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  1. Thank you all for the great responses, I will give him the info. He is going to time his power use to coincide with sun times - pool pump, washing, drying and the vacuum Can he push back into the grid in Pretoria? He still has a wheel meter, not yet on the pay as you go thing
  2. Hi All thank you for the informative forum and all the guys always eager to assist and advise A friend of mine is planning to do his first install, but he doesn't want to post on forums and asked me to do it for him. He just wants to confirm that his first purchase isn't a total waste and will work to lower costs He has a budget of around R50k, doesn't want batteries, just grid tie with solar panels and installation. He uses around 800kWh a month He was considering this grid-tie inverter, cost around R10K with 10x 320W panels (for now, will add more panels later on) Cost around R25K That leaves R15k for installation and everything that needs to go with it? He has a pitch tile roofed house and place facing north for the intended panels So the questions he has does anybody have any knowledge of that inverter, or can you recommend something that would fit in with his budget Is R15k to much for the install with all the needed extras (he doesn't want to be screwed over by the installer) what else must he plan for, think of?