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  1. Current Water Affairs.

    So have the Capies all got the brollies and wading boots lined up and ready for action? I remember a December holiday near Inhambane in Moz in 1992 (or '93, I remember the war was over but not everyone had heard the news). The daytime temps were over 40' for 10 days in a row, night time was over 30' with no breeze in the little town (Torfu) where we were staying. The only fresh water available was from a well about 2km away, that was a rope and bucket about 15m deep. Pull a 10L bucket up hand over hand for 15m and by the time it is at the top you need all that water to recover and must send the bucket back down! So obviously with water so hard to obtain it was regarded as a very valuable commodity, if you tried to have a shower to cool down then everyone bitched and moaned and then chased you back to the well to replace the water. After 10 days of hell the heavens opened and it pissed down with torrential rain for about an hour - everyone rushed outside and stood in the rain with shampoo and soap and had the 1st decent shower for the whole holiday. Maybe we will see some social media vids of the Capies out doing the same thing tonight! Enjoy
  2. Laundry needs hot water

    Yes - Time of Use is not a common tariff but it is available, if you are able to shift loads then it is definitely worthwhile.
  3. Laundry needs hot water

    Just checked CoCT tariff's - no luck on TOU
  4. Laundry needs hot water

    The TOU tariff above has fixed monthly costs excess of R500/month before any usage, I am on prepaid with total costs below R500 per month.
  5. Laundry needs hot water

    Joburg Off-Peak tariff if on Time of Use billing structure is 84c in summer and 89c in winter. I am sure CoCT will have something similar. It sounds great until you see the Peak tariff; summer = 134c winter = 308c!!!
  6. Wind Turbine Overview

    Reading some of the stories above and Plonksters very recent Hello Peter link, it seems there is enough smoke to warrant an evacuation.
  7. If you have HA-02 to address the imbalance that you are creating then you should be OK, otherwise NO!!!
  8. You would want to limit it to 250 hours run time to maintain 50% DOD. On the other hand if you got a small 12v/10w panel from one of the hundreds of Chinese product outlets for about R100, you could hook it directly to the fan and allow it to run all day while sun is up (no fan at night). If it must run 24hr then if you did the same as above but with the 100Ah battery as well I reckon you could run the fan forever without requiring a charge controller, the panel should produce about 60Wh per day and the fan draw about 60Wh per day. If you start with a fully charged battery you could check the voltage maybe once a month to make sure things aren't going pear shaped. NOTE: if the fan packs up and stops drawing current then the panel will eventually cook the battery
  9. I think the yellow wire is used for fan speed sensing which the smarter PC's can then adjust by PWM on R+B. If 12v applied to R+B it will run full speed.
  10. Assistance with 5kva Synerji

    I noted in @Chris Hobson video that the Low Volt shut down seems to be set at 36v (9v per 12V battery). If that is the default then at that setting the batteries would be TOAST!
  11. Assistance with 5kva Synerji

    In which case the reflash may brick the inverter and I dont know if ICC will be able to interact with your inverter - you could use the free version for a week or so if I am not mistaken to evaluate.
  12. Assistance with 5kva Synerji

    http://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=4332 Coulomb - Patch Instructions.docx
  13. Assistance with 5kva Synerji

    Hi @Anarchy05, The Synerji appears to be a re-branded Axpert, so I believe that you can read all the topics and follow the advice related to the Axpert. It comes in both PWM and MPPT versions, it would be important to know which one he has as the advice may differ in certain aspects. I am going to assume that he has a rebranded version of the AXPERT MKS 5K (MPPT version) with max PV array open circuit voltage of 145Vdc, because the PWM max PV array open circuit voltage is 105Vdc and I think you are exceeding that but some margin already. A 300W panel is "normally" 72 modules, which "normally" has an OCV of around 46Vdc which would mean a current OCV of around 138V for 3 panels in series. This is getting very close to the max allowed for the MPPT and may exceed it in bright and cold winter conditions. My 1st and most obvious suggestion would be more panel. The Axpert MKS 5k (which I believe your inverter to be but I may be wrong in which case all my advice may be nonsense!) can handle 12x300W panels. Most people on the forum would recommend that to be configured 2S6P, but considering yours are already configured 3S3P you could go to 3S4P if not keen on the major panel rewire. Note that 2S6P and 3S4P will give the same amount of power, it is only that the 1st option would give greater safety margin in relation to Max OCV, which I am assuming to be 145V. My 2nd suggestion would be to confirm the condition of the batteries. This can be quite tricky to do while in operation but the following should give a reasonable indication of any dodgy batteries; Remove the HA-02's for the duration of this test as they will confuse the results (but re-install afterwards because they are a valuable addition to your type of battery bank), Run the system as usual for a couple of days without the HA's, On the 3rd morning when batteries are low and BEFORE starting the generator, measure and record the voltage of each individual battery, The batteries should all be at a similar voltage, any that are very low in relation to the others should be considered suspect and more than likely damaged. My 3rd suggestion is to confirm that it is actually an Axpert and exactly which model (check out the firmware version which will give a clue), if confirmed to be rebranded Axpert then reflash with @Coulomb and @weber revised firmware which addresses a charging anomaly in Axpert firmware which causes the system to go to float mode much too early. This will cause battery charge current to drop off too soon so that the batteries are unable to fully charge even when panel capacity is available. Finally I suggest a decent monitoring system such as ICC software from @Manie, because running an off-grid PV system while blind is a very difficult thing to do. If you do go ahead with the ICC software then also add a Victron BMV-702 which will pass proper battery state of charge info to the software and not the useless info delivered by the Axpert. Good luck.
  14. Wind Turbine Overview

    Wow I had no idea - I never bought anything from GW Store but had my finger hovering over the button on a number of occasions, phew!
  15. No, but I cant see any reason why their panels would be any better/worse than any of the multitude of Chinese multi-crystalline panels available. I previously used Setsolar panels which are also RSA made and was very happy with the product. Setsolar/Artsolar sound very similar, I wonder if it is not some kind of breakaway? They are well priced, I would be happy to use them.