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  1. VE direct usb 2 PI 4 ICC

    The PI I have is too old.Not enought threads. I am purchasing a new PI 3 which has more threads on the upgraded cpu.
  2. VE direct usb 2 PI 4 ICC

    BMV Thread Starting...
  3. VE direct usb 2 PI 4 ICC

    Under Battery control tick or no tick . It does not display. Thanks Plonkster : screen /dev/ttyUSB0 19200 works.Get the data streaming
  4. VE direct usb 2 PI 4 ICC

    Hi Folks, I bought a usb cable for the BMV 702 to usb on the PI.It does not work(recognise the device) On windows it does.The ic software and windows sees the device. I don't have a key for the ICC windows version so I cannot test it. What is needed on Pi-2 to get this to work? Thanks.
  5. Axpert Battery Voltage Spikes

    In my setup I have a dual mppt that heats my cylinder and when it has reached the desired temp of 60 degrees it (the GW controller) changes to the second port and charges or floats the battery bank. I had this like this for 6 months as I did not have an inverter connected to the bank.(another story) The new old Axpert(2015 model) is also connected to this bank. The monitoring device popped which I used to monitor Volts Amps Watts and Kwh's and caused the output of the DC to switch permanently to the battery output (or second HWC output) hence the fluctuation in the voltages experienced. The older model mppt does not come with monitoring. I noticed this (via email) yesterday when I changed the license on ICC(Thursday evening). I had a trial ICC license on the Pi.I did not notice that change in Hot water temp as the AC must have kicked in. My AC setting on the GW controller is 15 degrees less so as not to use Alternating Current.
  6. Axpert Battery Voltage Spikes

    Had practically no load on the batteries today so the load was +-15 Watts. After adding a load,
  7. Axpert Battery Voltage Spikes

    Switching to grid gives me this error : Fault : Bus Over Fault Time : 13:32:37 And back to battery Fault Fixed : Bus Over Fix Time : 13:33:09 Voltages are still in a fluctuation between 59 and 63. Time for a repackaging and off to supplier ?
  8. Axpert Battery Voltage Spikes

    Fault : Inverter Failure Fault Time : 09:35:41 Fault : Battery Voltage too high Fault Time : 09:35:45 Fault Fixed : Inverter Failure Fix Time : 09:36:12 Fault Fixed : Battery Voltage too high Fix Time : 09:37:22 Fault : Battery Voltage too high Fault Time : 09:37:30 Recurring messages till Fault Fixed : Battery Voltage too high Fix Time : 12:19:59 I rebooted the Pi.It did not change the voltage keeps fluctuating between 55 and 63 as of 13:20.
  9. Axpert Battery Voltage Spikes

    This started this morning.The only changes I made was to add the perpetual key for ICC.Change battery setting for grids to 75 % SOC.It was on 80 %.
  10. I was getting a bunch of these.Voltages hitting 62 volts.Panic sets in immediately.I will try to attach the ICC screenshots
  11. Mecer 5kVa settings and monitoring

    Me too.I have a 2015 model.It is running ver 72.40 The machine runs to 53 volts and the next moment , batteries are full.(SOC) The forum has firmware links all over the show,but firmware not. What is the flashing process?Which exe/zip is run to load the firmware file. You use a MSoft OS to do the job?.All I know COM1 is the gateway using a serial cable. Thanks.
  12. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    RCT is Mustek is RCT. Yes/No? Am I assuming Mustek JHB then?
  13. 5kva Axpert MKS model - faulty

    I need an inverter repaired.Where do I send an out of warranty unit to for repair in South Africa?
  14. Shattered panel fix

    Have you tried the guys that repair car windshields?
  15. bird nests under solar panels

    In the mission to cool off the solar panels with an irrigation system one could attach a "noisy nossle" in line to ward off future "homemakers killing two birds so to say.