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  1. Looking for USB interface

    Hi Peter Hope i can help.I checked , we have attached cards in stock. Send me PM if it works.
  2. Axpert model compatibility

    Firmwares should be same.Before ordering try to upgrade. So first ask Mecer if you can upgrade your old 5KVA to newcomers firmware.
  3. Voltronic Inverter components

    Must is not good. At least not for Axpert series. If you will see ( hope you will not ) the low quality copy makers , you will understand why i called Must best replica.
  4. Voltronic Inverter components

    Chris , Voltronic Taiwan origin but Both Made in China. More in detail both in Guangdong , both in Shenzhen , even both factory in the same street . Voltronic is the original producer of Infini series following to Axpert series , Must was a big factory focused on transformer EP series. Then Must copied Axpert series. There are very low quality copy makers but we learned that Must is the best quality replica so far.
  5. Voltronic Inverter components

    Wow , was not expecting that quick and precise answer. Thank you. Did you open inverter and check components.For example Voltronic`s new Mosfets are Toshiba and this one is same or lower quality ?
  6. It could be nice to learn the experience of people who repaired inverters. I only saw Voltronic inverters. For KS , MKS series i know there are copy makers in China looks like Voltronic but actually fake. ( Not talkin about OEM brands like MPP , Mecer , Effekta etc which are actually Voltronic inside ) Is there anyone saw/use those copy inverters , compare interior components , compare software , compare quality etc ? For example Must Power : http://www.mustups.com/high-frequency-solar-inverter-pv1800-series/ Any idea ?
  7. Axpert MKS 5KVA Inverter - 48V

    Hannes7212 what software you upgraded ? So you mean new p.f.1 inverters will actually deliver p.f.0.8 till you find a software ?