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  1. Anarchy05

    Assistance with 5kva Synerji

    Yes. I have just reflashed my own inverter after reading about the bug. But I would be hesitant to flash his inverter as the fw might be incompatible. Even the setup with the buttons are different. I am going to ask him to go through the settings on his inverter until I can go look at it. But might recommend him getting a victron mppt rather
  2. Anarchy05

    Assistance with 5kva Synerji

    I will only be able to give battery voltages when on the farm which is a good 300+km from me. I will get a bit more info about the inverter and come back to you. Thanks for the speedy info. Where can I look for the firmware? Is that in the downloads section?
  3. Hi Guys, Could you please assist me in helping a friend, he has an off grid system,on a remote farm. He has a Synerji 5kva,with 9 300w panels,3 in series,connected to 3 in parallel. The inverter is then connected to 8 205ah batteries,also HA-02 per 4 batteries. The issue is that the batteries don't fully charge in one day. And he has to get up at 2-3 in the mornings to start the generator. The loads he has are a box deep freezer and a TV in the house. The lights all run from a 12v system that is separate. I don't know what else to do for him anymore to try and assist
  4. Anarchy05

    HA-02 Battaery balancers

    Hi Chris-R, do you have any of these? Looking to buy one please
  5. Just to let everyone know, my install is up and running, currently only with 3 panels and 4 batteries, just using as a backup at the moment and to run about 55watts of outdoor lights every night. Will expand as my budget allows in the near future.
  6. Dont worry I came right with a clamp meter. Somehow from the disconnect got confused with positive and negative and swopped them. Stupid mistake
  7. Can someone please assist me? I got around to installing my system, 3 panels at 260w each in series. And the 5kva axpert and 4 batteries just for backup. Anyway, my pv charge isnt working. When I open the pv circuit I get 101vdc. But when closed its just not charging. And watchpower just says cpu2 fw is 0.00000 dont know what to check etc
  8. Hi, please drop me a pm with your number if you are willing to let me come and have a look, thanks alot!
  9. Thank you very much for all the valid input, I just seem to struggle sending ChrisR a pm about the HA02,any assistance would be appreciated. I can import it but the cost of fast shipping would probably be more than the item itself.
  10. Oh sorry, didnt think that will make a very big impact. I am based in Witbank MP, one of THOSE municipalities that reach the news very often regarding owing Eskom a bunch,think its a few billion,apparently if we dont pay 4mil each day we are going to have loadshedding starting early nov,from 6am to 10am mornings and 4pm-8pm evenings.
  11. Oh and also where and how to connect the HA02, as for now I would hold off a bit on the bmv just for a while
  12. Thank you very much to all for the assistance, I am not too clued up on the install, would ask if somebody has extra time if they could provide me with a drawing of what a proper install would look like as I still need to get some extra stuff. Not sure what I need. The install will be 4x 105ah batteries in series for 48v 4kw inverter 6 x JA 260w panels 2 strings of 3x panels(in series + to - I would guess?) and then I am not too sure as to should I fit some fuses and an extra db etc? Thanks again
  13. According to what I have read just now in the Axpert manual I would still need the BMV it seems otherwise it seems the axpert is not to smart on the battery SOC
  14. Now that was a good explanation! so I would be looking at adding 4 more panels,voltage equalizer and also BMV702. Is the BMV necesary if I am only going to use batteries during loadshedding times? Not enabling to switch between ac and battery? Basically if it is to be used completely off grid
  15. I do have gas stove and a gas geyser in one bathroom so the battery backup would maily be for entertainment and trying to not live like in a primitive era