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  1. funny I was also searching around for thermal . but way out of my league 2nd prize is get a normal cctv cam or ip cam but mount a ir light next to it . we cant see the light but the camera does . might work for your pupose cheers.
  2. maxomill

    Excess solar to heat water

    this is to the others asking about excess power to the geyser with a geyserwise as per above earlier drawing please if anyone knows different then please fluke me, but this is my question I believe the geyserwise monitors power somehow to the geyser , so if you switch the power to the element off with your contactor/ relay , the geyserwise may see this as a fault and throw out an error which you have to reset manually ? cheers
  3. maxomill

    Excess solar to heat water

    hi there @Fuenkli this is a kiss (keep it super simple ) solution since your system is grid tied that means the solar will supply as much as it can to whatever you have switch on , since you have excess power (At certain times of the day)you could install timers on items that you would like to come on (especially geyser aircon) just note how much power you have excess and run an (Timered) appliance with close to that excess power that you have . If you want to heat up the geyser but it draws too much instantaneous power there are ways around that but it can take 7 or 8 kw and you say you have 10 kw excess , that doesn't sound like a bad thing cheers
  4. Hi there I will try to simplify your system are you on 3 phase or is there another reason for the 3 inverters? at a quick glance I think your system is great if anyone thinks I'm wrong then please tell me my bottom line is this (dumbed down version) you have 16 batteries in the picture therefore each bat has about 2 kw( 200a x 12 v = 2400w ) of power but since its recommended not to take the bats below 50% discharge , well now you have 16 kw of normal use my house usually runs a base load of 800w so with your bats I would last about 20 hours ( 16000w / 800w) your solar starts dropping off at 5 ish in summer and starts making reasonable power at 9 ish in the morning( btw what panels do you have) that equates to 16 hours on batteries im on single phase (1 inverter) and only things not connected is geyser kettle and stove (yes I have a pool which runs from 9 30 till 4 ) also I run Eskom at night if I had your panels I think I could throw in the kettle and geyser and I think you are right to want to monitor you system my 2 recommendations are check your battery cables connections as mentioned in the above posts and buy cheap led or digital voltmeters and place one on each battery to monitor your batteries at a glance ( im sure some one else on the forum will also mention battery balancers which I don't have) like I said if anyone thinks Im wrong please shout cheers max
  5. maxomill

    ROYAL Big Bang

    a customer of mine had a similar explosion and said it sounded like a gunshot , and I believe it was due to having almost zero water in the batteries which were 6 years old cheers
  6. maxomill

    batteries graphs

    Make me clever does someone know how to read these graphs and how do you equate them to a 24 0r 48v system regards Maxomill
  7. maxomill

    Cleaning your aray

    broom and hosepipe when I see they dirty cheers
  8. maxomill

    Electric Tractor Conversion

    just a quick 2c worth what about a dc motor running hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor running the gearbox by controlling the speed of dc motor you control the speed of the tractor or by simple hydraulic valve you control the speed of the tractor cheers
  9. maxomill

    An easy way to find faulty a battery?

    connect one of those cheap led voltmeters on each battery . switch off the solar and Eskom and place some load on the system and watch the meters you will soon notice what's what cheers
  10. i have not tried that particular one but I did have the onesto LSR connected to my old system . it controlled the power from the inverter and gave the house priority , so if the house was not drawing more than 1200 w for thirty seconds then the swimming pool pump could work. The main reason for placing it in the circuit was so as not to ever overload my system with every thing running at the same time and drain my battery bank . my battery bank had a voltage comparator in the system which would switch back to Eskom at a set voltage so indirectly the Load shed relay would stop the bats from being drawn down too quickly can I ask why or what you want to do with one as im sure it could be used for lots of other things cheers
  11. maxomill

    Monitoring DC power from PV strings cables to Inverter

    hi there I have 1 big array which is divided into 3 and 1 west facing array for more afternoon sun . I have a energy monitor measuring all the solar panel dc power as the 4 are all in parallel . but with 4 disconnects so that I can switch on/off and see any abnormalities . I like keeping panels in equal numbers . it may costs a bit more on wiring but you can easily check for discrepancies and faults . and no I cant monitor it on the computer so it may not help you but its a solution of some sorts cheers
  12. maxomill

    bi directional sesor relay

    a hexing 101 doesn't mind feeding back at all but does register it cheers
  13. maxomill

    Voltronic, Axpert, Gride Tie, Red Tape

    cheers @Chris Hobson but it can also run in self consumption this works for me cheers
  14. maxomill

    Voltronic, Axpert, Gride Tie, Red Tape

    hi Chris can you elaborate on this a bit cheers
  15. grid tie is fantastic but off grid makes it more complex I once bred a batch of bass and a light just above the water would attract insects which a lot of would land up in the water . the fish were there having a feeding frenzy . a bug zapper was also added there and the fish loved the cooked food as well point is it saved a lot on feed costs cheers