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  1. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    Me too.I have a 2015 model.It is running ver 72.40 The machine runs to 53 volts and the next moment , batteries are full.(SOC) The forum has firmware links all over the show,but firmware not. What is the flashing process?Which exe/zip is run to load the firmware file. You use a MSoft OS to do the job?.All I know COM1 is the gateway using a serial cable. Thanks.
  2. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    RCT is Mustek is RCT. Yes/No? Am I assuming Mustek JHB then?
  3. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    I need an inverter repaired.Where do I send an out of warranty unit to for repair in South Africa?
  4. Shattered panel fix

    Have you tried the guys that repair car windshields?
  5. bird nests under solar panels

    In the mission to cool off the solar panels with an irrigation system one could attach a "noisy nossle" in line to ward off future "homemakers killing two birds so to say.
  6. bird nests under solar panels

    https://birdbarrier.com/solar-panel-protection.html. One of many manufacturers for panel coverage. A local supplier of a bird deterrent: http://www.eagleeye.co.za/
  7. Axpert model compatibility

    http://www.voltronicpower.com/oCart2/index.php?route=product/product&path=24&product_id=132 Is the Axpert compatible with the old 5KVA for a parallel operation?
  8. COCT GTI list

    And FINALLY, my Solis GTI is on the list of approved inverters - Now to decide off-grid or on the grid.Prepaid or AMI.I can't decide what is best in the short term.
  9. bi directional sesor relay

    Don't know if this is still available. https://libra.energy/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/Export-power-manager_V1.0-7.pdf
  10. Geyserwise PV solar geyser installation

    I have installed the next version of the Geyserwise PV kit.It consists of a mppt, titanium element, two outputs from the mppt for 2 HWC's or 1 HWC and a 24 or48 volt battery bank(balanced thanks to the HA02). That is going to be connected via an Axpert or another inverter to feed lights or light loads. I have had this in since August and the 4 x 330w panels(series/parallel)were all east facing at first, but since then, have moved them facing North.It was not enough to get the desired temp(60 degrees) in a day using DC. At that time, I adjusted the DC temp setting on the GW controller to 60 from the default 75 degrees during the testing phase and have left it there to confirm battery charging occurs and that the SWAMBO is content with water temp.It now switches at least three times(depending on HW usage) to charge the bank.It also depends on cloud cover naturally. I have not used the system with a load connected.I am still hunting for the appropriate inverter. I still want to see the charging/discharging rates having a load connected to the bank (4 x 180ah). I would suggest anyone starting off with solar to go this route.It takes a large chunk of the energy bill, not rocket science and a quick hit IMO.
  11. To Grid Tie or Not to Tie

    Hi PwrFrm, Re: http://www.capetown.gov.za/City-Connect/Apply/Municipal-services/Electricity/Apply-for-small-scale-embedded-generation This topic has been covered before.We are in November 2017.Things have changed with the council's backflow/no-flow and metering-AMI's?credit meters/prepaid etc. I have only found old links to blogs.Is there a checklist on the path to take with pros and cons? Has anyone been through the process? Are there any SSEG's that can say they are happy with the route they have taken?What is that route? What will they change if they had to do it again i.e resubmission?
  12. Tapatalk Pro

    It makes sense now why I have not been able to log in.
  13. Temperature

    I thought seeing as though one cannot cool down solar panels or cells, one could cool off your geyser mppt and inverter to increase the efficiency of devices. It is sometimes very hot to touch especially the GTI. I have a very warm garage in summer(asbestos roof) so I have attempted to extract hot air with fans and piping(ongoing project). Am I the only person being paranoid about these things (reducing heat sink temperature) in order to gain the maximum power output?
  14. Temperature

    Does the temperature of the 4.6 K GTI look correct? I have a medium sized fan drawing air from the top of it in my garage.I have seen the inverter hit 50 degrees. The manual states Ambient operating temperature range is -25 to 60 degrees.
  15. New Battery Plant

    https://mybroadband.co.za/news/energy/233281-south-africas-new-lithium-ion-battery-precursor-plant.html Will this mean Lithium-ion batteries will become cheaper and will Lead-acid manufacture or import demand becomes less in South Africa?