referenced to earth is dangerous, but unlikely to cause flickering. The neutral to live voltage will remain stable at around 230V from the Axpert inverter, it is neutral to earth that will be floating.