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  1. Thanks Gents, noted. No Imeon as I've read the comments on the forum too. I like lithium, lighter smaller and not fussy. Great input plonkster and Chris, you guys are a huge help to this off-grid explorer!
  2. Thanks plonkster, ok this is where I display my ignorance: If I need 10kwh a day is a 3.6kw inverter sufficient and that R100k system with 4 batteries and 12 panels (assume 3000kwh?), will it work? Or lets get down to basics- I mean, we need lights and we'll use 10x LED so that draws 30w x8=240w, we need to charge tablets and cells (200w) and run a TV (700w) and fridge (100w x 24=2400w) all of which I understand uses 3.54kw per day. The pump for the big pond (when we finally build it after waiting for a borehole to be drilled!) will need to run off its own solar power system. So I need to start with a system to provide us with 4kw per day- could anyone please tell me how to do that cost-effectively? Lest I be labeled cheap, remember I need to repeat the system for each of the four cottages, so price plays a significant part especially as we still need to pay the cost to build the cottages, fencing, security et al.......OMG what have I gotten us into! :0 Best, Vic
  3. Thanks Plonkster, being a newbie I'm learning all the time and adjusting my perspective daily if not more often! I saw a system using Imeon 3.6kw, batteries and panels for R100k and thought that would do the trick to start and then adjust as needed. Maybe i'm overestimating the need for 600kwh pm then, maybe, hopefully, it's much lower. When I read what you say about how much battery power is needed two thing spring to mind: 1. We need to reduce consumption radically- obviously. Gas stove, solar geyser, donkey in kitchen to heat living area and water in winter, inverter aircon for summer. 2. Wind power, we have lots of wind and it blows at night too. That means much less battery capacity required not to mention less panels too. If we did that, what would our consumption look like and what system would cater to that please in your valued opinion Plonkster? Best, Vic
  4. Morning Green Bum, Thanks for the info, much appreciated! We have 3 family members moving from Dbn to live in the container and barn while they build their cottage on the land. So their consumption will be pretty low hence 600 kw pm estimate. The barn is going to be 5.5m high at the lowest point so panels will be not too accessible to intruders. We're going to take care with security although it's pretty safe as our neighbour has lived there since 1973 without major incident. We do have lots of wood and said neighbour has been off-grid forever and he has a donkey for heating in his kitchen which works amazingly well. Thanks for the well wishes, it's exciting to be doing a project like this from scratch but also so critical that every decision needs to be the right one. That's what I lose sleep about! Best, Vic
  5. Thanks Plonkster, gas stove and wind turbine are both on my shopping list. I'm a sucker for cool toys so here comes trouble!
  6. Thanks Chis and Energy, good info! The container, converted with a bathroom all insulated with electrics etc, is a temporary dwelling so will run a stove, tv, washing machine fridge, laptops, tablets and other small appliances. The barn will have led lights and light workshop tools. I guess I would need to start with 4kw and have a stacking set of inverters to expand if that's possible. Lots of space for panels on the barn roof so no prob there. Will need a split solar geyser Because the barn is 5.5m high at the eaves. Yes, batteries will have to be modern and long lasting so these things cost $$$. Thanks, I'll contact Mike as he's also up the road from my plot. Best, Vic
  7. I'm new to the forum and to solar so would appreciate help please. I've bought 7.5ha undeveloped land in Cape Farms inland from Melkbosstrand 5km from Atlantis. Going to install a container and barn in the next month to start the development. So, I get Eskom to come give me a quote and they say the whole process takes 180 working days, not sure if they can do prepaid in my area, bla, bla... I take it as a clear sign that I need to go solar right now. Questions: My take is that I need to start with a system that caters for the 12m container (which will be in the 280m2 barn) and barn. Then, when we build cottages on the land down the line, each will have its own system. Does that make sense or not? So Guys, if I need say 600kw pm (does that sound right?) for the barn, what is the best solar system for that please? I would really appreciate some good, wise advice and help.