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  1. HA-02 Battaery balancers

    Hi Chris-R, do you have any of these? Looking to buy one please
  2. My First attempt

    Just to let everyone know, my install is up and running, currently only with 3 panels and 4 batteries, just using as a backup at the moment and to run about 55watts of outdoor lights every night. Will expand as my budget allows in the near future.
  3. My First attempt

    Dont worry I came right with a clamp meter. Somehow from the disconnect got confused with positive and negative and swopped them. Stupid mistake
  4. My First attempt

    Can someone please assist me? I got around to installing my system, 3 panels at 260w each in series. And the 5kva axpert and 4 batteries just for backup. Anyway, my pv charge isnt working. When I open the pv circuit I get 101vdc. But when closed its just not charging. And watchpower just says cpu2 fw is 0.00000 dont know what to check etc
  5. My First attempt

    Hi, please drop me a pm with your number if you are willing to let me come and have a look, thanks alot!
  6. My First attempt

    Thank you very much for all the valid input, I just seem to struggle sending ChrisR a pm about the HA02,any assistance would be appreciated. I can import it but the cost of fast shipping would probably be more than the item itself.
  7. My First attempt

    Oh sorry, didnt think that will make a very big impact. I am based in Witbank MP, one of THOSE municipalities that reach the news very often regarding owing Eskom a bunch,think its a few billion,apparently if we dont pay 4mil each day we are going to have loadshedding starting early nov,from 6am to 10am mornings and 4pm-8pm evenings.
  8. My First attempt

    Oh and also where and how to connect the HA02, as for now I would hold off a bit on the bmv just for a while
  9. My First attempt

    Thank you very much to all for the assistance, I am not too clued up on the install, would ask if somebody has extra time if they could provide me with a drawing of what a proper install would look like as I still need to get some extra stuff. Not sure what I need. The install will be 4x 105ah batteries in series for 48v 4kw inverter 6 x JA 260w panels 2 strings of 3x panels(in series + to - I would guess?) and then I am not too sure as to should I fit some fuses and an extra db etc? Thanks again
  10. My First attempt

    According to what I have read just now in the Axpert manual I would still need the BMV it seems otherwise it seems the axpert is not to smart on the battery SOC
  11. My First attempt

    Now that was a good explanation! so I would be looking at adding 4 more panels,voltage equalizer and also BMV702. Is the BMV necesary if I am only going to use batteries during loadshedding times? Not enabling to switch between ac and battery? Basically if it is to be used completely off grid
  12. My First attempt

    I do have gas stove and a gas geyser in one bathroom so the battery backup would maily be for entertainment and trying to not live like in a primitive era
  13. My First attempt

    Now I am totally baffled. Lol this is a lot to take in. Well the main reason I got this is the area I stay in will start to get loadshedding in early november, so the 4 batteries would be for the basic lights and tv during that time of +-4 hours each evening. I then started reading up and thinking I might aswell spend a bit more to reduce ny electric bill. Thinking maybe to run my pool pump for short whiles off the system or so during the day as the batteries would only be for backup. I have since then learnt that my panels would be insufficient for that purpose. And also that I would need a battery equalizer and the BMV702 as the axpert struggles with the switchover. I will now be looking at getting some more panels and the abovenentioned equalizer and bmv as a start to my small system. Still need to construct everything anyways. So might aswell do it right from the start. Any suggestions as to what else would be needed? My pump is 1.1kw running 4hrs a day currently on eskom
  14. My First attempt

    Can I mix panels or would it be better to stay with the same panels? Just for interest sake, eg,can I buy two 300w panels from another manufacturer?
  15. My First attempt

    Thanks for the great explanation, I was under the impression I would yield more from a panel than that, good thing I stumbled upon this forum during my quest for knowledge! The batteries I mainly want as a backup and to supply when the load is slightly more than that the panels can supply. But since the yield is so little I think I should rather look at getting more panels instead of the 2 and more batteries. To have excess during the day which can be consumed on loads. I have read up on the HA02,it seems it balances the charge between batteries on the bank. Any idea on pricing from ChrisR? Also the Victron BMV is very pricy but seems to be usefull. Any idea on a well proced supplier for that? I had a look at sustainables site thank you