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  1. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Thank you to everyone for the input it has helped me a lot. My system works well with the two different firmwares and two different hardwares paralleled. 5048 pf 1 with 74.10 and 4048 pf0.8 with 72.70c . My only issue being the monitoring software keeps on loosing coms with the slave . I would consider loading the downgrade firmware 72.61 , but only if I can get 74.10 just in case it does nit work.
  2. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    I have picked up one small issue with the two inverters running different firmwares. The monitoring software ( watchpower 1.11) only picks up the master and the cable has to be plugged into the master. If I add the slave on a separate cable( either the serial and usb wit same results) it wil come up on its own port for 2 seconds identify itself but does not populate the tables. Then it disappear again.
  3. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    I am glad you got them paralleled. I am currently running mine only on batteries. Also still need to put my solar panels up. Eskom was down yesterday for 6 hours and the inverters worked well. One thing I have noticed is that even though both inverters ( 74.10 and 72.70c ) can be either master or slave . Settings will only change on both inverters if the master is 74.10. I noticed that with the backlight setting on and off. So it would make sense to only do setting changes when the master is 74.10. The 72.10 also have the battery equalization ability. Now I cant wait to put the panels up.
  4. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Today I completed the power hookup. I tested the two inverters (one on the left is old one 5kva /4kw with firmware 72.7c and the one on the right new 5kva/5kw with firmware 74.1) They have now been running or about 2 hours . Tested under load at about 7.8kw and the two inverters shared the load about equaly at around 3.9 each 97% and 78% . Two different models 4kv and 5kv successfully paired.
  5. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

  6. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    I powered up the inverters one by one , but only on batery to check if the firmware was compatible. I did this multiple times as wel as at the same time. Both inverters was master and slave during the various startups. I hope this makes sense.
  7. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Hi weber Thankyou so much for the quick response, and thank you and Coulomb for your work on the patches. My original tries with the 74.10 and 72.60 I tried both as master and slave. Both ways gave the error 71. I still have to see what the inverters does with load. As soon as I get to that stage I will update.
  8. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

  9. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Good day to all. Update I changed the firmware on the older unit to 72.70c Now I dont get the error 71 anymore . And depending on the unit first powered up I get HS and SL . Master and slave. My two inverters are only on battery at the moment as I am still busy setting everything up. Hope to pull the utility wires through today and start with the solar panels soon. Once the utility power and house power is connected I will test and see if anything blows up.
  10. Werner Piek

    Axpert / Mecer 5KVA model

    Good day to all Firstly thankyou all for the great and helpful advice on this forum and others. I am very new to inverters and solar power but decided to give it a try and install it all myself. 2 paralleled units with two 3000w solar panel sets. With a 400 A battery bank. I am learning a lot about electricity , inverters and solar, its a lit of fun. I have exactly the same same issue. I am busy installing two inverters in parallel and one has 74.10 firmware and the ither I have updated to 72.60. Identical to mohammedbera2 ‘s inverters. As soon as I switch both on it give error 71 - the firmware is not the same. Would I be able to upgrade the older unit to 74.10 and where would I be able to find the firmware. Or could I put firmware 72.60 on the new machine. I am willing to try it out but I do not have the 74.10 firmware to go back if it does not work. Interesting to note the fans come on rmedietely on firmware 74.10 . Any suggestions ? I will post step bu step pictures of my install in future and let you know how I solve this issue if I can.