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  1. Ha Ha seems like a case of lost in translation and not sure who went wrong The tail current I had already set at 1% when you first recommended it, was always after what to set the current threshold as that was one setting you hadn't elaborated on! Anyways no worries will keep it as it is. (had fun yesterday trying to figure out why it wouldn't go above 2A till i read the parameters in the manual that you have posted above). Thanks for the explanation on what this setting does! Oh and it's a 500A shunt with the BMV-712 not a 1000A. Thanks again chaps and have a good weekend!
  2. Yes exactly when I try set it to 4A it doesn't let me and reverts back to 2A which seems to be the highest setting you can choose for the current threshold.
  3. Guys I tried to set the current threshold to 1% of the Ah of the battery bank but unfortunately seems that the maximum setting is 2A what now???
  4. Lol good one @plonkster! On the current threshold since it is 2 x strings of 200Ah batteries would I work it out to 1% of 400Ah or would it be 1% of 200Ah? Bummer about the Bluetooth!
  5. Thanks @plonkster that was very clear, what I have done is set the float voltage on the Axperts to 54.4V as per pilotfish's advice and hence set the BMV charged voltage to 54.1V which I hope should work. Could you please advise on the current threshold setting too please. Any idea why I am unable to get my iPad Pro to connect to the BMV over Bluetooth?
  6. Thanks pilotfish so basically a higher bulk voltage to ensure that the batteries are being charged up fully and equilised if necessary but because it is programmed for utility/standby a lower float voltage (but higher than 54.0V) so I don’t kill the batteries if we don’t have consistent power outages and they remain in float for excessive periods. Unfortunately this is the issue, don’t have any specs for these batteries apart from what’s printed on them as per the pic above and I have tried searching for them on the net but cannot find anything on them whatsoever so am guessing since they are gel batteries your recommendations should work for them? @plonkster would love your feedback on my post below cheers
  7. So gents my current set up is more for backup during the frequent power cuts we get in Malawi. However of late they have installed some emergency generators and instead of 4 days a week where we have no power for up to 20 hours a day we are now down to 1 or 2 days a week. So would you say I should set up the charging voltage parameters for cycle or standby use? Depending on the reliability of our utility power in the future I may decide to swap to a Solar priority from Utility priority which is what the inverters a set to on program 01 currently.
  8. Thanks plonkster, very informative, will amend my settings as you have recommended. In terms of tail current percentage is this the residual current after the batteries have reached float or is it the difference between bulk/absorption currents? Also for lead acid batteries why is 4% too high? Is the current threshold at 0.10A OK? Is this setting for when absorption charge is over? I did watch the video and your edit has me a little confused. When you say set the charged voltage 0.4V under the absorption voltage, did you mean float voltage? So with the Axpert absorption voltage issue will I have an accurately synchronised monitor ever? Another issue I am facing is connection over Bluetooth, which works seamlessly on my Android phone but not at all on my iPad Pro, it just keeps saying no devices found in the VictronConnect iOS app. Any idea why this is?
  9. @pilotfishThanks will try this out and the batteries are well ventilated so no issues there. @OomD That is correct was looking at the point the inverter will switch off (setting 29 in the absence of grid power so as to ensure that the batteries don't get discharged beyond the point of no return. @plonksterSir would appreciate your insight into the ideal settings for the BMV based on my initial post above. Just want to be sure that after the investment in it, I am setting it up correctly.
  10. Thanks pilotfish, In terms of the bulk charging voltage how would one know if it were set too high, would the batteries get very warm? Are the BMV settings OK? I'm guessing if the float charge voltage is set to 55.2V as you have advised i would have to change the charged voltage setting to say 54.9V, how about the tail current, charge detection time and current threshold?
  11. Hi there, a bit of a newbie to solar but being educated swiftly thanks to @Chris Hobson whom I keep bugging on WhatsApp! And to spare him from typing on his phone thought I would put up my first post and interact with him and all the other pros out there! So after Chris's recommendation on my Axpert parallel inverter system have taken the plunge and purchased the Victron BMV-712 Smart which has built in Bluetooth so as to make sure my second set of batteries don't die as quickly as the first, which I am certain is due to the installer not setting up the low voltage cut out and leaving it at 42 volts hence killing them due to extended load shedding in our part of the world at the moment. Anyways as he had guaranteed the system he has since replaced the first 8 x Shoto 180Ah batteries with 8 x 200Ah Sunlight Batteries as per the pic attached which to be honest don't look like 200Ah batteries (smaller and lighter than other 200Ah batteries) and I have never heard of this brand but since it is under his guarantee I guess I just have to wait and see how they perform (he has guaranteed them for 18 months). Since installing these new batteries i have changed the following settings on the Axpert inverters: 05 - set to user defined 26 - Bulk charging voltage - 56.4 Volts 27 - Floating charging voltage - 54.0 Volts 29 - Low DC cut-off voltage - 48.0 Volts I have also attached the initial settings of the BMV-712 in a screen grab below. Unfortunately i don't have any specs on the batteries apart from what is printed on them which isn't much so I hope my settings on the Axpert are correct and would love some feedback on this. I also wanted to know if my settings are OK on the BMV-712. One thing I noticed on the Axperts is that there is always about a +/-1.0A charging current going into the batteries and it never seems to drop down to zero, hence is the current threshold setting of 0.10A correct? How would the BMV-712 know when the batteries are charged fully if this +/- 1.0A current never drops down? Looking forward to everyone's comments and help thank you.