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  1. GVC

    Summer > Winter power generation

    My winter PV production has also fallen by 40% from summer production. However I think the main reason for this is that my no.4 battery was busy going out of sync with the rest. It was busy discharging and charging faster than the others causing the inverter to switch more rapidly. I do have an HA-02 connected. I swapped out the no1 & no4 batteries yesterday and I can already see the difference today. Not sure if this has been mentioned here yet, but here is an interesting article: https://www.disclose.tv/inuit-elders-warn-nasa-and-the-world-the-earth-has-shifted-314469
  2. The web based emoncms is no longer going to be free from 1 July 2018. The way I understand it is that you will pay £1 / year / feed. If you have 30 Node inputs then that will be £ 30 / year. Emoncms Local hosting will still be for free.
  3. GVC

    12v DC voltmeters

    From the diagram it connects directly through the unit. I have not connected them up yet, hopefully I will get a chance this weekend.
  4. GVC

    Battery Balancer

    I received excellent service from Chris-R. I paid on the weekend and the HA-02 was delivered to my door on Tuesday morning.
  5. GVC

    12v DC voltmeters

    I have recently purchase 4 of these meters. 0 to 100V DC https://www.takealot.com/lumeno-volt-amp-meter-black/PLID41395303
  6. GVC

    your password/email hacked?

    Well now, what a strange coincidence that this thread has been opened as I had an issue this week with a fraud attempt using my name. On Monday evening I received a SMS from a major bank stating that my loan application was unsuccessful. I phoned the bank immediately the next morning to inquire, stating that I never applied for a loan, After many hours on the phone it would seem as though someone applied online using my details. They had all my info and the only thing that saved me was the banks security checks which the applicant failed. It goes to show that one must monitor all your accounts and communications all the time.
  7. I hope one of the tech guys can answer if this is possible. I still have it in the back of my mind to replace a few AC lights with 12v ones, like in my garage where the batteries are.
  8. Now for my next wake up call......DO not run 12V gadgets off an individual battery on the bank if you do not have a battery balancer or similar. My inverter was running at about 70° about a month ago and i read that the guys were putting 12v computer fans on the inverters vents to cool it down. I did the same and they worked wonderfully, but being a smartass DIY guy, I reckoned I did not need a AC to 12V transformer as I had a whole bank of 12v batteries... This week we had a few power failures due to thunder storms and my wife was saying that the batteries were not lasting as long as normal so I checked the software and sure enough the SOC and PV were very erratic. The PV production actually dropped by 50% yesterday. I measured the individual batteries and sure enough the battery that i was running the cooling fans off was only reporting 10.8v and the others were running 13.0v. I have now recharged that individual battery back to the same as the others and am just hoping that it is not damaged. (And yes i installed a AC to 12v transformer) I will be installing battery balancers ASAP.
  9. GVC

    Emon Dashboards "Show Case"

    My emoncms dashboard almost where i want it. Thanks for all the help @PaulF007
  10. GVC

    Solar Under Tile Mounting Brackets

    I made my own using 50 x 5mm flat bar.
  11. GVC

    Eskom collapse?

  12. You are already running max. 10 x 300 = 3000W. Check your User Manual.
  13. GVC

    Emon Dashboards "Show Case"

    Hi @PaulF007, Thank you very much for an informative explanation on how to customize the emons dashboard on your other thread. Here is my first attempt (work in progress) and then my old dash. I hope you don't mind me using your template....
  14. GVC

    ROYAL Big Bang

    That is bad luck Jaco, it reminds me of how much extra care we have to take with our systems. I am by no means an expert on batteries, but do you not think the current heatwave we are experiencing had a contribution? It reached 34°C in our area today, I am sure in your area it must have been close to 50°C. My 5kVa Mecer reached 70° today, I was running around for extra fans.
  15. Well, I have not done it yet, but I found some good suggestions on one of Gabriel' threads....