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  1. DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    You know Testers for 18650 like Opus takes a lot of time and money for end users. ( If you only use for your own project , what you will do with 10 Opus later ? ) Do you have testers ? Can you test and sort 18650 in large amounts ? So maybe you can offer Tested batteries sorted and delivered in South Africa ? Like 2000-2100mah 500 batteries each R5 ... Like 2400-2500mah 500 batteries each R9 I guess not everybody can reach 18650 , so you can deliver those people. Even Lithium Loving Chris Hobson said he could not find good source. At the end of the day you will give 18650 another chance in a powerwall for solar or 12V battery for peoples car or ebike etc etc.
  2. DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    r30 is a lot of money. guess people will be curious of the quantity of batteries?
  3. Huawei SUN2000L Inverters

    plonkster ; so by logic those 400VDC inverters which doesnt need boost would be cheaper ? We can connect series of solar panels to supply 400VDC with no extra cost. And if battery supplier just connect cells in series 400VDC will be even cheaper becuase of low current BMS cost. Correct ?
  4. DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    Somehow people in SA can not reach to scrap batteries. In Europe , USA or Australia it is easier. For sure there is not logic to use NCA or NCM 18650 if you can buy LFP of Pylon or even LTO. But the cost of used laptop batteries is extremely cheap. If you can find reliable and logical price BMS lots of people can find those cells in SA as well. Current situation for 300USD DIY powerwall from laptop batteries we need 500USD BMS of Batrium. Then it makes no sense to do it. Pylons are the way to go. But I am still searching ways to do DIY powerwall with old laptop batteries safe and cheap because i found out that in lots of countries it is not still possible to Recycle 18650 , AA , AAA with Lithium , Nicad or NiMH. In stead of recyclying they collect and store in underground safe place for leakage. It hurts me. If we can not recycle it is not sustainable. At least i want to give those 18650`s a second life. Sorry for the emotions in message.
  5. DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    Did you consider Spot Welding ? Some guys was claming soldering is over heating battery. What are your charging voltage , current etc settings ? What BMS’s you are considering ? If you use very low power ( charge discharge ) and very low energy (%40 DOD ) ; is it still dangerous to not use BMS at all ? ( Because you have big but cheap batteries )
  6. Huawei SUN2000L Inverters

    Sorry i thought CJW mentioned about FusionHome , which is fro 2kw-8kw , similar to StorEdge without Boost DC converters in Huawei optimizers. For larger ones , have no idea.
  7. DIY Powerwall with 18650 batteries

    Maybe you can post some photos for full pack and close ups ? Are you using inverter for charging ? Axpert ? Can you share settings ?
  8. Huawei SUN2000L Inverters

    I was impressed by specs so was following release date since a year. Guess they had some production problems. Huawei always had service problems before. Heard they will start in Australia market first. I am very curious if anybody knows about pricing over there ? Also i thought HV LG fade on SOH quickly due to absence of cooling , so not the best combination.
  9. Looking for USB interface

    Hi Peter Hope i can help.I checked , we have attached cards in stock. Send me PM if it works.
  10. Axpert model compatibility

    Firmwares should be same.Before ordering try to upgrade. So first ask Mecer if you can upgrade your old 5KVA to newcomers firmware.
  11. Voltronic Inverter components

    Must is not good. At least not for Axpert series. If you will see ( hope you will not ) the low quality copy makers , you will understand why i called Must best replica.
  12. Voltronic Inverter components

    Chris , Voltronic Taiwan origin but Both Made in China. More in detail both in Guangdong , both in Shenzhen , even both factory in the same street . Voltronic is the original producer of Infini series following to Axpert series , Must was a big factory focused on transformer EP series. Then Must copied Axpert series. There are very low quality copy makers but we learned that Must is the best quality replica so far.
  13. Voltronic Inverter components

    Wow , was not expecting that quick and precise answer. Thank you. Did you open inverter and check components.For example Voltronic`s new Mosfets are Toshiba and this one is same or lower quality ?