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  1. Just to clarify if you where completely off-grid and not connected to the grid then you would not have to register as a "electricity generator" and thus regardless of your generation capacity you would not be subject to this levy?
  2. @Mike come and help me, and I will tell you how I have allocated my crypto profile
  3. Thanks for all the replies so far, ok Goodwe 5048 ES it will be (if I go the Goodwe route) Any other Goodwe owners here that can share some of their views on the inverter?
  4. Hello guys I have been browsing the forum for some time now, and I must say I think I am in good hands Ok lets start, I live in a small town that is notorious for power outages, and also from time to time water, everyone in my neighborhood has 2000L Jojo tanks and pressure pumps for exactly this reason (as do I), its a medium sized 3 bedroom house with only myself and my wife. Up until now the power issue hasn't been so bad, its mostly only gone down when maintenance happens (although it feels like maintenance is at least once a week) and I have a UPS that keeps my networking equipment, alarm system and one outside light on in the event of a power failure, sadly in theory it can only last for about 8H on the batteries so in practice its more like 7H, my biggest concern is my alarm, networking and IP Camera system falling over should we have a extended power outage. My monthly usage is around 400Kwh which means I use about 13 Units a day, I already have a solar geyser, and I am planning a gas stove as my next purchase as well, that might help to bring me down to 11-12Kwh a day, I definitely want to go grid tied so that I can use the utility power just to plug the small gaps of power I might need, and I am considering building 2 flats on the property later on. For a start: I just want a reliable power backup for when the utility power falls away, but I want to flexibility to just add solar panels later on and expand if needed I have been browsing the available inverters and I quite like the Goodwe 5Kw EM : https://solaradvice.co.za/product/goodwe-em-5kw-hybrid-inverter-2-3kw-backup/ But what I don't understand, does it have 2.3Kwh worth of backup power/storage built in? If it does it already solves a large part of my problem, and regarding the solar if I have excess energy during the day and I export it to the grid, will my meter start spinning backwards? (I have municipal power) and is the Goodwe a true hybrid inverter in the sense that it can combine PV/battery and Utility to supply the required load unlike the Axpert's that will go into bypass? and also let say if the total load is 10Kw, will the Goodwe provide 5Kw and take the other 5 from the Utility or will the inverter go into bypass because it cannot supply the load and take the whole 10 from the grid? Lets start with those questions first Thanks a lot guys!