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  1. Panel (Array) ventilation

    I have two shipping containers next to each other. The tops are silver. My six panels are adjustable for tilt only and face WNW (no choice). Excellent for ventilation and maintenance as I step off a balcony which is level with the container tops. The silver top of the 'next door' container reflects onto the panels in the winter months and definitely makes a difference. Summertime reflection is wasted because of the low tilt angle.
  2. Water harvesting and use, same logic as solar systems.

    I'm flushing toilets with glycerol, the byproduct of my biodiesel plant. Good for sewage digesters too. Can be added to cattle feed so not harmful in case anyone is wondering.
  3. Independant Cell Voltage

    Does this happen with batteries commonly used in PV installations? ICV's could approach the critical point where a cell voltage reversal would occur, causing all other cells to charge that cell causing near instantaneous hydrogen gassing and explosion.
  4. ROYAL Big Bang

    Good ventilation will not prevent an internal explosion however it will remove free hydrogen which would contribute to the noise.
  5. ROYAL Big Bang

    That looks like an internal battery fault that ignited the hydrogen inside that battery. If it was build up at the ceiling the ceiling would be gone.
  6. I've been given a Solaire GTI, It looks like a rebranded Danfoss and not on the COCT approved list as far as I can see. Does anyone know much about them? I may test it once I have the extra panels up to replace my 500 watt micro GTI setup (I'm a micro IPP). The current 500 watt setup is to offset my base 500-600 watts which powers some community PC's and wireless links.
  7. Thanks for the input so far Chris and Plonkster. East West isn't going to happen mainly because the plans are done / submitted, also the house overlooks the lagoon and orientation on the sloping plot is fixed. Mrs. Friend has decided ;-) The way it's laid out now will also provide a walkway along the base of each pitch for easy cleaning of the panels.
  8. Asking for a friend in Langebaan. The plans for a new house have been drawn. Two roof pitches facing NW for panels. The question is around future proofing in terms of the electrical wiring. What should be done to ease a later solar install at the distribution board?
  9. IMO 20% bio blend can be used in any diesel. In fact it's an excellent lubricity additive for low sulphur diesel. Common rail diesels have exceptionally high injector tip temperatures and there is a good chance of coking / polymerization in the injector leading to failure if percentages higher than 50/50 are used. In other vehicles post injection to clean diesel particulate filters restricts the use of higher bio percentages. (Late injection [Piston low down in the bore] of low volatility bio gets onto the cylinder walls and finds its way into the crankcase oil) Water in bio is the biggest killer of injector pumps and injectors. Crystal clear bio can contain damaging amounts of water. Used oil is illegally "polished" and sold into poor communities for cooking purposes in huge quantities. This product is carcinogenic. It's also commonly used to make paint and varnish.
  10. Generally glow plugs stay on (tell tale light off) for some time once an engine starts to reduce emissions. VW's typically only activate glow plugs once the ambient temperatures drop below 9C but they always activate for around 2 minutes on low engine loads when starting. DI motors start more easily than IDI and normally without needing glow plug activation.
  11. Just curious, is yours a Lister / Listeroid and is it IDI or DI?
  12. Well that was easy........You were DeepBass9 Well on a blend anyway. This led me to comment that Listers should never be run on SVO, just trying to add practical information which you appear to have been aware of anyway. As for blends in a Lister, I'm actually not sure about that either. It's about unburned droplets getting onto the cold cylinder wall and wetting the rings/ring lands where it eventually gums up and gets to look like the back and edges of a frying pan. It's the cold start and warm up period when these droplets don't burn and get onto the cold cylinder walls. Straight diesel atomises better when cold and "evaporates" off the walls/rings if it gets there, as the motor warms up. I don't know if IDI Listers are common in SA or if most are DI but I'm referring to DI Listers (should have been clearer about that)
  13. Flip, you want me to go back and find it .........okay but give me some time
  14. I don't have any Listers (is that a requirement?) but I have run WMO but that's not what I wrote about. Are you saying one can just fill up a Lister with waste vegetable oil and run happily ever after? My comment was IRO posts on this site where a member simply added straight vegetable oil to a Lister = unmodified Lister. You tell of a guy in EL who's run thousands of hours on WMO. I never mentioned waste motor oil, it's a totally different fuel. Lister engines can and are modified to run on VO by using twin tanks (VO running / Diesel start and shutdown purge) heated VO tank and heated VO fuel lines and injector line. Those are modified Listers. I've used vegetable oil for fuel for 17 years now starting with a 300D Merc on SVO (sold after two years and biodiesel since) I read up extensively on SVO and followed a few Lister owners reports on the infopop forums where they opened their unmodified Listers at regular intervals and documented their findings. Carbon build up seemed to occur quite quickly followed by stuck rings and compression loss.