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  1. I hope one of the tech guys can answer if this is possible. I still have it in the back of my mind to replace a few AC lights with 12v ones, like in my garage where the batteries are.
  2. Now for my next wake up call......DO not run 12V gadgets off an individual battery on the bank if you do not have a battery balancer or similar. My inverter was running at about 70° about a month ago and i read that the guys were putting 12v computer fans on the inverters vents to cool it down. I did the same and they worked wonderfully, but being a smartass DIY guy, I reckoned I did not need a AC to 12V transformer as I had a whole bank of 12v batteries... This week we had a few power failures due to thunder storms and my wife was saying that the batteries were not lasting as long as normal so I checked the software and sure enough the SOC and PV were very erratic. The PV production actually dropped by 50% yesterday. I measured the individual batteries and sure enough the battery that i was running the cooling fans off was only reporting 10.8v and the others were running 13.0v. I have now recharged that individual battery back to the same as the others and am just hoping that it is not damaged. (And yes i installed a AC to 12v transformer) I will be installing battery balancers ASAP.
  3. Emon Dashboards "Show Case"

    My emoncms dashboard almost where i want it. Thanks for all the help @PaulF007
  4. I made my own using 50 x 5mm flat bar.
  5. Eskom collapse?

  6. You are already running max. 10 x 300 = 3000W. Check your User Manual.
  7. Emon Dashboards "Show Case"

    Hi @PaulF007, Thank you very much for an informative explanation on how to customize the emons dashboard on your other thread. Here is my first attempt (work in progress) and then my old dash. I hope you don't mind me using your template....
  8. ROYAL Big Bang

    That is bad luck Jaco, it reminds me of how much extra care we have to take with our systems. I am by no means an expert on batteries, but do you not think the current heatwave we are experiencing had a contribution? It reached 34°C in our area today, I am sure in your area it must have been close to 50°C. My 5kVa Mecer reached 70° today, I was running around for extra fans.
  9. Inverter Temperature

    Well, I have not done it yet, but I found some good suggestions on one of Gabriel' threads....
  10. Inverter Temperature

    Problem solved... I see this topic has been covered before on this forum...funny i could not find it before I posted....
  11. Hi Guys, I please require a little help with my 5kVa Mecer/Axpert temperature. I have read that the operating temp. is 55°, but mine consistently runs higher...e.g currently at 69°. Is this reason for concern?
  12. SolarMON Software

    I am feeling pretty chuffed with myself. I finally found software that reads my Mecer / Axpert settings via USB cable without using Rasberry PI. I am still in the process of setting up my dashboard.
  13. Starting a new system from scratch

    I did most of the installation and my brother in law did all the wire connecting. He owns his own electrical company so he also issued a COC. I can give you contact details if you want. The ACDC quality is not of the best, but so far I have had no problems. I think the special is on 12 way boards. I put the Stove, Geyser and aircon on one board and all my plugs and lights on the second one. The second board also has a changeover switch to bypass the inverter.
  14. Starting a new system from scratch

    Hi Johan I drove through to Middelburg ACDC to buy my db board. The Witbank branch wanted to charge me R860 for the db board and I purchased the same one for R409 in Middelburg. As for the local solar suppliers I received a quote for R68 000 for my system and purchased exactly the same in Pretoria for R45 000.
  15. This letter was posted by our esteemed mayor.