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    Way solar systems are marketed

    In a newly constructed home you would be provided an "occupation certificate" on completion by a building inspector, after providing the inspector with the necessary certificates (including Electrical COC).
  2. pilotfish

    Electric Bicycles

    ...just so long as it is a really short program.
  3. I must have miss-heard - I thought that the saying went "the only good things in WP came out of Gauteng"
  4. I hope that they do - that will give OUTA ammo in court to send them back to the drawing board and delaying for another 6 months.
  5. If Utility priority leave the setup as 57.6 bulk and 54.4 float (or there about, try and find your battery spec for standby voltage), if you keep your batteries at a high voltage for a long time they will dry out and fail prematurely. I can do it because on SBU setting my batteries don't spend a long time at [57.6/56.8] - some days not reaching there at all. On average my BMV will sync every second day.
  6. That is exactly my current setup - bulk at 57.4 and float at 56.8 to avoid excessive gassing.
  7. pilotfish

    Axperts and Bypass

    Haha - I think you may have caused some heart issues
  8. I agree with this statement, but I have recently come to believe that it is as a result of incorrect advice on the forum and not necessarily an Axpert fault. If you look at any number of AGM/GEL battery spec sheets for example the advice is fairly similar (but please use your own spec sheet); From Vision 6FM100P-X spec sheet Cycle Use = 2.4 to 2.45 VPC = 14.4 to 14.7 per 12v battery = 57.6 to 58.8 per 48V bank Standby use = 2.2 to 2.3 VPC = 13.2 to 13.6 = 52.8 to 54.4 per 48V bank The thing is that we are (mostly) using our batteries in Cycle Use and not Standby, but for some reason we all charge out batteries to Cycle Use voltage and then drop off to Standby Use voltage, not allowing the time to fully charge and equalize. Nowhere on the spec sheet does it mention dropping to standby voltage when in cycle use! So why not set bulk and float BOTH to 57.6V (the lower end of the scale to minimize gassing and stay away from 60V capacitor limit), then your batteries will get charged properly - problem over!
  9. pilotfish

    Electric Bicycles

    Check out the bikes on this site - maybe they can sell you something or point you in the right direction; http://e-lectricventures.co.za Note that a typical Argus cyclist can produce 250w (a finisher, not the winner!) for about 1 minute before collapsing in a heap - so a 250w is more than enough for a pedal assist motor.
  10. pilotfish

    Axperts and Bypass

    The Axpert system in parallel as you have it is very good value, but only if used in conjunction with the additional items listed in my email above. The problem is that Axpert battery management is very poor and will destroy your batteries very quickly unless you provide the proper support. So if you are finding that your system is not functioning as well as this same time last year (we have had a bad couple of solar months in Joburg and I have been nursing my batteries through this period) then your batteries may well be looking over the edge of the abyss. You may be able to help them recover, and maybe too late. I am not going to explain everything from basics because it will take forever - the info is all available on the forum, I will point you in the right direction and when you have done some research then by all means come back with questions. Check the 8x individual battery voltages and 1x bank voltage in the early morning (before PV wakes up) while system is in grid mode to ensure no power in or out of batteries - if you find major discrepancies then post here for comment. Search the forum for info on HA-02 battery balancer - they are essential in your type of battery setup to maintain battery balance without which you can lose the entire bank through 1 faulty battery. You will require 2 as each one connects to 4 batteries. See attached instructions for @Coulomb and @weber firmware update which addresses an issue where Axpert often goes to float way to early which will result in undercharge leading to battery sulphation and damage. Install ICC for Windows on your laptop which will give you vastly improved insight into functioning and performance of your PV system, and much better battery management if you add the BMV-702 Install a BMV-702 which gives vastly improved measurement of State of Charge of your batteries, and will work in conjunction with ICC to improve control. The above seems like a long and expensive list but will actually probably only run you around R4k, about the same as ONE of your batteries. Coulomb - Patch Instructions.docx
  11. I believe that the bulk charge voltage that I gave you is correct for most AGM/GEL batteries, so I doubt it is too high. The batteries will warm depending on the amount of current passing through them, but should not be hot to the touch which indicates problems. The battery room should be well ventilated to try and keep a temp as close as possible to 25C - above which battery life drops off fast. @plonkster is the right guy to ask regarding the BMV - he is PAID to supply quality support
  12. 26 - 12v Gel batteries in CYCLE use would typically have charge voltage of 14.4 to 14.7v, I would go in at 14,4V x 4 = 57.6V 27 - Use the typical standby voltage as your float voltage, so 13.8 x 4 = 55.2V (if too low then you will struggle to fully charge), 29 - 48V cut-off sounds about right, you may need to drop slightly if you have heavy loads which cause short term voltage drops. Note the above is my opinion, others may differ.
  13. pilotfish

    Axperts and Bypass

    Hi Haydn, My guess is that your battery voltage is reaching [back to utility] setting in Menu 12. There can be lots of reasons for this, but most likely your State of Charge is low and battery voltage dips below this level when a load is applied. How long have you been running the system? What are you running on the system? Are you using ICC software (or similar) to control your system? Do you have a BMV-702 battery monitor to correctly monitor State of Charge? Are you using HA-02 battery balance? Have you flashed the latest firmware from Coulomb^^^ which fixes charging issues with Axpert inverters?
  14. Just make sure to pay your e-tolls here in GP when you come to steal our services
  15. See below; Province Total number of tax payers /Average taxable income /Total taxable income/ Percentage of total taxable income Eastern Cape 440 406 R193 931 R85.41 billion 7% Free State 258 998 R178 251 R46.17 billion 3.9% Gauteng 1 847 903 R272 188 R502.98 billion 42.6% KwaZulu-Natal 707 335 R208 142 R147.23 billion 12.5% Limpopo 261 252 R196 862 R51.43 billion 4.4% Mpumalanga 301 871 R212 113 R64.03 billion 5.4% Northern Cape 111 572 R184 038 R50.97 billion 4.3% North West 276 937 R187 702 R20.94 billion 1.8% Western Cape 801 441 R228 053 R182.77 billion 15.5% Unknown province 166 857 R177 602 R29.63 billion 2.5% As can be seen above almost HALF of all costs covered by the fiscus is contributed by Gauteng tax payers, so I think the "unfair" complaint is a bit lame. Otherwise just spend ALL Gauteng tax in Gauteng, then we can pay for the road on Friday
  16. Why not cut the cable in the middle and just insert extension required. It may be non-standard, so inserting a piece of cable and going color-to-color is foolproof.
  17. Including or excluding the panels?
  18. What did it look like before your lessons started
  19. I now understand the "standardised roof" input better. I agree that if these were affordable it would be a wonderful solution.
  20. No - those "roads" on the RSA side can loosen your teeth! If you haven't already then try going in the Bots side next time, that is a good test of of any vehicles sand capabilities and the paths that we took were much more pleasant twee-spoor tracks that the bone jarring corrugated roads on RSA side - very interesting Lion interactions as well, stick to roof-top tent unless you are happy to wake up starring into a Lions eyes from 18" at 2am!
  21. He did yes - after making a fool of himself in the sand because he was no doubt too arrogant to spend the 30s required to find out how the system works, he went about defending his fragile ego by attacking everything about the vehicle with bulging eyes, pulsing veins and spittle spray. Some of the points were valid and some were silly nitpicking, but all delivered with such outrage that anyone would swear that marketing a Pajero was akin to a criminal offense. As an experienced vehicle journalist he could have made light of his stupid mistake in the sand and accepted responsibility, and then gone on calmly to highlight both good and bad points of the vehicle. Which would be a valid criticism of the Gen 4 Pajero (mine is Gen 3 and doesn't suffer this malady), there is a private fix available on the [4x4 Community Forum] and [Pajero Owners Club of SA] - which I suggest @Johandup look into, apparently transforms the vehicle when used on corrugated roads. 90% of Landrovers made are still on the road, the other 10% eventually made it home OK - back to PV stuff now!
  22. Obviously having a bad day, I think I need a whisky
  23. And fair enough too - I have watched the video and it is clear that he has no idea how the Pajero drive system works (which is amazingly capable, I know because I have one) and then uses his privileged position in the media to lambasts and destroy the reputation of a great product, because he was embarrassed at looking like an idiot in that group when he portrays himself as the master of 4 wheel drive.